At the hospital, Meg takes another look at the allergies she listed in her patient's chart when Paul shows up to tell her that he has an appointment with his neurologist, Dr. Kipner. He says he hopes Dr. Kipner can help get rid of the pools of blood that appear in front of his eyes. "Well, I hope it works for you," she says, and then turns away. Paul stops her. "Can I ask you a question," he inquires. "What now?" she responds. "Well, you said before that you were on top of things this time, don't you usually triple check a dose?" She's shocked by his question! "Why are you harping on this?" she asks. He says he's just curious. "How many different ways do I have to tell you were not together?" she snaps. He takes the hint and leaves.

After Paul leaves, Craig arrives to tell Meg she's a terrific nurse. She says terrific nurses don't kill their patients. He asks her to keep her voice down. She has second thoughts about lying, but he says he was just trying to help her. "From now on you're not alone. We're in this together," he adds. She says knowing that they're in anything together isn't comforting. He reminds her that he was a gentleman when she had too much to drink. She laughs and admits she was throwing herself all over him.

As Meg and Craig continue to talk, Paul eavesdrops. Jack interrupts their conversation to ask Meg and Craig about a call that came into the station for Sarah's sister. He says Sarah's siter is convinced that the diary is a fake. According to Jack, Sarah's sister says that her sister never kept a journal or anything similar. Craig says that doesn't prove anything, and points out there are plenty of things his sister doesn't know about him. Jack questions them about Sarah's husband. He wonders if he said anything at the blood drive that would lead them to believe he planted his wife's diary. Craig says, "Absolutely not. The man gave no indication that he was grief stricken by his wife's death. Isn't that right, Meg?" "Actually, it isn't," she answers. She goes on to say Sarah's husband said nobody would listen to Sara, and they didn't take her allergies seriously. Craig asks Jack what he thinks. Jack says maybe there was negligence after all, and the diary is just an attempt by someone at the hospital to cover it up. Craig says no one wants to believe his or her family member would commit suicide. Jack says whatever it is they'll figure it out.

After Jack leaves, Paul remains hidden and listens in as Meg expresses her fear to Craig. She's afraid someone will find out that he's the one who planted the diary. He tells her to take a couple deep breaths while he goes to get them some drinks. After he leaves, Meg turns around and bumps into Paul!

Emily smiles at a couple guys at a bar. When she gets up to approach them, a woman stops her and asks what she thinks she's doing. "I'm having a cocktail. Not that it's any of your business," Emily answers. She says from what she saw it looks as if she's about to do a little business of her own. "Exactly what are you implying?" Emily asks. She says this is her territory. "Exclusive to me and my girls," she adds. Emily seems confused. The woman wonders who she works for. Emily says she doesn't work for anyone and hasn't done anything wrong. "Now, get out of my way," Emily finishes, walking away from the woman. "Is there a problem?" Dusty asks as he and Chaz enter. "No, I accidentally took this lady's seat," Emily informs.

After the woman leaves, Dusty asks Emily what she's doing there. She says she's meeting a source to make right on the promises she made at the Worldwide meeting. Chaz says he hopes her story's not about a happy hooker. "What do you say that?" Emily questions. Chaz explains that the woman she was just talking to calls herself Cheri. He goes on to say she runs a call girl operation. She says she had no idea. Chaz warns her not to cross the woman. She says she'll make a note to say clear of her.

At Oakdale PD, Maddie tells Casey she wishes he had told her what was going on. He says he just did, but she says he left out the fact that he was the one that made Will look like a thief and a liar.

Moments later, Tom and Margo enter. Tom tells Casey that Will filed a complaint against him for Obstruction of Justice, and as a result, he's going to be re-booked. Casey apologizes, but Tom isn't happy. He demands to know how things got this far. "I'm sorry," Casey replies. "What!" Tom shouts in anger, and then leaves the room. Margo follows him out saying that's exactly the kind of stress the doctor told him to avoid.

After Tom and Margo are out of the room, Meg tells Casey she knows he didn't set Will up. "Who are you covering for?" she asks. "No one," he replies. She says she loves him and no matter what he's done she'll never stop. "I know you are a good person. I feel it when you look at me, and when you hold me. So, please trust what we have. Trust me with the truth. Come on," she continues. "Okay, Adam did it," he confesses. He goes on to say Adam knew Will couldn't be arrested for stealing from himself, but she says people doubted Will. She goes on to say his parents deserve to know the truth. Lisa arrives. She says she's been thinking and she knows how to fix things.

