At Worldwide, Dusty finds Emily to ask her what the holdup is. She says she can't do this; there are other jobs. He tries to convince her, "I've got your back," he encourages.

Later, Dusty's convincing seems to have worked, because Emily joins the meeting and gives an impressive presentation.

After the meeting, Emily asks Lucinda if they have a deal -- if she's still on at the Intruder. She says she doesn't know if she's really up to worldwide standards. "Let me just see what I wrote," she adds, glancing at her notes. While Lucinda glances through her notes, Emily excuses herself. Once Emily is gone, Dusty asks Lucinda, "You're not giving her the job?" She says she was just making a bad joke. "So, is she in or out?" he questions. "You wanna know what I think? I'll tell you what I think Let her make some money for us while she's doing it," Lucinda expresses. Accepting her response as a yes, Dusty heads out to catch up with Emily to deliver the good news. Before he gets out the door, Lucinda adds that the job is probationary.

Dusty catches up with Emily. He notifies her that Lucinda wants to hire her on probation, but she says Lucinda doesn't trust her. He offers to take her to dinner so they can brainstorm together, but she refuses, claiming she has other plans.

Jack arrives at the doctor's office to find out from Lily that Faith and Parker have run off together. Lily gets frantic wanting to go hunt for them, but Jack says Parker's been doing this a lot lately to give them 10 minutes. If they're not back in 10 minutes, then they'll worry. Jack attempts to call Parker using JJ's phone. He hopes that if he sees JJ's number on his caller ID he'll answer. When he doesn't answer, they head out to look for them.

Parker and Faith show up at Java. Parker's phone rings, but when he sees its Jack calling he doesn't answer!

Later, Parker and Faith lie on the ground in the woods. Parker's phone begins to vibrate. He checks the caller ID and tells Faith it's JJ, but he thinks Jack probably put him up to calling, so he doesn't answer. Faith complains that it's vibrating too loud, so he hands it to her to shut off. After she shuts it off, they toss the phone back and forth as if it's a hot potato, but Faith accidentally throws it in the bushes. Parker goes to fetch it. She hollers to see if he's found it yet, but he yells back that he hasn't found it. Suddenly, she looks up at someone and screams! It's Paul. He wonders what they're doing out there and checks the incoming calls on Parker's cell phone. When he notices a number of calls from Jack, he asks if there's "parental" problems. "Our parent' lives are totally messed up, but they think we're the ones who need a shrink," Parker explains. Paul suggests they head back to civilization and start doing some "damage control." Before they follow Paul out, Faith thanks Parker for bringing her there.

At Lakeview, Craig asks Katie why she wasn't at Margo's ceremony, and she explains that she had a wardrobe malfunction. He offers to buy her a drink, but she says she's busy with work. When he says he misses her, she says she doesn't want anything to do with someone who would harm an innocent child. She attempts to leave, but he grabs her! She jerks away from him and demands that he leave her alone. Henry arrives just in time to save the day. He takes Katie to a table and asks if she's okay. Craig continues to butt in to Katie and Henry's conversation upsetting Henry. When Henry stands up, Craig takes the hint and says he'll leave. However, before he goes, he leaves Katie with some advice, "One day you're going to wake up and realize that Mike is not coming back. He doesn't care, and if you keep pushing away the people that do care, one day they won't come back either."

After Craig walks away, Katie tells Henry he's right. She says she feels like she's ruined as many lives as he has and that's scary. "Bubbles, repeat after me, you are nothing, nothing like Craig Montgomery," he says. "Thank you," she replies. She goes on to say she really does want to change her life and stop making the same mistakes. They toast to becoming wiser.

At Oakdale PD, Gwen asks Maddie if she's seen Adam. She says he left and seemed in a hurry. She tries calling him but has no success. Moments later, Elwood shows up at the station and Maddie gives him what for again, wanting to know why Casey's taking the rap for something he's done. He says he didn't steal anything.

In the interrogation room, Casey tells his parents about his gambling addiction. Tom gets upset and Margo says she'll take over, but Tom pulls rank, as he is Casey's lawyer, so he continues to interrogate his son. Casey shocks both his parents when he tells them he borrowed $2800 to pay off some gambling debts!

