Lucinda joins Lily at Al's to confront her about giving more money for the baby food project, and she notifies Lily that she's denying her access to Worldwide's funds for the baby food project. When Lily snaps at her, Lucinda wonders if she's pregnant, but Lily assures her she's not and excuses herself for a moment.

After Lily walks off, Craig approaches Lucinda to see if she's heard from Lucy. Lucinda sighs and replies that she has nothing to report. He wonders if she's lonely without Lucy. She admits she misses having Lucy around. Craig presses on about how Lucy could have been happy with Dusty and been practicing medicine, but instead she's living out of rented rooms. "She and Johnny are suffering, Lucinda, and you've ruined two lives. Was it worth it?" he continues. "You know, why don't you just die and get this over with," she retorts. He believes she hates him, but she says she doesn't hate him, she just sees him for the parasite he really is.

Lily comes back and Lucinda notifies her that she has to leave. After she leaves, Lily chats with Craig about Lucinda denying her access to Worldwide's funds. Craig recommends she move funds from "subsidiary A to subsidiary B." She likes the idea but articulates that Lucinda is in charge. He says Lucinda doesn't have to know and adds that she won't care what happens once the baby food project becomes a success. She agrees to do it and thanks him for believing in her. Soon after, Lily changes the subject explaining what happened with Faith and the dog. She blames herself, but Craig comforts her by letting her know it's not her fault, and compliments her saying she looks fantastic. She admits to losing a couple pounds and having more energy while she was on the diet pills. "Then why did you stop taking them?" he asks. "Because they were unhealthy," she answers. He states if she doesn't want to take them he won't force the issue, but he adds that the pills are not unhealthy, and Faith didn't run off because she took them.

At WOAK, Katie confides in Jack. She finally accepts that Mike is truly gone. During their conversation, Brad and Vienna arrive. Brad tells Vienna about bringing the dog on the show and she tells him he's brave. Jack suggests he and Katie go somewhere else.

After Jack and Katie leave, Brad and Vienna toast to Brad's television success. After their toast, the two begin kissing. Their kiss soon leads to a lovemaking session, but the session is disrupted when Vienna's phone begins ringing. Brad asks her to ignore it, but she says it only rings like that when it's an emergency. After ending her phone call, Vienna apologizes to Brad and announces she has to go. He won't let her leave until she tells him what's going on. "I'm being sued," she affirms. He comments that he's sure it can be resolved, but she states he doesn't understand. She goes on to explain the prince is suing her for the necklace Simon stole. He suggests she relax, but she refuses to calm down. "I'm not going to let them have my money!" she protests, and then wraps her fur coat around her and heads for the door. Before leaving, she runs back to Brad for one last kiss. "Chow," she says after receiving one more kiss.

In town, Maddie and Gwen discuss the body found in the woods. They wonder if it's Adam. Maddie has to know so she tells Gwen she's going to see if the body is in fact Adam's. After they leave, we see Iris eavesdropping behind a newspaper! Gwen stops Maddie, but Maddie continues to say she has to know, and says if it's Adam she's going to confess! Gwen begs her not to confess, but Maddie ignores her plea.

Jack takes Katie to a hockey game. Once the game starts, Katie screams in horror as she watches the violent action. "Maybe this wasn't a good idea," Jack muses. After a while, Katie starts to get into the game as she loudly cheers the team on. Another man behind them requests that Jack ask her to shut up, but Jack laughs at him. While Katie continues cheering, a woman asks her if she's the host at WOAK. She smiles and confirms, but when the woman says she loves Brad and asks what his name is Katie curtly replies, "I'm sorry, I'm trying to have a little moment out of the lime light." As Katie turns her attention back to the game in progress, a hockey puck flies into the stands and smacks her in the face!

Moments later, At Java, Jack nurses Katie's eye with an icepack. He offers to take her to the hospital, but she refuses assuring him she'll be fine. Brad shows up and laughs at her shiner, and then he comments that there's no way she can do the show with a shiner like that. Jack butts in reminding Brad that they have cosmetics to fix things like that, but Brad says there's no way they cover that up. Before Brad leaves, he tells Katie he'll take over for her until her eye gets better. "No worries. I'll keep your seat warm," he adds before leaving.

Maddie arrives at the morgue to investigate. Tagging along unnoticed is Iris! While Maddie stands in the morgue, she has a flashback and screams when someone touches her! It's Dallas. Dallas apologizes for scaring her then asks what she's doing. She lies and says she has a project for school, but he doesn't buy it. She gives in and reveals that she heard about them finding a body in the woods. She wonders if it's her sister. Dallas reports that it's not her sister, so she asks if he knows who it is. He lets her know he can't disclose that information. She thanks him and says she has to go.

Once Dallas is gone, Maddie goes back inside the morgue. Slowly, she starts to pull the sheet down to reveal whose body is underneath!

Gwen arrives home and Will discloses that they have some business to discuss. When she asks what kind of business, he replies, "Like, do you want to keep your dorm room? And do you have all the classes signed up that you want to take? And do you want to keep your books? What did you think I meant?" he questions. "Uh, I don't know," she replies, and then rattles off answers to his questions. Confused by her response he asks," What's going on with you?" She conveys that she's tired, but he doesn't buy it and says she'll feel better after she tells him. She buries her head in his chest and cries. She wants to confess, but dreams that after she reveals the truth he offers to help her escape, but the police break through the door and place her under arrest. Furthermore, Will is also arrested for conspiracy. After the dream, she changes her mind and enlightens him by saying she's sorry she hurt him and it won't happen again.

Later, after Will tucks Gwen in bed, Iris knocks on the door. Gwen answers the door and tells her mother she'll have to talk to her later. As she starts to close the door, Iris catches it and reveals, "I know what you did, Gwen." Gwen asks what she's talking about. "Oh, you know what I'm talking about. The body in the woods," she smirks. Once inside, Iris confesses to following Maddie to the morgue, and asks Gwen if the body they found in the woods is Adam.

Outside the Snyder house, Lily pulls the diet pills from her purse and pops one into her mouth!

Next on As the World Turns

Maddie arrives at Gwen and Will's place. She rushes through the door and pronounces, "I tried calling, but I need to tell" Maddie begins. "You need to tell her who's in the morgue, don't you?" Iris cuts her short.

Two guys begin using Casey as a punching bag! They order him to pay the money he owes them, but Will arrives just in time to offer his brother help.