At the Snyder's, Lily comes into the living room and catches Faith putting something in her school bag. She orders Faith to show her what she put in the bag. When Faith refuses to show her, Lily takes the bag from her and checks for herself. After opening the bag, she discovers a box of Laxatives! Faith claims she didn't take anything, but Lily is having a hard time believing her. She asks her how long she's been throwing up her food and taking Laxatives. She continues to deny doing those things, but Lily reminds her that both her sister and brother caught her. She goes on to explain that what she's doing is called purging, and it's very dangerous. When she asks Faith to talk to her, Faith says she's fat because she eats too much, but she says she can stop herself, and she points out that she has to take her pills in order to stop. She says she doesn't know what she thinks she's seen, but she has the wrong impression. Faith goes over to her purse and grabs the pills! Lily tells her to stay out of her purse and takes the pills from her. Avoiding her own problem, she continues to tell Faith what she's doing is dangerous.

As they continue to argue, Lucinda arrives asking what's going on. She says she could hear them outside. "Mom's trying to make me fat, just like she is. But I don't want to ever be like her. I won't let her do it!" Faith answers. Lily orders Faith to apologize for yelling at her grandmother, and for talking back to her. She refuses to apologize, so Lily sends her to her room. "I hate you," she says as she storms off to her room.

Lily explains to Lucinda what's going on, and shows her the Laxative. Lucinda offers to talk to Faith, but Lily says she'll handle it herself. Lucinda says she doesn't want to upset her, but she believes Faith got the idea that she's' overweight from her. She says she's never said anything to Faith about her weight, but Lucinda says she's not talking about Faith's weight. She's talking about hers. She points out how she's been obsessing about her own weight, and she thinks it's giving Faith the wrong impression. She admits she's right and says it's her fault. Lucinda says it's not her fault, and it's a good thing they caught it early so they can tackle it before it's too late. She offers Lily her support, but Lily says she needs to handle this on her own. She agrees to let her handle it, but before she leaves, she tells her if she needs her, she knows what a mother's supposed to do.

After Lucinda leaves, Lily puts the pills back in her purse and dials the phone. Afterwards, Faith comes back into the living room and asks if her dad's home. She says no, and she just tried calling but he didn't answer. She asks if she's going to tell him. She says he needs to know, and goes on to say she needs to talk about this problem, and since she won't talk to her, she's made an appointment for her to see a counselor. "So, you're sending me to a shrink," Faith inquires.

At Crash, Tom and Margo deliver good news to Casey. They inform him that today Margo's going to be promoted to Chief of Detective. He congratulates her. She announces that after the ceremony she's going to crack down on finding out who stole the bonds. Casey reminds her that today's her big day and he wants her to enjoy it instead of worrying about who stole the bonds. He goes on to compliment them saying they're amazing parents and he wishes he were more like his dad. Tom comments that he's made him proud. Casey excuses himself saying he's going to find Adam and tell him the good news.

Over drinks at Lakeview, Maddie tells Henry she suspects that Jade stole the bonds. He suggests she start by investigating one of the check cashing places, and he names the one on Gardener and Overland. She starts to get up and leave to head for that place, but he stops her. She says she's just going over to ask a few questions, but he forbids it saying those places aren't safe, and the guys that work there are a little shady. She laughs. He advises her to get Will and Gwen a nice card or something else instead. She reminds him that when everyone thought she was crazy he wasn't the only one who stood by her, but Will and Gwen also stood by her until the end. He asks her if she thinks she owes them. She says whoever stole those bonds stole Gwen's dream of becoming a singer, and they also stole something from Casey too, because he's been trying so hard to make this happen for Gwen. "If I didn't try to make it right, then what kind of friend would I be?" she adds. "You are too good for this world, Maddie," he replies. "I know," she says with a goodbye kiss on the cheek.

At the dorms, Adam dreams about kissing Gwen then wakes up with a smile on his face. He looks toward Gwen's bed, but he finds her bed empty.

Gwen arrives at the house to tell Will she's sorry, but she finds him gone. She sits down to write a letter, but seems to be having trouble finding the right words.

Meanwhile, back at the dorms, Will knocks on the door asking Gwen to open up. He's shocked when a shirtless Adam greets him at the door instead! He asks what he's doing there then demands to see Gwen. Adam says she doesn't want to see him. He pushes the door open and begins using Adam like a punching bag! As Will continues punching Adam, Casey and a couple other guys come in and pull Will off Adam.

