Lily and Holden enter a diner as they discuss Faith. He can't believe she's purging! They meet Faith inside and Lily asks her daughter about her session with the Psychiatrist, but Faith is quick to let her know that the psychiatrist said she didn't have to talk about her sessions! Lily excuses herself and Holden talks to Faith about why she ran off. Faith explains that she waited for her mom but she never showed up. Parker phones Faith, tells her he's outside, and asks her to ditch her parents so they can get out of there. Lily comes back and asks who's on the phone. She lies saying its Morgan and she needs to go see her so they can do their science project together. Reluctantly, Lily agrees to let her go, but offers to drive her. Faith argues that it's only a few blocks and then asks her mom if she doesn't trust her. Lily gives in and lets her walk.

After Faith leaves, Holden says that he and Lucinda think she has too much going on with her job. Lily is offended and can't believe they discussed her behind her back! She questions him about her ability to be a good mother, and he assures her she's a good mother. She asks if Lucinda mentioned the project about the baby food. When he states she didn't, she tells him about it, and says she thinks it's a great idea and wants to prove Lucinda wrong. Holden encourages her, and then says it's getting late and he has some things he needs to do. She says she has a business meeting in about 20 minutes so she'll stay there, and she announces that she'll pick Faith up later.

Once outside, Faith and Parker leave together! Soon after, they arrive at Paul's empty cabin. Since Paul isn't home, Faith isn't sure they should be there. Parker assures her they'll be fine. Faith heads for the door and runs into Paul! Paul asks why they're there, and Parker says they wanted to thank Paul for covering for them. He questions them about their parents and promises he won't rat them out. Parker replies that they think their crazy and they're sending them to a shrink. Paul can relate and begins telling them a story about his own childhood. Paul tells them their parents aren't that bad and explains that when he was young his father hurt him. He goes on to say when things got bad he would lock himself in his room and look at the pictures in his mother's art books. He says he would imagine being in the pictures. Faith asks which book was his favorite. He tells them a story about "The Sleeping Gypsy:" a painting in one of the books.

Lily's employees arrive and she compliments them on their work. The girls mention that they need more money for the project; however, Lily reminds them she already gave them money once. They claim they'll need more for advertising and say that they understand that she would have to run it by Lucinda first. Lily comments that Lucinda understands this is her project, and she makes all of the decisions. She pulls out her wallet and asks how much they need.

At Will and Gwen's, Gwen frantically searches their bed for her wedding ring, but Will stops her and points out that he noticed she didn't have it on in the shower either. She wonders why he didn't say something then, but due to the circumstances, he figured it out. She tells him that she didn't take the ring off, she never would! He asks her to calm down and think back to the last time she had it. She flashes back to burying Adam and jumps up to grab her coat! He offers to go with, but she tells him he can't. He says he's not going to stop her if she wants to do this by herself, but he asks her to promise when she finds the ring, she'll return to him so he can put it back on her finger.

At Margo and Tom's, Casey defends Adam's actions, but Maddie asks that they not discuss Adam. He grabs his coat. She asks where he's going. He pronounces that he's going to apologize to Will and Gwen. "No, Casey. There's nothing you can say to them," she says. He says this is something he has to do and invites her to join him, but she says she can't. Before he leaves, he gives her a kiss and thanks her for standing by him. "You don't need to thank me," she says. "Yeah, I do," he replies on his way out.

Soon after Casey leaves, Gwen arrives, startling Maddie! She asks her to help her find her wedding ring and admits she may have lost it while burying Adam. Maddie is reluctant but agrees to it when she takes responsibility for her part in the crime. The two grab a couple of spades for digging.

In the woods, Maddie and Gwen dig for the ring and as they uncover Adam's face, they scream and jump back in terror.

At the Snyder farm, Jack asks JJ where Parker is, since he didn't get off the bus with him. "Parker isn't my problem!" JJ snaps. Jack understands his anger and says he shouldn't have to deal with that. JJ thinks he cares more about Parker than him, but Jack denies it. In fact, he compliments him for all his help and admits he'd be lost without him. He goes on to explain that Parker is just acting out because he's angry. "So, why do you let him get away with it?" JJ inquires. "That's the question of the month isn't it?" Jack laughs, and then continues, "I thought that if he, uh, got all this anger out it would help him -- it would help him move on, but clearly that is not happening so I gotta come up with a better plan, which is why I have to know where he is?" JJ replies that Parker didn't tell him anything because Parker rarely converses with him anymore.

A little while later, Jack calls the school about Parker's attendance. While holding on the phone, Holden arrives. Jack explains that Parker didn't come home on the bus so he's checking to see if he went to school. He asks Holden if he knows where Faith is, and Holden says she's supposed to be at school in the science lab. They put two and two together and decide to ask about Faith as well. The school comes back on the line to notify Jack that Parker wasn't at school today, and when he asks if the science lab is still open, they reveal that it's closed. After Jack ends the phone call, Holden wonders where they would be. Jack adds that Parker has a new friend and he believes they may be with him. The two head out to search for their children.

Casey arrives at Will's interrupting his memory of when he and Gwen got married. Will invites him in and Casey apologizes. He says if he could take back what he has done, he would, and he understands if he hates him for it. He says he doesn't hate him and accepts his apology. He goes on to ask whose idea it was to make it look like he stole the bonds. Casey admits it was Adam, but he says if he knew what Adam was going to do, he wouldn't have gone along with it. Will asks why he didn't say anything when he knew. He admits Adam talked him out of it. Changing the subject, Will conveys that Gwen doesn't want to finish the demo or mention Adam's name, and Casey confesses that Maddie doesn't want to talk about Adam either. "I hate to say it, but part of me hopes I never see him again," Will admits.

Holden and Jack enter Paul's cabin without knocking! They see Parker and Faith inside the cabin and Jack yells, "What the hell are you doing with our kids?"

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