At the station, Katie informs Jack that she ran into Vienna at Lakeview, but when she starts to explain Vienna was with another loser he says he doesn't want to hear it. About that time, Brad arrives. "Well, speak of the devil," Katie says. "Oh, you two know each other. Is this the loser you were telling me about?" Jack solicits. He goes on to inform her that Brad's his brother. Brad asks to speak with Jack alone and asks Jack for money, so he gives him $20.

After Brad leaves, Katie apologizes about being so intense about Brad and Vienna. She says she's going to try to be a better person and mind her own business. Brad says if she hadn't told about Simon and Carly someone else would have.

As Margo waits for the ceremony to begin, Kim notifies her that a crew is there to film the ceremony. After Kim walks away, Tom asks how things went with Will. She says Will wasn't there, but she says talked with Gwen. She expresses how she thinks something is not right with the two of them.

At Java, Will informs Maddie and Jade that when he went to the dorm to see Gwen she wasn't there but Adam was, and it looked like the two of them had spent the night together!

Once Jade leaves, Maddie and Will sit down at a table to chat about Gwen's demo. He admits he didn't want the CD to go all the way. When she asks why, he says 'fear'. He goes on to say when things get rough she turns to other people. "Gwen didn't turn to Adam," Jade says. "I don't want to talk about," says Will, and then walks away.

After Will leaves, a couple guys approach Maddie. They have information for her about the bonds she was asking about earlier. She listens as they describe the male to her. The description is similar to Elwood. They tell her the guy was carrying a backpack with his name on it. "El something," one of the guys says. "Elwood?" she inquires. They believe that was it.

At the dorms, Gwen asks Adam and Casey what's going on, but Adam tells Casey to be quiet. "No, I have to tell her everything!" he retorts. Casey starts to explain, but Adam jumps in to keep him quiet. He tells Gwen that he had a fight with Will, and Casey came in to break them up. She gives Casey a kiss and tells him he's a good friend.

In the hall, Adam orders Casey to keep his mouth shut! He says if he keeps quiet it will all go away. After Adam walks away, Casey goes back to his dorm. Elwood brings up the bonds, but Casey snaps at him telling him to keep his mouth shut about the bonds.

Back in Gwen's dorm room, Adam lets Gwen know that when they kissed it was more than being caught up in the moment for him. She starts to leave, but he asks her to listen. He's tried to stop his feelings but has failed. He says he believes they can both come out happier together, and then he kisses her softly! She pushes him away. She says she loves Will. He is surprised and asks, "Even after everything he did to you?" She says he's been gone a long time and Adam doesn't know Will the way that she does. He replies that maybe she doesn't know Will as well as she thinks she does. She explains how he made a home for the both of them, and how he loved her baby as if it was his own. "I, I, can't stop loving him. I don't know how to," she confesses. He suggests they rewind and erase the last few minutes so he won't feel like a jerk. She doesn't think that he is a jerk. He promises her he won't cross that line again without an invitation first. Soon after, he invites her to go with him to his mom's ceremony. He says she's all over the robbery case, and they need to discuss strategy with her so she doesn't point fingers at Will. While she changes, he says he'll wait outside.

Once outside, he runs into Jade. "Jade, what are you doing here?" "You know what the upside is to being a liar and a cheat?" she asks. "You know one when you see one," she says, answering her own question. He asks what she's talking about and she brings up Gwen, but he says nothing happened. She says nothing may be happening now, but something always happens with him. She believes he was just passing time with her until things got interesting with Gwen. He says Gwen's just a client and a friend. "You're a liar," she retorts. "What's really bothering you?" he asks. "Four unreturned phone calls getting invited to your step-dad's party," she starts to say. "I told you that was just family," he interrupts. "And Gwen's family right? She was there right?" she asks. "Yeah, she was there," he shrugs. She asks if Gwen really believes Will stole his own money and he says Will's a complicated guy. He goes on to say she's beautiful, sexy, and can have any guy she wants, but she can't have him. He says he doesn't know what's going to happen to Gwen, but what he does know is her marriage is pretty much over, but she's not ready to admit it yet. She laughs saying she thought the same thing once. He says he really likes her, but he points out that Will could really use a friend right now. "Why don't you stop wasting your time with me and go put it to good use," he advises. She says that's good advice and she just may put it to use.

Adam goes back in to see if Gwen's ready. "Who were you talking to out there?" she queries. "Oh, some kid. Nobody important," he replies. They leave for the ceremony.