Later, Casey asks Adam what's going on. He says Will thinks he stole the bonds, but Casey says he knows he didn't do it because he's the one who took them, but then it dawns on him that when Adam told him he would take care of it he set Will up. He admits to planting the bond, but he says it's not important. Casey disagrees saying it is important because Will's his brother! He goes on to say he thinks he did it to get closer to Gwen. Adam calls him an idiot and says he did it to save him - to cover his tracks. He says he knows he messed up. "No, you did more than mess up, okay. You broke the law, and I had to come up with something to make sure they wouldn't figure out it was you." "And the only way to do that was to set Will up?" He says he was a logical suspect. "Then what if he goes to jail?" Casey inquires. He says they're not going to prosecute him for stealing from himself. He goes on to say everyone knows Will does things out of desperation. "And you figured it out." He says he had to come up with something that makes sense, and he says it makes sense for Will to do this to keep Gwen, because she's the only thing good in his life, and he doesn't want to lose her to her career. "Wow! That makes him look really pathetic." He says no one will press charges, because they'll feel sorry for him, and nobody gets hurt. "Expect for Will and Gwen, and their marriage," Casey points out. "Well, that's a chance I'll have to take." Casey says he can't let him do that. He's the one who did it, and he can't let Will take the blame. He says he's going to tell Mom and Dad it was him that stole the bonds. Adam grabs him by the collar and places him against the wall telling him he's going to keep his mouth shut! He jerks away and says he's not going to do this to Will! Adam says it's not just about Will. Casey says he knows Mom will be upset, but Adam cuts him off saying it's her first day on the job as Chief of Detective and this is what he's going to do to her. Casey asks how he knew about her promotion. He says he called the station to say hi and one of the cops told him. "And what about your Dad, Casey. The man just had a heart attack. You tell him this and it'll kill him," he adds. "Don't say that!" Casey retorts. "I will say it, because you need to hear it!" He says he can make this right. He goes on to say he'll let them know he started gambling for fun, but it got out of control and he stole the money. "Will you shut up? You sound like a liar, a thief and an addict!" Adam shouts. He says he's sorry, but Adam says he doesn't get to be sorry, because there's things he's done for him that he wouldn't even do for himself. He goes on to say he had to choose between his two baby brothers and he chose him, but he says he should have walked away. "Well then why didn't you alright, because I certainly didn't ask for any of" "No, but you certainly accepted it when I covered for you," he reminds, cutting him short. "What do you want me to say?" he asks, throwing his arms in the arm. "Nothing. I want you to say nothing." "You're right you know. I am all those things that you said, and I can't apologize enough for any of it. Sorry Adam, you chose the wrong brother."

Maddie visits Java to ask a man if he's cashed any bonds recently. She goes on to explain how she believes Jade has taken them, but she refers to Jade as her friend. He asks what her friend looks like. As she begins to describe her, Jade arrives! The man says if that's her friend, he's never seen her before.

After he walks away, Maddie lets Jade know she's not going to stop until she proves she stole the bonds. Jade continues to say she had nothing to do with it and says she can prove it. "Suddenly, now you have an alibi. Why didn't you say anything before?" Maddie questions. She says it's hard when cops drag you in off the street, and then there's a whole room of people waiting for you to screw up. "Oh but you would know about that wouldn't you," she adds, placing her hand on Maddie's shoulder and gently shoving her. She says she doesn't feel sorry for her, and then asks where she was. She says she was at the gym, and there were a whole bunch of people who saw her including the guy at the front desk. "Maybe you paid him off to cover for you." "Maybe you could ask to see the security tapes. That would prove that I was there." Please, tapes can be doctored." Wow, you really want this to be true don't you?" she laughs. "It must have really burned you the way Casey jumped to my defense," she continues. "Too bad Adam didn't," she snaps back. She says she doesn't care if Margo, Will or Adam ask her questions about that night, but she says she has a huge problem with her going around and asking people if they've seen her or cashed bonds for her. "What do you want me to do Jade?" "I want you to stop, and I want you to apologize!" "What to you?" "That's right." "In your dreams," she snorts.

Margo arrives at Will and Gwen's. She reports the good news to Gwen. She says that's incredible news and hugs her. Margo confesses that she doesn't think she can do half the job Hal did, but she thinks Will will be proud of her. When she asks where he is so she can deliver the good news herself, Gwen announces that he's not there right now.

Later, she senses something's wrong with Gwen and asks her if everything's alright. She says she just has a lot on her mind with the demo, Will, and going back to school. She asks if she's sure that's all it is, and reminds her that she's a mom and a cop, and she's "shamelessly" honest so, there's not much people can put past her. "It's a gift, and a curse," she adds. Gwen gives in admitting that when she said there was something she needed to tell Will, she thought it was going to be about the robbery at Crash. She comforts her saying she's sorry, and she knows how much it meant to her. She goes on to say they'll find who did this. She says that's just it, she doesn't think that it really matters. Margo expresses that she knows there's not been a lot of leads lately, but she says she's not giving up and advises her not to give up either. She replies that she's not giving up, she just thinks that maybe there's many other cases that are probably more important. "Huh, that's funny. That's just what Casey said. I'm going to tell you what I told him this is at the top of my list." Gwen leaves her shocked when she replies that it shouldn't be, and she thinks she should just forget about it. "So you want me to forget that someone stole $10,000 from you," Margo replies. She notifies her that Barbara wrote her another check, and she'd just like to put things behind them so they can move it. She goes on to say that sometimes she thinks you just need to put things behind you to make everyone happy. Margo says she can't' guarantee anything, but she says she'll think about what she said. "Thank you. I'll tell Will you stopped by," Gwen says.

As soon as Margo leaves, Gwen grabs her coat and heads out the door.

Back at the dorms, Casey informs Adam that he's not going to tell Mom and Dad he helped him out. Adam says no one will believe he framed Will, because he's not capable. About that time, Gwen walks in and overhears the conversation!

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