Jack orders Parker to take Faith to the car. Once the kids are gone, Holden and Jack demand to know why their kids are suddenly Paul's best friend! "Maybe they need a friend, Jack!" Paul retorts. Jack reminds Paul that Faith and Parker are minors, but Paul explains that the kids keep coming to him. Holden orders Paul to stay away from Faith and Parker, and then leaves. "Don't make me come back here," Jack warns, before he leaves.

Dusty approaches Emily and notifies her that they have a meeting in an hour. He wonders if she's checked her messages, but she reminds him that she's the Editor-in-Chief. He senses she's not telling him something and asks her about it. She says she's working on a story, but he knows she's lying and tells her if she doesn't step up to the plate, then she's fired!

Later, Emily meets with Cheri to let her know she's interested in her job offer, but articulates that it's not long-term. Cheri explains that she'll set her up with clients, and her rate will be $500 an hour. Emily corrects her saying her rate's a thousand. "A thousand it is. Ready to get started?" Cheri smiles. "Yes, I am," Emily, replies. "I'll see you at the bar," Cheri says.

At Will and Gwen's, Casey promises Will he'll pay him back. As he heads for the door, Barbara greets him and confronts him about stealing the bonds! She goes on to say she won't forgive him. Casey says he doesn't blame her and heads for the door again. On his way out, he bumps into Margo, but before Margo can leave, Barbara stops her! "You're not getting off that easy," Barbara says to Margo. Margo apologizes to Barbara for her son's actions, and Barbara says she should be sorry, because she's the one to blame. "Oh, am I?" Margo inquires, crossing her arms. Barbara wonders what Hal would think! Margo reminds her that Hal is dead, and believes she's mad at her just because she was friends with Hal. She denies being mad and says she just stating the obvious. She continues by saying if she would have raised her son's better then they wouldn't be in this mess in the first place! She defends herself saying her boys will pay for their actions in court. "Sooner or later you're going to have to admit it. That you're not a perfect mother, Margo!" Barbara shouts. "Oh," Margo sighs on her way out the door.

After Margo leaves, Will comes back in and asks his mom if that was necessary? She says she knows he doesn't like confrontation but sometimes you just have to clear the air. He points out that it's not her job, and she asks him if he thinks it's odd that both Margo and Casey rushed over to apologize. He retorts that he pressed charges and has no plans on dropping them. "I'm not an idiot, Mom." he adds. She states that she doesn't think he's an idiot. He questions her about why she feels she always has to stick up for him. She comments that, that is what she's always done, but he reminds her he's not a kid anymore. She admits she's partly to blame for this whole mess, and expresses that she gave him the money because she believes Gwen's a good person and deserves it. He reports that he and Gwen worked things out. She's happy for them and says they're good for each other. He lets her know he appreciates her help and thanks her for not blaming Gwen. He goes on to say he's going to pay her back. She says she's not worried about it, but he insists. She admits she's made mistakes with him and says she's only trying to make it up with Gwen so he doesn't lose her. He assures her that he and Gwen are fine.

In the woods, Maddie and Gwen continue searching for Gwen's wedding ring. Maddie panics when she touches Adam's body, and suggests they stop looking! She tells Gwen if someone finds the ring, then they'll claim Adam stole it from her. The two leave.

Later, while at Java, Maddie apologizes for freaking out, but Gwen admits she was scared too. Gwen suggests they call the cops, but Maddie reminds her that they're already guilty because they killed Adam and buried the body. Gwen gives in, but hopes they don't find the ring!

During their chat, Iris shows up and Maddie leaves. Iris presses for information about the bonds because she read it in the paper. Gwen doesn't give her any information. Iris notices mud on her hands and sees she isn't wearing her ring. Gwen removes her hands from the table and places them in her lap, and then says she and Maddie were doing some gardening. Iris continues to question her, but Gwen says she has to go.

Once outside, Gwen lets Maddie know that Iris is already suspicious and asking questions.

At the Snyder farm, Jack and Holden question Parker and Faith about running to Paul, but Parker says they can't tell them whom they can and can't see. Holden instructs Faith to join him outside. Once outside, Holden tells Faith he doesn't want her to hang out with Parker anymore and grounds her for one month. He says he's not trying to make things bad for her; he's just worried.

Back inside, Jack tries to get Parker to talk to him, but Parker refuses. Faith interrupts them when she comes back for her bag. Holden comes in behind her and asks Jack if he can speak to him alone.

In the living room, Holden and Jack agree to keep a close eye on Faith and Parker.

Back in the kitchen, Faith finds the bracelet that Meg threw away. Parker tells her to keep it.

At Java, Casey attempts to explain his actions to Margo, but she's more concerned about where Adam is. Casey promises if he had of heard from Adam, he would tell her, and he assures her he's not going to jump bail. She tells him not to give up. "We'll get through this together. You just take it one step at a time," she adds. Casey asks if she thinks Adam will come back. She says of course he'll come back, and reminds him that there's a warrant out for his arrest. As they discuss Adam, Maddie comes in and eavesdrops on their conversation.

Gwen arrives home and Will lets her know that Casey, Barbara and Margo stopped by. She asks what Margo had to say. He replies that she apologized, and adds that Casey also apologized, but she states she doesn't really feel sorry for Casey, because if it weren't for him, they wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. He reminds her that the gambling is separate from the bonds, but she says she doesn't care about any of it. "I just want things to go back to the way they were," she adds. He asks about the ring and she says she looked everywhere but couldn't find it. He lets her know its okay and she's the only thing he cares about. "You know how much I love you, right? she asks. "Of course I do. So, how about you take off your coat, your gloves and everything else," he replies, and then starts to remove her gloves for her. She pulls away and says she'll meet him in the bedroom, but first she needs to get something from the car. Will seems confused.

Once outside, Gwen ditches the gloves and uses the snow to wash the dirt from her hands! Iris spies on her from behind! After Gwen goes back inside, we see a ring on the ground!

Back at the cabin, Paul has a vision! He sees the bracelet that Faith found fall to the ground, and then he sees a dog barking!

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