At the Wagon Wheel, Craig proposes that Meg come live with him at Fairwinds so he can take care of her. She's not sure it's a good idea, but he begs her to let him pamper her. She believes there are strings attached, but he assures her there are no strings. He continues to push the offer, and she promises she'll think about it. He states he has some business to attend to, but says he'll return later for an answer.

Soon after Craig leaves, a man shows up to let Meg know her bill has been paid in full, and then he asks her to leave. She wonders who paid the bill and he says it must have been her boyfriend. She lets him know she's not going anywhere.

A while later, Craig returns to the Wagon Wheel and bangs on Meg's door. The man approaches him to say Meg left. He goes on to say she told him she wasn't moving out. "She's staying indefinitely," the man adds.

Jack, JJ and Parker enjoy breakfast at Al's. Jack mentions he has tickets to a hockey game and asks them if they want to go, but both boys decline. Jack's phone rings. It's the station calling him in to work. He apologizes to the boys, but says he has to go. JJ asks if he and Parker can walk. Jack is hesitant, but gives in and tells Parker to show him he can trust him. Once Jack leaves, JJ and Parker have an argument, and JJ leaves without Parker.

At WOAK, Katie chops vegetables in preparation for a cooking segment. A guy approaches asking where Brad is. He reports they will be taping in five minutes. Katie and Kim reply that they don't know where Brad is, and Katie says if he doesn't arrive soon, she can do the show on her own.

Moments later, Katie begins the show without Brad. While filming, she's startled when a dog barks! She glances over to find Brad with the dog. Brad explains the dog is the one that attacked Parker and Faith, but Katie doesn't think the dog should be there. Brad ignores her plea to get the dog out and introduces it on camera. Jack shows up and notifies Kim that the dog is dangerous. Katie continues with the show, but the dog jumps up on the counter and enjoys the meatloaf she just pulled from the oven for himself! Katie is upset and Kim asks to speak with her alone. Once alone, Katie tells Kim she thinks Brad is trying to sabotage her career. Kim believes she's overreacting, but promises she'll keep an eye on Brad. "Good, because I think Brad is getting worse. If he keeps pulling stunts like this, we're not even going to have a show anymore!" she retorts, and then leaves.

After Katie storms off, Kim scolds Brad for his stunt and warns him if he does anything like that again, she will fire him on the spot! He says it won't happen again.

After Kim leaves, Brad apologizes to Katie and then asks her if it's hard for her to talk about family stuff.

"What do you mean?" she asks.
"Well, I just thought it might be hard because you don't have a husband to cook for anymore," he clarifies.

She comments that she's not sharing her personal life with him, and says she knows Mike is coming back to her soon. "Okay, what ever you say," he replies, and then walks away.

Soon after Brad leaves, Jack arrives to find Katie in tears. When he asks what's wrong, she replies, "Mike's not coming back."

At the Hughes, Margo makes plans to go to LA to look for Adam. Maddie asks if she's sure she wants to go, and she confirms that she is. Casey arrives with an e-mail from Adam and reads it aloud.

At Will and Gwen's, Will knows something's troubling Gwen and questions her about it. She claims its school. As she sits down to check her e-mail, she's surprised to find one from Adam! She gets up and asks Will to read it. After he finishes reading the e-mail, he says he should have expected that. When Will leaves the room to get dressed, Gwen immediately grabs her cell phone to call Maddie. Maddie confirms she wrote the e-mail and tells her to come over and she'll explain. Will comes back and Gwen suggests they go talk to Margo.

Back at the Hughes, Luke and Jade arrive to return Adam's shirt. Jade asks if they've heard from Adam, and Will hands her the e-mail he sent to everyone. She's shocked that he didn't contact her! Maddie expresses that Adam didn't want anything to do with her, and that's why he didn't send her an e-mail. The two feud then Jade leaves. Luke goes after Jade to check on her.

Later, Maddie offers to fix pancakes and asks Will and Casey run to the store for some orange juice. After they leave for the store, Maddie and Gwen discuss the e-mail. They agree that they should wait it out.

Soon after, Will and Casey return with the orange juice. Margo enters and they offer her some pancakes, but she says she has to get back to the station. "A body was just found in the woods," Margo reports.

After Luke catches up with Jade, he lets her know that Maddie was out of line, but he says some of what she said was true, because Adam went through a lot to break Will and Gwen up, and if he were really into her, it wouldn't have gone down like it did. She retorts that Adam is a complicated guy, and he wonders why she's defending him. He goes on to say he treated her like crap and she deserves better.

"You have never even been in a relationship, so what do you know about it?" she snaps. "Wow, Jade, thanks for the reality check."
"Well, I'm sorry, but it's true. The closest you've ever come to being with somebody is when you and I pretended to hook-up. You're the last person who should be giving me advice."

He acknowledges that he needs to find someone, but says that person will have to accept him for who he is first. She apologizes for her comment, and goes on to say the guy that gets him will be very lucky, because he stands up for the things he believes in and the people he cares about. "Yeah, if that ever happens," he replies. She assures him it will in time. He admits that sometimes he looks at other couples and wonders why they're together. He uses her and Adam as an example. "Okay, maybe Adam didn't bring me flowers or candy," she retorts, and then continues by stating things could have worked out between she and Adam if Gwen hadn't butted in.

"It isn't Gwen's fault," Casey adds.
"She turns people against me, and so does Maddie. Someday they're gonna pay for it," she counters.

At Al's, Meg takes her customers' orders, and Craig arrives with flowers. She asks how he found her. He says the manager at the Wagon Wheel told him where she was. He goes on to ask why she's not taking him up on his offer. She explains that she needs to stand on her own two feet and take care of herself.

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