While having a drink at the bar, Emily flashes back to her love making session with Steve, and then looks down at the hundred dollar bills she's holding in her hand. Dusty approaches and asks why she didn't show up for the meeting. She says it slipped her mind. He says he knows things have been hard for her, and he offers to help her start over. Instead of listening to what he has to say, she storms off. He catches up with her and tells her the pity thing is getting old. He says he thought she wanted to run the paper. She says she did, but she's failed so many times. He encourages her by telling her he knows she can do it. Her phone rings. It's Steve saying he's still thinking about earlier, and then he asks if she found the money he left. She confirms. He says he has a friend that would like to meet her and asks if he can give him her number. She says he can and then hangs up. She tells Dusty she has to go. "Now it all makes sense. You have another job don't you," he replies. She says it's not another job, but he asks what it is she's not telling him. "Nothing," she says. He asks her to prove it by attending a meeting regarding the Intruder tomorrow. She promises to be at the meeting. After he leaves, she gets a phone call from Steve's friend.

Luke confronts Faith about throwing up, but she denies it. When he says he knows she's lying to him, she confesses that she did get sick. She says that maybe she ate too fast. He asks why she didn't tell him. She says she was afraid Mom would find out and go crazy. Then she asks him not to tell anyone. "What is there to say? There's nothing to say, right?" he replies.

At Java, Lily chats with some business associates. After they leave, Lucinda joins her. She explains that the meeting was about starting a new product line for children, but Lucinda doesn't seem to be thrilled with the idea and states her opinion. Lily snaps at her, but Lucinda informs her that snapping at her is becoming a habit. Lily's phone rings interrupting their disagreement. It's Luke saying he needs to talk to her right away! After she hangs up, she tells Lucinda she has to go. She says Luke needs her. She asks if something's happened. She says she's sure it's nothing she can't handle, and says she'll call her later.

At the cabin, Paul's vision continues. He watches the bracelet fall to the floor then sees Meg's face. After his vision, he recalls her telling him he doesn't need to come to her rescue anymore because they're no longer engaged.

Craig and Meg continue to make out on the couch, but when he sits up, Meg asks him what's wrong and tries to persuade him to continue. He backs off from her because she's too tipsy. She asks him to keep the diary deal between them and she'll give him what he wants. He says he wants her, but not this way.

Later, he hands her a cup of coffee to clear her head. She asks what just happened. He says he thought they should take a step back. "Did you change your mind about covering for me?" "Why would you think that?" "Because that is so you Craig. You're toying with me aren't you? Uh, uh, you, you have me thinking one thing, and then you turn around and tell Bob it was my fault the patient died, and, and that I didn't write down the allergies, and" "Meg, calm down," he interrupts. "That is the last thing in the world I'd do," he adds. She reminds him that he loves turning the tables on people to keep them guessing, because she says that's his idea of fun. He says he's not having fun. She grabs her purse and says she's calling Bob and telling him everything. He takes the phone from her and says she's in no condition to talk to Bob. He suggests she rest for a while. As she lies down on the couch, he covers her up and turns out the lights.

Soon after she lies down, her phone rings. Quickly, Craig flips open her phone and puts it to his ear. "Meg, I'm glad you picked up. Look, I know I said I was going to back off, but I saw something and I really need to talk to you about it," Paul says, sounding panicked. "Well, she's resting right now, Paul," Craig replies. "Craig?" he asks, shocked. "Yes, but I'll be happy to tell her you called," he confirms. Paul slams the phone shut, grabs his coat and heads out the door!

Lily arrives home and Luke reports that Faith may be in trouble. He explains what happened, and says it's not the first time it's happened. He goes on to say Natalie also heard her throwing up, and Faith asked her not to tell anyone. "Faith has a real problem," he says. "Thanks a lot! My only problem is you!" Faith retorts, entering the living room. Lily questions Faith, but she says Luke is lying. She expresses that her brother cares for her, and then asks Luke to give them a few minutes alone. After Luke leaves, Lily asks if she's worried about her weight, and then says she shouldn't be. "Do you think I'm fat?" she asks. Lily tells her no, she's perfect the way she is. She says she was sick. Lily asks why she didn't tell her. She says she didn't want her to baby her. She believes her and offers her some Ginger ale, but Faith refuses.

