At Lily and Holden's, Lily insists Faith eat. She says she's already had salad, so Lily offers her a glass of milk. I don't want milk! I want you to leave me alone!" Faith retorts. She tells Faith they need to talk, but the phone interrupts them. As Lily takes the phone call to the other room, Faith eyes the dinner her mother fixed her.

Later, Lily returns and notices that Faith ate the dinner she made for her. Luke comes in and imitates his father to try to bring humor, but it doesn't work.

At Lakeview, Kim joins Katie. She reveals the news about the letter and Jack announcing that he doesn't want her around his kids. She says her entire world is falling apart. Kim offers to help her put it back together by proposing that she be the profile for the television show (Oakdale Now) she's working on. She can't believe she's asking her. Kim says she thinks if she went back to work she'd get her energy back, but she says she doesn't see that happening any time soon. She pleads for her to take her up on her offer. She goes on to say she's talented and the show is made for her. Besides, she says she's already pitched her name to the board. She's even more surprised! Kim hands her a list of things she can begin tackling, and asks her to think about it. She says she can't begin to tell her how much it means to her that she still believes in her. She's says they'll start with that, and then they'll end up with her believing in herself. After Kim leaves, Katie begins to cry.

At the Snyder farm, Brad informs Jack that he's been out looking for a job. Vienna comes downstairs with her bags. She asks Brad to take them to the car while she says goodbye to Jack. She says she's not angry, because she understands why he has asked her to leave, however, she advises him not to push the people that care about him away. Before leaving, she gives him a peck on the cheek.

Later, Jack questions JJ about where Parker is, but he says he's not going to be a rat like his brother. Jack says he's not asking him to rat Parker out, he's just asking him to help him find him. JJ explains that he snuck out the window and went toward the road. He asks if he said anything, but JJ says he didn't.

A little while later, after getting off the phone, he tells JJ none of his friends know where he is, and then he asks JJ if this is the first time Parker's done this. "I think so," JJ answers. "Where does he go when he skips school?" Jack continues to question. He doesn't answer, but Jack informs him that he knows Parker skips school because the school contacted him. He confesses that he sneaks out the side door, but he assures his dad that Parker's really smart and nothings going to happen. He offers to wait up for Parker, but Jack hugs him and says that's okay to get some sleep. Before going upstairs, he tells Jack Parker's snuck out before, but he says he always comes back.

At the cabin, Paul asks Parker why he's there. He says he thought they could talk, and expresses that he use to be just like him. He tells Paul he use to see things once too, and he tells him how he saved Jack. Paul says he believes if he could have done anything to help his mom or dad he would have, and at his age, he shouldn't be blaming hisself. He goes on to say tonight he has a feeling that something really bad is happening and he wants to do something about it, but he can't. Because he can't, he says it's driving him crazy. He asks Paul what started his visions so maybe he could do that again. Paul says it was a car crash, but he recommends he not do that. "I can't even drive," Parker jokes. He laughs, and then tells him he shouldn't push the people who care about him away. He goes on to say he knows his life is difficult right now, but he says it would be a whole lot more difficult without Jack in it. He says Jack's not his dad, but Paul reminds him that he's the only dad he has right now, and he says neither of them need to be a visionary to know he's up right now waiting for him to come home. "You're telling me to go home," Parker says. "Yeap, and don't come back. You need Jack a whole lot more than you need somebody like me," he confirms.

At the hospital, Meg is upset with Craig, because she thinks he wrote the diary. He whispers that he done it so she wouldn't lose her license or go to prison, and then he asks her to go with him so they can talk privately.

Later, Meg at Craig chat at his hotel room. She says he saved her life and now her reputation, but she informs him that she knows he's not doing it to help her. "You're doing this so you can have me," she explains. He says he's just trying to keep her from losing her job, nothing more. He goes on to say there are few people in the world he admires and she's one of them. She says she doesn't know what to say. "So, let me help you. What would be the harm?" he replies. "The harm That I might end up being like you," she answers. She apologizes for hurting his feelings, but he says she's not the only one. He says he understands she has a better conscious than he does, and he doesn't want to change her. He goes on to say Paul is a moron. She says she doesn't want to talk about him. He says he's sorry, but he says when he looks at her, there's nothing he wouldn't do for her. He goes on to say he wants her to like him, because if he can get her to like him he won't be who everyone says he is.

