At the hospital, Bob suggests Meg get a lawyer before continuing their discussion. She brushes off his request and explains that she was preoccupied when she recorded Sarah's allergies. Bob asks if she planted the diary thinking it would get her off the hook. When she doesn't answer, he repeats the question. She says the diary doesn't matter. Bob admits it's his fault for hiring her, and then he fires her. Before he leaves, he tells her to reconsider her thoughts about a lawyer.

Once Bob walks away, Meg begins to cry and Craig takes her into his arms to console her.

Later, Meg is in better sprits and Craig tells her he knows a good lawyer, but she informs him that she no longer needs his help. She goes on to say she's grateful that he saved her life, but she's not going to let him cover for her anymore. "It's time that I paid the piper," she finishes, and he replies, "The light from that kind of thinking would take eight million years to reach me." She owns up to being fired and possibly going to jail, but she states none of that is going to be as bad as telling her mom what she's done. Craig pleads for her to let him do something, but she says she made this mess and needs to face the music, and then she leaves.

Brad arrives at WOAK for his first day on the job but he's not too enthusiastic so he calls Vienna and requests she meet him there for a Valentine's Day surprise.

Moments later, Vienna arrives and Brad hands her a single red rose. He pours them some champagne and toasts to the "most romantic night of the year." Soon after, they begin kissing.

A little while later, Katie is shocked when she walks in to find Brad and Vienna making out on her desk! After they get dressed, Katie begins cleaning the desk with disinfectant. Vienna notifies Katie that Brad works there now. Soon after, Jack arrives and orders Brad to get back to work. Brad leaves with Vienna in tow.

Once Brad and Vienna are gone, Katie alerts Jack that she's calling Kim to have Brad kicked out. "I don't think you want to do that," Jack says, cutting her phone call short. She notifies him that as soon as he leaves the room she's going to finish making her call. Jack can't believe she'd actually have Brad fired, and she's surprised to learn that he really has a job there. In fact, she's not too thrilled about the idea. Jack comments that Brad needs a chance but Katie disagrees. She expresses that every time she sees him he's always "draped" all over that floozy, Vienna. Jack realizes it's really Vienna she has the problem with and not Brad. She explains that Vienna's always throwing Simon and Mike in her face. He reports that she may not have to worry about Vienna once she discovers Brad's true position at WOAK. She promises she won't say a word about Brad.

In the woods, Will calls out for Adam while Gwen and Maddie hunker down. Gwen starts to make her presence known but Maddie pulls her back. Suddenly, they hear Jade too! Gwen stops and remains still. Margo phones Will to ask if he's seen Adam. He informs her that he hasn't seen him. Once Will ends the call with Margo, he suggests to Jade that they go tell Margo it was Adam who set him up, but Jade isn't sure it's a good idea. Will says he owes it to her and they leave.

After Jade and Will leave the crime scene, Gwen and Maddie resume digging and the two of them manage to hide Adam's body under a bunch of leaves.

Will and Jade arrive at Tom and Margo's to report to Margo and Kim that Adam was the one to set him up, not Casey.

Afterward, Will expresses to Jade how bad he feels after revealing the news to Margo. Jade tells him to quit being mad at himself. Before he leaves, she asks him to tell Gwen she's happy for the both of them.

At Margo and Tom's place, Maddie attempts to throw any evidence of the crime away, but when she opens the door to take out the bag she's greeted by Dallas! He apologizes for startling her and she lets him know that if he's looking for Margo, she's not there. He invites himself in and discloses that Casey sent him to check on her. She assures him she's fine, but he reports that when he left the station Margo went back in to talk to Casey. "Maddie, what's going on? Did something else happen?" he asks. She claims she doesn't know what he means. He clarifies that Margo always goes by the book and there has to be a good reason for her to pull Casey from his cell. She states that Margo's just worried about Casey.

Later, Maddie shows Dallas the door and thanks him for stopping by. Dallas grabs the bag of trash for her and deposits in the trash can on his way out.

Gwen arrives home and quickly jumps in the shower. Soon after, Will arrives and finds Gwen crying in the shower. She apologizes for being horrible to him, but he comforts her saying it was all Adam's fault because he set her up. She continues to tell him it's her fault because she fell for Adam's tricks and did anything he wanted in order to be famous. "Please, please you have to forgive me," she pleads.

Later, Will and Gwen sit embraced on the bathroom floor. Gwen asks Will to promise her he'll never ask her to forgive him again. He assures her they'll be fine.

Margo arrives at the station to talk with Casey about Adam. She says she just had a talk with Will and Jade and they told her that Adam is the one who planted the bond. She reminds him that he never admitted to planting the bond and she knows he didn't do it. She asks him if Adam did it, but he says to talk to Adam. She asks why he lied. "I wanted you to have one son you could be proud of," he replies.

Back at WOAK, Brad says he has to get back to work and Vienna finds his gloves. She asks why his job requires gloves. He lies and tells her he's going to try to own the network and asks her to leave before she blows his cover. After she leaves, a man approaches and asks Brad if it would be too much trouble to ask him to work. He says it wouldn't be any trouble at all, and then asks the man if it's time for a break!

Bob shows up at Oakdale PD and bumps into Kim, who asks what he's doing there. He says he's there on business and stops a nearby officer to ask for help in finding Jack. "I have to report a crime," Bob announces.

Later on, Margo hands the officers a picture of Adam. She admits to taking it at Christmas and states she never thought she'd be using it as an A.P.B. Before Margo decides to go home, she calls Adam one last time to leave another message.

Next on As the World Turns

While filming a show, Katie trips over something on the floor. Upon inspection, she discovers Brad sleeping on the job!

Paul warns Meg that she's in danger. "I would stake my life on it," he remarks.

Maddie asks Casey not to tell anyone that he told her about Adam before he told anyone else.