While in town, Will offers to give Gwen another ring, but she says she wants the old ring. Margo arrives and Will reports that he and Gwen are busy. The waitress comes out and tells Will he forgot to sign his receipt. Will goes back into the restaurant while Margo questions Gwen about Adam's whereabouts. Gwen says she doesn't know where he is and notifies her that things with Adam got complicated at the end. Margo asks Gwen to promise she'll let her know if Adam tries to contact her. Gwen promises she will.

After Margo leaves, Will comes back with Iris right behind him. "Gweny, it's time to fess up. Why are you holding out on us?" Iris probes. When Gwen admits Iris is right, "Will asks what she's lying about. Iris butts in and says she's lying about the ring, because she states that Gwen told her she lost the ring when she was with Maddie. Gwen explains that she and Maddie did some gardening last night so she removed it because she didn't want it to get dirty. Will and Gwen start to leave, but Iris stops them and asks Gwen why she's so jumpy. "Why don't you go read the want ads, Iris," Will snaps back. "I think that's what I'll do, because we're all not lucky enough to have rich hubbies," Iris replies.

After Iris leaves, Will points out that she is a little jumpy, but Gwen says she doesn't want to talk about it. As they start heading for home, Gwen's phone rings and she tells Will it's Maddie. She starts to answer, but Will answers instead. "Hey, it's me. I fixed everything. Our troubles are finally over," Maddie blurts out. "What problems, Maddie?" Will asks. Gwen takes the phone and Maddie apologizes saying she didn't know it was Will. She goes on to tell her she took care of everything and then ends the call before Will gets suspicious.

After Gwen ends her call with Maddie, Will draws a small crowd as he gets down on bended knee to put the new ring on Gwen's finger. Afterwards, the share a kiss and leave.

At Margo and Tom's, Maddie asks Tom what will happen to Casey if Adam doesn't come back. Tom lets her know Margo has contacted every law enforcement on the planet so he can't stay on the ground forever. Tom admits he's angry with Adam and he says the other half hopes he never sees him again. Maddie excuses herself.

After Maddie leaves, Casey wonders if Maddie will leave him. Tom reminds him that he stuck by her when she was in need, so he's certain she'll stick by him too. He goes on to say he believes Maddie loves him and will do anything to help him. Casey hopes he's right.

Dusty phones Emily but she tells him it's not a good time. He says he's at Al's. "Alright, I'll catch up tomorrow," she replies, cutting the call short. Soon after, Cheri notifies Emily that her client is on his way up.

Soon after Cheri leaves, the client arrives. He wastes no time in getting started! He begins by delivering a hard kiss, and then tears Emily's shirt open! Emily pushes him away saying she doesn't like to be rushed, and if he doesn't like it, then he can call one of the other girls.

Later, Emily comes out of shower and overhears her client on the phone talking business. She begins interrogating him about the call. He reveals a little, but when she continues to drill him, he says no more.

At the Wagon Wheel, Paul shows Meg her bracelet and insists on going inside so she can fix him up, but she tells him he can't go in and advises him to go to the hospital instead. Craig gets dresses and eavesdrops from behind the door. She asks about the bracelet and he explains what happened. He goes on to say this is their chance to start over and pleads for her to come back. She says she's grateful for what he has done, but she says it doesn't change anything. He continues to express his feelings for her, but she says it's over and tells him to get himself to a doctor. He refuses to go and gently grabs her arm. "Let go of me," she orders, and then backs into her room and tries to shut the door. He stops her and goes inside. Once inside, he's shocked to see Craig half dressed! Meg orders Craig to get a towel. After handing her the towel, Craig says he'll call an ambulance but Paul refuses. He offers to drive Paul to the hospital. "How could you?" Paul asks Craig. Meg asks Craig to give her a moment alone with Paul.

Once alone, Paul asks if she's in love with Craig. She lets him know it's none of his business and he had his chance. He says that he can't leave without her. "Just stop," she orders. He tells her he's glad he found her with Craig, because now he knows how hard he has to fight to get her back. "Fighting is what I'm sick of," she replies showing him the door.

After Paul leaves, Craig comes back in to find Meg crying. Without saying a word, he comforts her as she sobs in his shirt.

Meanwhile, we see Paul sulking in the woods.

At Al's, Maddie opens her laptop and begins typing an e-mail: "There are no words to say how sorry I am. I've done and awful thing and betrayed the people I love the most. Now it's time for me to admit it and hope that one day you'll find it in your hearts to forgive me. I've hurt the people that I love the most and I'll have to find a way to live with what I've done. No prison could be worse than never seeing my family or friends again. I wish I could go back and make it up to you, but if it's any consolation, I'll live the rest of my life regretting the person I've become. I love you all more than I could ever say, Adam."

Moments after finishing the e-mail, Casey arrives and asks to see what she's working on, but she says she needs to proofread it first. He lets her know he's a great proofreader then reaches for the laptop. She pulls it away and says it's a personal piece. He gets angry because he thinks she wrote about him, but she swears she didn't. He's not convinced and leaves.

After Casey leaves, Maddie opens the laptop and presses "send!"

In another booth at Al's, Dusty phones Emily again and leaves a message. After he hangs up, Susan joins him and thanks him for helping Emily. He isn't sure Emily's interested in the paper anymore. Susan advises him not to give up on her, but he thinks she's given up on him. He continues by saying that if someone doesn't get through to her soon then she's going to lose her job.

Later on, Emily finds Dusty at Al's. She says she got a lead on a big story and offers to tell him about it over coffee and pie. "This better be good," he says taking a seat. "This scoop will make our competition break down and cry," she declares.

Back at Margo and Tom's place, Margo questions her motherly abilities and says she feels like she failed, but Tom assures her she's a good mom. Casey starts to walk through the door, but stops to listen as he hears Tom tell Margo their children are adults now and it's time for them to start taking responsibility for their own actions. She comments that they don't take responsibility, and she feels like they're losing their boys. "Everything is falling apart and I don't think I can put it back together again," she admits. Casey quietly closes the door.

Next on As the World Turns

Craig asks Meg to stay with him at Fairwinds.

Jade tells Luke that someday Gwen and Maddie will pay for turning people against her!