Jade finds Adam and demands that he tell her the truth! He says he's late for a flight, but she tells him he's not going anywhere until he explains! He says he doesn't have time, but she informs him she knows he set Will up, and scolds him for using her as well. He says he didn't use her and the sex was great. She plays along and agrees with him, and then she asks for a goodbye kiss. As he kisses her, she grabs the keys from his pocket and throws them! She waits inside while he searches for his keys. He comes back in and tells her this business trip is important to Gwen's career. "More important than your brothers?" she retorts. He can't believe she's still jealous of Gwen, and says that she shouldn't be. He asks if they can try again when he gets back. She's surprised when he says he's coming back, but she's even more surprised when he asks her for a lift to the airport! She tells him he's pathetic! "Get out of my sight! Go!" He says, shoving her out of his way.

While Will sits at Java, he overhears some guys talking about Casey getting arrested. He grows angrier and leaves.

Back at Oakdale PD, Tom informs Casey that he'll try to set up an arraignment hearing so that he doesn't have to spend a night in jail. Casey asks how bad his crime really is. Tom says it's a felony and he'll be tried as an adult. "And if I'm convicted?" he asks. "Six months to ten years, depending on the circumstances," Tom answers. He goes on say they will do whatever they can to protect him, but they need to know everything. "I broke into Crash. I stole the bonds. I trashed Grandma's club to cover my tracks. That's everything," he confesses. Margo says it better be everything, because they don't want to be blindsided again. Will barges in! "You set me up! You ripped off the club and you made me take the fall!" he says to Casey. Tom asks Will what's going on. He says Casey framed him. "He planted one of the bonds at my house and made it look like I stole my own money!" He demands Casey tell them the truth. "How could you do that to me Casey? You were supposed to be my friend!" Margo tells him that's enough, but he says he's not leaving until Casey owns up to what he did! "Will, what you're going to do is come outside with Margo and I right now. Come on," Tom says.

After Tom escorts Will out, Maddie stares at Casey in tears. "You heard all that? I guess you pretty much hate me now?" he says to her. She doesn't believe he planted the bond in Will's house. He's says he's a thief and a liar and tells her to leave it alone. She says he knows she won't leave it alone until she figures it out, but he says there's nothing to figure out. She demands he tell her who did it, and goes on to tell him that she was really mad when he lied to her about the gambling and if he continues to lie about this he'll go to jail for something he didn't do! "You'll hate me?" he asks. "No, it'll break my heart, because I'll never find somebody to love me the way that you do," she answers. He hugs her. "Please, you have to tell me. You have to tell me what you didn't tell your parents, and what you didn't tell Will," she pleads.

Outside the interrogation room, Margo informs Will that Casey's case is a police matter and they'll handle it, but she says he's welcome to file a complaint. He leaves with another officer to do just that.

Tom tells Margo they need to go talk to the judge, but she refuses to leave Casey alone. "We need to talk to the judge to tell him that we support our son; otherwise, he goes into lock up. We need to talk to the judge now," he stresses. Reluctantly, she leaves with Tom.

Paul arrives at Java with Faith and Parker. As soon as they arrive, Jack and Lily show up relieved to find the kids safe. Jack asks Parker where they've been, but Paul jumps in and says they were with him. He lies and says he slipped on some ice and the kids helped him.

After Paul leaves, Parker tells Jack it happened just like Paul said it did, and Faith confirms his story. As soon as Lily and Faith leave, Parker asks how much trouble he's in. Jack expresses that he was worried about him, but he says he'll probably be grounded for a while. He goes on to say he knows things are tough right now, but if they work together and communicate, he'll see that everything will get better and be okay. "Do you believe me?" he asks. "Sure," Parker replies. He takes Parker into his arms and hugs him.

Meanwhile, Lily tells Faith she should have never run off like that. "You should have waited for me," she adds. "I did. You were late. You forgot about me as usual," Faith replies, and then storms off.

As Adam searches for his keys, Gwen approaches. "Hey, where you going?" she asks breathlessly.

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