Outside Lakeview, Vienna asks Brad to promise her he'll be nice to his brother. he says the way he sees it is he gives his brother back up. She says the two of them are very different. He says the difference is he always gives up on happiness, but he goes after what he wants. He hints to join her in her hotel room, so she asks him to join her. "I thought you'd never ask."

Later on, Vienna visits Katie in the Lakeview dining room, but Katie says she was just leaving. However, instead of leaving, the two of them chat and have a drink at the table. Katie asks what's she's done there instead of back at the farm "leeching" off Emma and throwing herself at Jack. She says she thought Jack could use some time alone with his kids. "Oh really," Katie replies. "Yeah, that right. There without a mother now. Oh right, because of you," she comments. Katie says she's there because she has no place to go. Vienna brings up Mike. She updates her saying Mike left her. Vienna's shocked. Katie tells her it looks as if they're in the same boat. She says she's sorry, and expresses that she wouldn't have said anything about Mike if she'd known. Katie tells her the last thing she needs from her right now is sympathy. She goes on to say she had a great guy and threw him away, but she doesn't really know what for. "For Simon," Vienna reminds. She adds that he can make women do whatever he wants them to do. Katie stands up from the table and asks the waiter for her receipt. Vienna says she's going to work hard so she doesn't make the same mistakes. "Well, I'm going to work really hard to make sure we don't have anything in common," Katie snaps back. Katie continues to point out that she's checking into a hotel with a guy who has mistake written all over him.

After Katie pays the bill, Brad comes to Vienna's side and asks Katie if she'd like to join them upstairs for a drink. "No. I may be alone, but it's much better than this," she replies. Vienna takes her room key from Brad and says she's tired, so she thinks she's going to turn in. "What?" Brad asks with confusion. "You just got shot down that's what," Katie says to him. Vienna explains that she just needs some time alone, and then she tells Katie goodnight and that she's really sorry. "What did you say to her?" Brad asks Katie. "The truth," she shrugs. "You know, when we first came in here I thought why is that beautiful woman sitting all by herself now I know," he says as he walks away shaking his head.

Back at Lily and Holden's house, Natalie admits to Luke that she hates Lily, and he asks her why. She says because she's the queen of everything. When he defends her, she reminds him that when she found out he was gay she wanted to send him away then points out she wasn't on his side. He admits they did fight, but later she changed. He changes the subject and asks her if something happened to Faith - something he doesn't know about. He says she can tell him. She says it's something she doesn't want anyone to know. "Yeah," he listens. "She threw up and got really mad when I said I was going to get Mom."

Soon after, Faith comes back and Luke says he doesn't like it when they argue. Lily comes down and tells Faith she wouldn't go if she doesn't want her to. She says it's okay. Lily suggests they go to Java together tomorrow. "Just go Mom," Faith says.

After Lily leaves, Faith says she's going to do her homework, but he stops her. Gently he notifies her that he knows what she's doing.

Parker comes back home to find Jack waiting for him. He tells Parker that he knows he's been skipping school and it's not the first time he's snuck out. "You should be a detective," Parker replies. "Oh, I don't think that's the way you really wanna play this," Jack says. "I don't have to play anything. You're not my father, and I don't have to explain anything to you." "Well talk about this more in the morning," Jack says.

Back at the cabin, Paul cuts himself again and his visions return! He sees a woman's bracelet fall off her arm into the floor!

Back at Craig's room, Meg tells him that she thinks what he just said is so sad. He takes her hand (we see the bracelet on her wrist that Paul just seen in his vision), and says he never wants to make her sad. "So, you really think I shouldn't say anything at the hospital?" she inquires. "I think it should be our little secret," he answers. "I think so too," she smiles. "Good," he says as he softly kisses her hand. "I never thought I'd have a secret with you," she laughs. "Well, what are friends for," he grins. "You saved my life, and you're saving it again, and I really misjudged you," she confesses. "I certainly hope so." He continues, "Meg?" "Yeah." "You're kind of too beautiful and too close for me to remain a gentleman." "So, what if you weren't a gentleman, what would you do?" He leans in and kisses her gently. Then, within seconds, his gentle kiss turns to passion, and they begin making out on the couch. As she lies back on the couch, her bracelet slips off her wrist into the floor. Just like in Paul's vision!

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