At the Snyder farm, Katie isn't thrilled about Brad being her co-host, but Kim thinks it will be great for the show. Jack arrives and asks, "What's going on here?" "You, this is all your fault," Katie replies. Jack is bewildered and wants to know what's his fault. Katie explains, but Kim says it's not Jack's fault, it's her fault, because she offered Brad the job. Katie points out that Brad has no experience and if he doesn't quit, she'll walk!

Later, Vienna excuses herself to get all dolled up so she and Brad can go out to celebrate. Once Vienna's gone, Kim tries to talk to Katie but Brad interrupts. Jack steps in and escorts Brad outside.

After Jack and Brad leave, Kim asks Katie to help her out by giving Brad a chance. She adds that Brad makes her look good. Vienna comes back and disrupts their conversation. Soon after, Henry arrives and Katie fills him in on what's going on. Henry's surprised, but Katie finally confesses that Brad won't be a problem. "Sign him up. Sign me up. We'll give you the best show you've ever seen." Katie continues.

Moments later, Kim leaves and Henry asks Katie if she's certain this is what she really wants. Katie admits it is and suggests they talk about it over coffee.

Outside the Snyder farm, Jack confronts Brad, but a breathless Parker shows up disrupting their brotherly spat. Parker tells Jack about the dog. Brad runs inside to grab the gun, and then Brad and Jack quickly take off! On their way, Jack phones Holden to tell him to meet him in the woods.

At the Wagon Wheel, Craig admits to Meg that he's wanted her for a long time, but he says he wants to make sure she's in the right frame of mind first. She assures him she's sober and says she wants him too. They begin kissing passionately as Craig carries her to the bed.

Soon after making love, they cuddle in bed and Craig tells her that she called out Paul's name while they were making love. She apologizes but reminds him that she and Paul were together for a long time. He says it's obvious this wasn't meant to happen and starts to get up, but she asks him to stay and they begin making out again!

After their second love making session, Meg confesses that she did love Paul, but she says she doesn't want to be with him anymore. However, she says there's one problem: "You and Paul are a lot alike," she adds. "You really are trying to ruin my night aren't you?" Craig jokes. "It's true. I mean, you're both single minded, opinionated, manipulative, and you both want what's best for me," she compares. He replies that he's her friend, but he says he could be a lot more and understands she has to learn to trust him first. On the other hand, he says the one thing she can trust right now is that he wants to take her pain away. "Will you let me do that?" he asks. She brings up her patient's death again saying it's something she can't just move past. He states that it sounds like she doesn't want to move past it. She asks him what he did when he hit rock bottom. He admits it wasn't easy, but he says he found a way to make peace with it and she can too. She conveys that she doesn't know how. "Grab on to me and don't let go," Craig remarks, and then moves in for another kiss.

Lily searches the stores for Faith and panics when she can't find her. Ms. McCarthy wonders if they should call the police, but Lily says no. As soon as McCarthy and Morgan leave, Lily calls Holden and tells him Faith is gone. He wonders how she can be gone when he grounded her. She reveals that she let her go and tells him to get there right away! Within a few minutes, Holden arrives and questions Lily about why she let Faith go. She explains and then cries, "I'm sorry."

Paul attempts to calm the vicious dog while Faith and Parker watch from the tree. Faith orders Parker to throw something at the dog, so he throws a cell phone. When that doesn't work, he jumps out of the tree to run for help! The dog lunges toward Paul! Faith screams, "Paul!" Paul fights for his life and the dog leaves. Afterwards, Faith climbs down from the tree to check on Paul. She notices he is bleeding and asks if he's okay. He says he's fine and finds Meg's bracelet. Faith explains that she found it in the trash.

Moments later, Jack and Brad arrive. Paul points in the direction that the dog ran, and Brad takes off with a gun to find the dog. Soon after, Holden and Lily arrive. Holden immediately jumps Paul reminding him that he and Jack told him to stay away from their kids! "You could have got them killed," Holden finishes. Parker and Faith express that Paul saved their life. Reluctantly, Holden apologizes to Paul. Before the kids leave, Paul asks them to promise him that they'll cut their parents some slack. Lily offers to help Paul but he refuses her help.

At a diner, Katie and Henry discuss Brad over coffee. She says all she has to do is sit back, relax and wait for Brad to get himself fired.

Brad returns to the Snyder farm and lets Vienna know he helped save Parker and Faith. "You're a hero!" she replies with a kiss.

Outside the Snyder farm, Jack tells Parker he wishes he knew how to help him. "Paul helped us. He saved our lives, but not even you -- nobody wanted to thank him," Parker replies. He admits he's thankful and asks how Paul knew they were out there in the first place. He explains that he just showed up, and says he's like him, he sees things. Jack sighs and Parker adds that Paul knew his mom was going to leave before anyone else. Jack lets him know no one could stop her. He goes on to say he's sorry and he knows how much he misses his mom, but she's gone now and he needs to start accepting that. Holding back his emotions, he lets Parker know he's there for him and he's not going anywhere. He adds that his mom's actions are not his fault and they hug.

Holden and Lily arrive home with Faith. Faith asks if they're going to yell at her. Holden says no and Lily advises her to go take a shower. Holden adds that they'll talk about it in the morning.

After Faith leaves, Holden confronts Lily about letting Faith go. He expresses that he wishes he could figure out what's going on, and says she's the one who needs to get it together, not Faith. Lily apologizes. Holden continues by saying after everything Paul has done now they owe their life to him. He excuses himself to check on Faith.

After he leaves the room, Lily grabs the diet pills from her purse and drops them into the trashcan.

Back at the Wagon Wheel, Craig and Meg are giggling in bed when a knock on the door interrupts their playful mood. Meg thinks it's the pizza they ordered so she wraps the sheet around herself to answer the door. Surprise, it's not the pizza! It's Paul!

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