The film crew arrives at Katie's to watch the show. While Henry greets the guests, Katie answers her phone. It's Kim calling to report that she just got out of a meeting and has to run an errand before she arrives.

Later, Katie thanks everyone for coming. Soon after, the show airs and everyone but Katie laughs hysterically at Brad. During a commercial, Katie excuses herself and tells everyone else to enjoy the rest of the show.

Craig arrives at the Snyder farm looking for Meg, but Brad lets him know that she just left. "Can you tell me where she is?" Craig asks. "Depending on who wants to know," Brad replies. He introduces himself, but Brad refuses to give him any information. Vienna, on the other hand, blurts out that Katie went to the Wagon Wheel.

Later, after Craig leaves, Vienna compliments Brad on his television appearance. She conveys that he was wonderful! He asks if she'd still be in to him if he weren't just a guy on TV. "You are so funny. What did I tell you? You know what, you have to promise me you're not going to change when you get even more rich and famous," she laughs, and then continues kissing him.

Later on, Katie barges in disrupting their moment of passion. "I can't believe you!" she pronounces. He grabs her, spins her around and says, "I know. I can't believe it! Are we a team or what baby?" he says, sitting her back on her feet. She slaps him! "I'm not your baby!" she replies. Vienna inspects Brad's face for marks, and Katie orders him not to step foot on her set again. In fact, she tells him she's going to talk to Kim and have him fired. At that moment, Kim arrives telling Brad she's there to make a short announcement. "No, let me, Kim. "You're fired!" Katie interjects. "No, Katie. Actually, he's hired," Kim corrects, leaving Katie shocked. Katie asks Kim if she saw the premiere and adds that it was a joke, but Kim disagrees saying it promotes fun. "Fun? But I can't have fun," Katie replies. Brad jumps in and says if she'd loosen up a bit, she'd have fun.

In her room at the Wagon Wheel, Meg drowns her stress with booze. When her phone rings she glances to see who's calling then hesitates to answer. Finally, she gives in and answers asking Paul what he wants. He says he had that premonition about her bracelet again. She tells him she threw the bracelet away and orders him not to call anymore! After she hangs up the phone, she lays down in the bed, but when she closes her eyes, she sees Milo. She gets up and pops some pills into her mouth!

Soon after, Craig arrives and bangs on the door but Meg doesn't answer. He pays someone to open the door. Once inside, he discovers Meg passed out and notices the pills on the bedside table. He carries her into the shower. After her shower, Meg wakes up and insists on getting some sleep, but Craig refuses to let her sleep. She assures him she's fine and requests he go home. He ignores her request as he walks her around the room. He knows from experience that booze and pills is not the way to handle stress and tells her she's a strong woman. Meg continues to feel sorry for herself, but Craig lets her know what a good nurse she's been. She reminds him that a woman's dead and it's her fault. She asks for time alone and promises the only thing she'll do is sulk in front of the television, but he refuses to leave her alone. Instead, he gently rubs her face with his thumb and tells her she's an intelligent and beautiful woman, and then they kiss.

While in town, Lily notices Faith is wearing Meg's bracelet and asks her about it. She explains that she got it out of the trash, but Lily isn't convinced. "Why don't you call Aunt Meg and ask. You never believe me anyway," Faith remarks. Lily says what she meant is that Meg may not realize her bracelet ended up in the trash, and asks her why everything has to be a battle. Lily's phone rings interrupting their conversation. Once Lily ends her phone call, Faith asks if she can go with Ms. McCarthy to Morgan's house, but Lily reminds her that she's grounded. However, Faith talks Lily into letting her go, but instead of going with Morgan, she calls Parker and asks him to meet her.

Lucinda arrives and Lily confronts her about her and Holden second-guessing her. "It's got to stop," Lily says! She apologizes if she thinks there's some kind of conspiracy, but she points out it's not personal and says she has a responsibility to Worldwide. Lily pleads for Lucinda to let her do what she wants. Lucinda says she'll try and requests for Lily to ask her for help with Faith. Lily says she'll try.

After Lucinda leaves, Lily bumps into Morgan and Ms. McCarthy only to discover that Faith lied to her again!

Faith and Parker sit around a fire in the woods and discuss Paul. Faith wishes they could do something for Paul since he helped them. Parker suggests they buy a famous painting at a museum. Faith points out there are a ton of famous paintings in Chicago. Parker likes the idea and states they can leave for Chicago in the morning to get the picture. Faith asks if he's afraid of getting in trouble again. "Mom didn't care about getting in trouble. Why should I?" he answers. Faith asks if he misses his mom, and he admits he doesn't, but he says he misses his dad and knows he would never leave him like his mom did. She says she has to go because she promised she wouldn't be home too late, but before she can leave, she finds herself face to face with a vicious dog and screams!

As Faith and Parker climb a tree to avoid the dog, Paul arrives just in time. Paul attempts to calm the dog, but the dog lunges toward him!

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"What's going on here?" Jack asks. "This is all your fault," Katie says.

Meg tells Craig she wants him!