At the hospital, Paul informs Meg that no one can help him. He senses something is wrong with her, but she says she's okay. As he moves toward her she backs away, and that's when he realizes she's afraid that if he touches her something bad may happen. She says she doesn't know what he's talking about. He says even though he's having visions he also has common sense, and he knows she was freaked out while Jack was questioning her. He goes on to say he's going to find out why Craig keeps hovering around her. About that time, Craig approaches to defend Meg. "You like that? You like him defending you?" Paul asks Meg. Craig steps in again offering to call security, but Meg stops him and asks to talk with Paul alone. Craig walks away, but stays within hearing distance.

Meg lies to Paul and says Sarah planned her own death and neither she nor Craig had anything to do with it. He knows she's lying and asks her how it feels to turn into Craig. She says she may have revised her opinion of Craig when he saved her, but asks if Paul really thinks he can judge her. He says they're not talking about him; they're talking about what Craig is doing to her. Meg tells him that Craig isn't accusing her of murder. Paul says he's not either, but it sure sounds like it to Meg. He knows she can't live with herself when she lies, but she maintains that she isn't lying. "No, you're just letting Craig do it for you," he says. She asks if he's going to turn her in. He's not sure and says, "Maybe I'll just blackmail you. Isn't that what Craig is doing?" he adds. When she asks what he wants from her, he says he wants her to go back to who she was, before she let Craig get his hands on her. She says she doesn't need him and demands he go away. Ignoring her request, he accuses her of covering up her lies, and says she's letting herself be taken in by Craig. "Well, if this is what you think of me, then how happy you must be that it's over," she replies. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry it took me so long to see what's obvious. Your rightit's over," he says, and then walks away.

After he walks away, Craig approaches Meg to comfort her. He tells her to let Paul go, but she says this is her decision. He says he was glad to help her and asks her to be quiet and stay away from Paul. "Like it or not we're a team," he reminds. She tells Craig she's sorry then approaches Bob and asks to talk to him, but Bob says he has a family emergency to tend to. Meg is persistent and blurts out that she killed Sarah!

At Java, Vienna and Brad are chatting when Jack shows up. Vienna excuses herself, and Brad reports to Jack that one of his officers illegally towed his car, but when Jack discovers that Brad parked in a handicap zone, he tells him it wasn't illegally towed. Brad begs Jack to get his car back for him and when Jack refuses to help him, Brad says he can't pay the fine. Jack suggests he go to Vienna for the money, and then realizes she doesn't know he's broke, so Jack tells Brad to get a job. He says no one is hiring then asks if he'll loan him the money to get his car out. He asks Brad to give him a minute, and then he gets up from the table and approaches Kim.

A while later, Kim approaches Brad and says Jack told her he was looking for work so she offers him a job at WOAK! Brad is excited and expresses he has many ideas, but Jack interrupts and says she needs someone to pull cables. He says he can't pull cables, but Jack testifies that he can. When Brad continues to refuse, Jack threatens to tell Vienna all about his financial problems. Kim excuses herself to check on her order. Before she goes, she tells Brad to think about her offer. Jack orders Brad to take the job. "That's blackmail," Brad says. "Okay, I can tell her you're broke or you're starting your career in television. It's your choice," Jack replies, referring to Vienna. He goes on to say he has to take the job or he won't be able to afford his rent at Emma's. "I don't think I want to be your brother anymore," Brad jokes. Jack laughs at his comment and Vienna emerges. Moments later, Kim comes back and asks Brad for the verdict. Brad accepts the job. She instructs him to tell the guard he wants to speak to Rebecca.

After Kim leaves, Vienna asks what up. Brad fills her in on his new job and says they'll have to take a raincheck on their date. She interrupts and says she doesn't do rain checks and cancels their date.

At the station, Tom continues to scold Casey, and all Casey can say is he's sorry. Once Tom finishes yelling, Casey asks Margo if Adam has called. When she says he hasn't, he says he thinks she needs to find him. Margo asks why she should call Adam. Casey says he just thought it would be easier if Adam were there for them. Casey continues to pressure them to call Adam so Margo gives in, but Adam doesn't answer. She calls him back to leave a message.

Later, an officer arrives to take Casey his cell.

In the woods, Maddie hears Gwen screaming so she knocks Adam over the head with huge branch! Gwen checks on him but tells Maddie she thinks he's dead! Maddie cries that she didn't hit him that hard. Gwen says they should call Margo, but Maddie says they can't. "She saved my life and I killed her son," Maddie cries. Gwen says it was an accident, but Maddie is hysterical and Gwen is unable to calm her down. Maddie says Margo's like a mother to her and now she's going to kick her out. Maddie knows Margo won't believe her. "She'll hate me," Maddie cries. Adam's phone rings. It's Margo! Maddie continues to cry but Gwen urges her, "Just be quiet!" When Adam's phone stops ringing, Gwen assures Maddie that it's going to be okay.

Later, after Maddie is a bit calmer, Gwen hands her a piece of cloth and asks her to remove the fingerprints and blood from the branch, and then says she'll be right back.

Jade rants about her fashion ideas while she and Will are driving down the road, but Will asks her to do him a favor and stop acting this way. She apologizes and suggests they go to the police, but Will says it's a family matter not a police matter. He says he thinks he should let her out because when he finds Adam, he doesn't want any witnesses!

When Margo and Tom return home, Margo begs Tom to listen to her and relax because she doesn't think his heart can handle it. He says he'll try, but admits it's easier for him to be angry because he's so disappointed in Casey right now. After letting off steam, he calms down. Margo remembers Casey's first day of school and how she thought he wouldn't have a problem in the world. Tom wraps his arms around her as they comfort each other.

Back in the woods, Gwen returns to find Maddie scrubbing as hard as she can to remove the evidence from the branch. She asks Maddie to help her put Adam in a sheet. After they roll him up in the sheet, Gwen says they'll take him to the lake. As they attempt to move his body, they discover he's too heavy for them to carry. Since they can't carry him, they decide to bury him. As they begin digging they hear a noise, it's Will!

Next on As the World Turns

Gwen and Maddie try to keep Will from noticing them.

"You didn't put the bond in Will's house did you?" Margo asks Casey.

Bob asks Meg if she put the diary in Sarah's room.