Later, Lisa explains to Tom, Margo and Casey that since the bonds were stolen from her safe she'll just drop the charges, and it will all disappear. Tom says it doesn't work that way because the property that was stolen was not hers. He goes on to say she can't fix this for Casey, and since he's the one who broke the law, he'll have to pay the consequences. Tom's phone rings. It's the judge asking for Tom to meet with him. "Looks like we're going to find out if there's a bail hearing after all," Tom says, after hanging up the phone.

After Tom leaves, Lisa advises Casey not to worry. She says his family will get him through this. Before Lisa leaves, she asks Margo to let her know if there's any new news.

Outside Java, Will tells Jade to leave him alone. She notifies him that Adam was planning to leave for the airport, but she says she tossed his keys into the bushes. He believes she's just jealous, but she says she did it to help him. She points out how the robbery brought Adam and Gwen closer. He accuses her of having a hand in it, but she says she felt bad for lying about her pregnancy and she's trying to make up for it.

Later, Will and Jade arrive at the place Jade last saw Adam, but he's nowhere to be found. Will starts to leave to look for him and Jade follows. He stops. "Where are you going?" he asks her. "With you," she replies. "I told you this is between me and my brother," he says. "You wouldn't have even known what Adam was trying to pull if I hadn't of stepped in, and this is how you thank me?" she retorts. He asks her not to make this her rescue mission. "I have my own reasons for wanting Adam to pay for this. He didn't just dump me, he treated me like dirt," she replies. Before he leaves to find Adam, she grabs her phone. He wonders what she's doing. She says she's going to give the police an update on Adam's role in all of this. She says if they can't track him down, then maybe the police can.

Gwen seems puzzled when she finds Adam in the woods at night. "Hey, what's up with the backpack? It looks like you're going somewhere," she inquires. He says he has to go to London to talk to a record executive that called and said he may want to sign her. She wonders why he didn't tell her and he admits that he didn't want her to be disappointed if it didn't work out. He starts to leave, but she says he can't leave right now because his brother's in trouble. He says he has to go and asks her not to tell anyone she saw him tonight. She grows suspicious and asks if he helped Casey steal the bonds. "It was the only way," he admits. She's appalled! He says Casey's his brother and he had to do something. "Wait a minute. You didn't do this for Casey, you did this for me," she says. He argues that Will was never onboard with her career. She reminds him that Will's the reason they got the money to finish the demo, but he says Will only did it because he thought he had to. She confronts him about trying to take her away from Will. He suggests they ditch Will and leave together. When she refuses to go with him, he says they can have anything. "No, not anymore!" she says, and then turns to walk away. He grabs her and tells her not to walk away from him! She attempts to pull away, but he tightens his grip and jerks her toward him! "You're fighting what you really feel," he says. She asks him if he's insane and tries to pull way again, but he continues to jerk her back! When moves in for a kiss she cries, "Get out! Get off of me! Get away from me!" Suddenly, someone knocks him over the head and he falls to the ground!

Lucinda joins Luke at Al's. She asks where his friends are off to. He says they had plans. "That doesn't include you?" she asks. He explains they had dates with girls and they go on to discuss how he deals with being gay at school. He says he's comfortable with everybody except for some of his teachers. "Why? You feel they've been discriminating against you?" she asks with curiosity. He explains that one teacher suggested he join the drama club because she thinks he's sensitive and has talent, but he says he didn't show up at the auditions. Lucinda thinks it's a great idea, but he says he can't act. She recommends he do something else like be a stage manager. He believes she thinks he can meet guys by being in drama, but he points out that there may be more gay guys in sports than she thinks. They laugh, and she says she doesn't want him to do anything he doesn't want to do. "All I want is for you to be happy," she adds. "You know what? I am happy. Yeah, I mean things could be better, but compared to last year when I was walking around in hiding just terrified for who I was, but compared to that I'm on top the world," he smiles.

Back at Lakeview, Cheri approaches Emily again and offers her a job as a prostitute. "You got a great smile, sharp look, sophistication put it all together and that makes for a fabulous package," Cheri comments, and then hands Emily her business card. Emily accepts the card, she doesn't know what to say. "Think it over. Call me if your interested," Cheri replies.

Next on As the World Turns

Jack tells Brad he's taking that job. "You know, this is blackmail," Brad replies.

Casey asks Margo if Adam called. "No," she answers. "I think you really need to find Adam," he says.

"I think he's dead," Gwen says.