Lily's phone rings. While Lily's on the phone, Faith meets Luke outside to tell him what he done was mean. He says he thought if she was sick Mom needed to know. He goes on to say he wishes she could see how much he cares about her. "That's why you rated me out?" she questions. "I was scared for you, and that's why I said something to Mom." "You know, if you really care about me, and you wanna help, then you'll stop talking about me behind my back, and stay out of my life!" she retorts, storming off into the house.

Paul arrives to rescue Meg, but when he tries to take her away, she pulls away from him. "What are you doing? I'm not going anywhere with you, Paul!" She asks how he knew she was there. He says he called and Craig said she was there. She asks what he wants. He says he wants to keep her safe. She asks if he had another vision. He says he visualized her bracelet falling off. He goes on to say he had the same feeling as he did when he saw the blood on the floor at the hospital. She admits she was in danger tonight. "Because of Craig?" he solicits. "Because of me. I had too much to drink, and I think I would have done something I would have regretted," she continues. "What kind of something?" "I didn't do it so it doesn't matter." "Why didn't you?" "Actually, I have Craig to thank for that." "Did someone say my name?" Craig asks as he enters the room.

A little while later, Paul asks if she's okay with what just happened - Craig, the drinking and passing out. She shouts that she doesn't have to explain herself to him, but he says she does. He reminds her that there was a time when she'd rather have jumped out a window then be alone with Craig. "You know, I think the lady doesn't wish to continue this conversation," Craig butts in. "Unless I'm mistaken and you invited him here," he continues. "No," she says softly. "Do you want him to stay," Craig asks. "No," she answers. "I think that's clear. Don't you?" he says to Paul. "That's what you want?" Paul asks Meg, fighting back his emotions. "Yeah, it is," she confirms. "You can not mean that." "This is where I wanna be, Paul, whether you like it or not. So you need to stop crashing into my life with these storm warnings okay. It's not your job to protect" "Protect you. I know. You keep saying that" he cuts her short. "It just doesn't seem to be getting through okay. You, you, just need to stop okay. I, I mean that," she stammers. "Okay, it won't happen again." "It can't happen again, even if you get one of those visions." "I won't make it your problem." "Thank you." "Please be careful," he cautions. "Didn't we just agree to no more warnings," she reminds. He sighs then turns to Craig and says, "I have a warning for you if you ever hurt her, I will make you suffer."

After Paul leaves, she apologizes to Craig for Paul's intrusion. "Well, I guess Paul still thinks he's your body guard." He offers her a pill saying it's a "hangover prevention." She says she's a little past the prevention stage, and then says she has other things to worry about like her job and losing her nursing license. He advises her that if she leaves things the way they are no one is going to question her version of things or the diary entry. "Her death will be ruled a suicide," he adds. She says she's not sure if she can live with herself if she lets that happen. "Throwing your life away is not going to get her life back," he comments. "Uh, I don't think that should be my decision," she snaps. He rubs her back and suggests she let it be for a while. Let things cool down. He goes on to say she has a gift for healing. "Just as simple as that, huh," she replies. He confirms, and says that once she gets some rest she'll see. He offers to drive her home where she can get some sleep in her own bed. She says he helped her out so she owes him. "You must want something in return?" she continues. "Meg, this wasnt a set-up." "So, you didn't want to sleep with me?" "I wanted to give you something that you could really cherish." "And what was that?" she inquires. "Freedom... with no strings attached," he answers. "Thank you," she says.

Emily meets with Steve's friend at his hotel room. He says his name is John and invites her in. Nervously, she looks around the room. He compliments her beauty then asks for her name. "Does it matter," she replies. Without questioning her response, he hands her a drink then turns out the lights to set the mood. As he starts to get intimate, she stops him. He asks if something's wrong. She walks toward the door to turn the lights back on. "I like the lights on," she replies. As he begins undressing her, she stops him saying she likes her money upfront. He goes to get the money from his wallet. "My fee's a thousand," she notifies.

Next on As the World Turns

Faith tells Lucinda her mom's trying to make her fat like she is, and she doesn't want to be like her. "I won't let her do it," she finishes.

Maddie confronts Jade telling her she stole the bonds, but Jade says she didn't do it, and she has proof that she didn't.

Will demands Adam tell him where Gwen is, but when Adam doesn't give him the answer he's seeking, he punches Adam!