Will and Jade continue to argue about her thoughts on Adam being the one to steal the bonds. Will doesn't believe her, so she deduces, "If you weren't the ones to steal the bonds, Gwen didn't do it, and I didn't do it, it has to be Adam." She admits that she has proof, and tells him that Adam has told her that since Will's marriage is over, she should go after Will again. Will stops her and tells her that his marriage isn't over, but Jade presses on. She says that the point is that Adam has feelings for Gwen and wants to break up his brother's marriage to be with her. She says that Adam and Gwen are at the dorm right now! Will isn't convinced, so Jade asks him how long he really knows his brother. She thinks she knows Adam better than he does and calls Adam cold and calculating. Will interrupts her to say, "He dumped you!" She brushes that aside and says that it was mutual. She continues on and tells him that she knows she's right about Adam. He would do whatever it took to get what he wants - Gwen! She asks that he not let his brother get away with this and leaves his house. Will grabs his coat and runs out the door.

Brad spills his beer all over a Katie's dress and as she gasps in shock, he apologizes. She is disgusted and tells him she's supposed to be standing by her sister's side but can't go in there now, smelling like a brewery! Brad doesn't appear very concerned but he manages to get some club soda for the stain. He promises that this will get the beer out of her dress, and then proceeds to spray Katie with it from head to toe! Katie screams as she's spritzed! Vienna comes by and wonders what's going on. She jokes that Katie must be flirting with Brad and tells the pair that she's leaving town so Katie can have Brad. This throws Katie into even more of a tizzy and she picks up a glass intent on hitting Brad over the head. From behind her, Henry grabs her just in time. He takes her to a table to calm down.

Brad and Vienna sit down and she explains that she needs a good reason to stay in town, otherwise she's gone. Brad offers her to come with him for a hot tub, and they flirt a little. She calls him a full service playmate and says if she were to stay in Oakdale she wouldn't want to get hurt. She says that Simon was special to her and she's not interested in anything along those lines.

At another table, Katie rants and raves about how she feels about Brad. She is appalled by the way that he mooches on Emma and Jack. Henry listens to her rant and then Katie tells Henry that she's happy that Vienna is leaving town, because she thinks it will help her feel better about what happened. Henry doesn't think that's the issue. He asks Katie what her plans for the future are, and she smiles. She tells him about her thoughts of becoming a talk show host on a new show called "Oakdale Now". She's really nervous about it, but Henry is very supportive as they both think this will help her get her life back! She goes off to be with Margo but stops by Brad and Vienna's table on her way out. She finds out that Vienna is staying in town longer and is not exactly thrilled.

At the ceremony, Margo is sworn in as police Chief by the Mayor. Margo pledges to do well with her new title as Chief of Police and says a speech. After her speech she looks up and says to Hal, "Thanks partner." The proud onlookers clap. Margo asks her family to come up onstage with her.

Jessica notices Jack acting very mysteriously and asks him what's up, but he refuses to talk. Instead he goes to Casey and asks to talk to him. Casey asks him to wait until after the ceremony, and Jack agrees to wait. Margo is puzzled when Casey doesnt come up on stage with her, so after the ceremony is concluded, she goes to Casey and Jack to ask what's going on. When Jack refuses to tell her, Margo pulls rank on him and he has no choice but to tell her. "I have a warrant for your son's arrest," he reports. Maddie stands close by and is visibly upset by the news. Margo and Lisa's jaw drops. Tom comes over to Casey to find out what's going on and Jack explains that he's arresting Casey for breaking into Crash to steal bonds. Will walks in at that moment and hears the news. Maddie pleads with Casey to tell them that he didn't do it. She tells Jack that Elwood did it but Casey denies this. Adam and Gwen watch as Jessica asks if she can sit in on the statement. Margo allows this and when Tom also asks to be there, Lisa but doesn't think he should, in his condition. Margo asks Adam to come with her to the station and Gwen runs off to apologize to Will as Jack handcuffs Casey and takes him to the station. The family is disheartened and they all go to Oakdale PD. Jack takes off to meet Parker at the doctor's office, while Maddie questions Casey. She of course doesn't think he did it.

Gwen follows Will home and apologizes to him for accusing him. She cries and demands that they talk about it but Will yells at her and tells her that he's done. When she won't leave him alone, he leaves.

Lily and Faith have a seat while they talk about proper ways to diet and remain healthy. Lily informs her daughter that nutrition is important at her age and unintentionally embarrasses her daughter when she brings up good nutrition during puberty. They leave for the doctor's office. Once there, Lily gets a call from Lucinda, who needs her daughter over there as soon as possible. Lily hangs up on Lucinda and the doctor comes out to take Faith into her office, alone. Lily leaves her and goes off to see what Lucinda wants. Faith is clearly dreading the appointment and follows the doctor into her office, reluctantly.

Lily arrives at Lucinda's office and notices that Lucinda is in fine form! She's flustered and upset that the check that Lily gave to the baby food division has almost depleted their funds. Lucinda thinks that she moved too fast with this brand and put too much into such a small idea. Lily thinks that the baby food is delicious and has faith in it but Lucinda tells her that she has ignored the bottom line. They argue about the demand for organic baby food and Lucinda wonders how they'll compete. Lily stops the conversation by saying, "You know what? I'm bringing them on board and that's it!" Lucinda tries again to micromanage Lily, much to Lily's chagrin, so Lily calls about her kitchen lease. Since Miranda's child is ill, Lily will have to wait. Lucinda becomes frantic as she hears this, but Lily doesn't have time for this and explains that she has to go pick up Faith. She heads out.

After Faith finishes up her appointment, she waits for Lily. Parker arrives for his appointment and the two leave together. Lily gets back to the doctor's office to find her gone.

Jade arrives at the Snyder farm and sees Luke there. She tells him that Adam was trying to hit on Gwen and tells him that there is no doubt in her mind that Adam stole the bonds. Luke says she's wrong. She looks puzzled until he lets her know that he just heard on the radio that Casey Hughes was just arrested for the crime. Jade is disturbed and doesn't think it's possible. She shakes her head, runs out the door and says she's going to Adam to get proof.

Next on As The World Turns:

Maddie tells Gwen that Casey didn't do it and that he's protecting someone.

Margo is stunned when she learns that Casey owes $2800 dollars on a loan!

Jade comes to Adam and tries to get the truth from him but he tells her he's late for his flight.

In the doctor's office, both Jack and Lily realize that their kids ran off together.

Faith is in the woods on the ground and when she looks up at someone, she screams.