Casey drops in to see Will. He says he knows he didn't take the bonds. "Why not?" Will asks. "I'm sorry," he replies. "Which doesn't really answer my question." Casey says, "I just know that you didn't take them." Will asks inquisitively, "Well, what do you know that Gwen and Adam don't?" Casey says, "Nothing. I just came to say that I'm sorry. I'm so damn sorry," he answers, and then walks away leaving Will confused.

Maddie arrives at the dorm to confront Elwood about the bonds. She says a guy at Java told her everything. He looks confused so she explains that she knows he cashed the bonds he just stole. He tries to explain, but she cuts him off and continues to shout at him. She asks how he knew about the bonds. He says he didn't at first, and he tells her she has it all wrong. "No, no, you have it all wrong. You are the one that broke into Crash, and you stole those bonds and cashed them in. I have witnesses Elwood. Its game over!" she corrects, pointing her finger at his chest and backing him up against the wall. She goes on to say if she didn't have to be at Casey's mother's ceremony, she'd call Casey right now and tell him.

After she storms out, Elwood calls his mom. He says she was right about Casey. He goes on to say he needs help, but doesn't know what to do.

Henry arrives at the station and bumps into Katie. He says hello, but she says she's in a hurry. She explains that she's on her way to Margo's ceremony. He says that's why he's there too, because he wanted to congratulate her. She's not convinced. He admits he thought this position would put Margo in a good mood so she could give him a job. "You wanna be a cop?" she asks. He replies that the limo business is kinda slow, so he thought they might need a driver for special assignments. She reminds him that you need to carry a gun for that, and since he's not too keen on guns she says she's sure he can find a job somewhere else. On the other hand, she says she could give him a loan. He refuses saying that's out of the question. "Well, at least let me be good at something," she says. "What kind of negativity is that?" he asks. She explains what happened with JJ and admits he was right. "Oh come on, what does an 11-year-old kid know?" he asks. "That I ruined his life," she answers. She goes on to say she keeps making mistakes and dragging other people in to it. "I'm so sick of it," she adds. As he comforts her with a hug, Vienna arrives. Katie tells Henry goodbye, and then leaves without speaking to Vienna.

After Katie leaves, Vienna reports that Jack kicked her out so she's there to try to convince him to let her come back. She models her sexy dress. "How do I look?" she asks. Distracted by her beauty, he stumbles over his words. She accepts his compliment and says to wish her luck. Before she goes, he notifies her that Jack isn't there right now. She asks where he is. "He's probably off celebrating the swearing in of the new Chief of Detective - Margo - Katie's sister," he answers. "Oh, Well, that explains it!" she says. "Explains what?" he asks. "Why that little blonde Ms. Kitty Cat keeps getting away with murder! I'm sure it's good to have a sister who's a cop."

Casey arrives at the ceremony and asks Margo what time it will start. He appears to be in a rush. Margo asks him what's wrong, but he says its nothing. Tom steps away to call Adam, and while he's gone Margo tells Casey she spoke with Gwen earlier. She goes on to tell him that Barbara gave her more money to finish the project. He says that's great! She says Gwen also told her she wanted her to drop the investigation just as he did. When he asks why, she says Gwen said it was because she couldn't concentrate. He agrees that maybe she should lay off it for a while, but she says a crime has been committed, and the only way to move on is to find out who committed that crime. He nods his head and asks,"I'm getting a vibe here, Case. What's going on?" Before Casey can answer, Tom comes back with the mayor. Margo introduces Casey, and Tom adds that their other son is on his way. Margo asks Tom if he called Adam, and Tom says he did, but he left a message because he didn't answer.

Later, Jack arrives. He hands Margo Hal's badge. She smiles and thanks him. At the last minute, Adam and Gwen arrive. Margo asks Gwen if Will's coming, but she says she doesn't thing so. She seems surprised, but doesn't ask any more questions. Tom approaches telling Margo it's time to start.

Jade arrives at Will and Gwen's place. "What are you doing here?" Will asks, opening the door. "You look terrible," she says. "Thank you. What do you want?" Will questions. She goes inside and says," "I know who set you up. It's Adam. Your own brother is trying to set you up. You still want me to leave?" she cuts him short when he is about to speak.

Next on As the World Turns:

Gwen leaves the ceremony telling Adam she needs to apologize to her husband.

"Where is your wife? She's at the dorms with your brother just like he planned it," Jade informs Will.

"I have a warrant for the arrest of your son," Jack notifies Margo.