Katie drops by the Snyder farm to show Jack the letter from Simon. He asks why she's so upset. She says she doesn't care what happens anymore, she just wants Mike back. When he says he thought she already got him back, she explains what happened with the letter. He hugs her while Parker watches from behind.

Later, Parker says he saw what they were doing, but Katie and Jack explain that nothing was going on. Jack asks him to go upstairs and get ready for bed. Before he goes, Katie tells him she sorry about what happened to his mom, and she knows it's hard on him. "You're a liar," he retorts. Jack orders Parker to apologize, but he doesn't. He tells Katie the kids at school saw her book, and they all knew it was about his mom. He goes on to say her book is the reason his mom is gone. Jack makes it clear that that's not the reason his mom got into trouble, and he demands he apologize to Katie again for being rude, but again Parker refuses and storms out of the room.

Jack's not happy about Parker's display, but Katie expresses that he's right to hate her. He hesitates when he asks her to stay away from the kids, but she says she totally understands, and then asks if she has to stay away from him too. He says he knows it wasn't her fault Carly left. She says she's through blaming Simon and Carly for her marriage falling apart, and admits it's her fault because she slept with Simon. She says if it hadn't been the letter it would have been something else, because the truth is it wasn't Simon Mike couldn't forgive, it was her. He says he needs to check on Parker. Before she leaves, she says she really is sorry, but Parker may never believe that. "I do," he says. She hugs him and says, "Don't stay mad at me forever."

At the hospital, Craig tries to Comfort Meg. He says she's lost patients before so why is this one haunting her. She says she doesn't owe him an explanation. He asks her to dinner, but Paul interrupts. She informs Paul that Craig was just leaving. He takes the hint, but says he'll be back.

Paul reports that he has checked hisself in, and they've been running tests on him. He goes on to say his visions are gone for now, and he wants to help her. When he offers her his hand, she says, "No, don't touch me!" He says she asked him to help her, but she says he misunderstood. He says if his visions will help her get to the truth but she cuts him short saying he can't keep coming to her rescue. "We're not engaged. We're not anything anymore," she reminds. He says he just wants to help her. "Why so you can use your so called powers to get close to me." Craig comes back and Paul leaves. Craig says he wants to know what Paul asked her so he can make it all better.

Later, Bob approaches Meg. She asks if he found out why her patient died. He says he did, and he thought she'd want to be the first to know. Craig leaves them alone. Bob says the autopsy revealed she died from analeptic shock caused by an allergic reaction to a medication she was given. Meg continues to blame herself. "You're taking this too hard," Bob says. She says it's her fault, because she's the one who filled out the admission forms, and if she left out an allergy, then He interrupts saying it's not her fault. He goes on to say the patient died from a reaction to a medication, but he says it was the patient's own doing not hers. She says she doesn't understand. He reports to her that the police went through her diary and read where she intended to commit suicide. He says her plan was to lie about her allergies. He goes on to say he's sorry if this upsets her in any way. She thanks him for letting her know.

As soon as Bob leaves, Craig appears again. She says she thought he left. He says he thought he'd hang around in case she got fired so he could give her a ride home. She laughs and says she's not getting fired. He says he can tell by the smile, and then asks if her troubles are over. "They seem to be according to Bob," she replies. "Bob and the diary," he smirks. She asks him if he was listening in on their conversation, and she informs him that it was confidential. "I didn't hear a word," he says. "So if you weren't listening then how did you know about the diary?" she questions. "I couldn't hear anything. I was in the cafeteria getting your coffee. Hot enough for ya?" he responds.

At the dorm, Gwen asks Adam to leave. She says she doesn't want to talk about the bond, Will or anything else. She says Will wouldn't do something like that. He asks why she left. She says she wanted to think alone. She says he's not going to be the big-time producer that's going to make her a star so get over it. He says he didn't come there for that, he came because he cares about Will too. She says Will's fine and he's not a crazy person. He apologizes, and says he guesses Will's just holding on to his life with her and there's nothing crazy about that. She says she doesn't want to believe he would hurt her intentionally. He confesses that when he first came back and saw how in love they were he was blown away. He goes on to say she changed him. She says he saved her when she didn't have anything or anyone. She goes on to say he was there for her, and that's why none of this makes sense. "There's gotta be another explanation," she adds. "Like what?" he asks. "I wish I knew," she replies. He comforts her tells her to try to let it go - relax.

At that moment, Barbara comes in. She stops dead in her tracks; shocked by what she's witnessing. "Barbara, what are you doing here?" Gwen asks. I've been all over town looking for you and Will. Where's Will?" Gwen says she thought he was at the house, but Barbara says she went by there first and he wasn't there. "Adam, why aren't you out looking for your brother? Instead of here, with his wife?" she adds. "We don't know where my brother is," Adam answers. Barbara asks Gwen if she and Will had a fight. "Yeah," she confesses. "About what? Him?" Barbara stresses, referring to Adam with her eyes. Gwen clarifies by telling her about the bonds. She asks Gwen if she accused Will of taking them. She tries to answer, but Barbara cuts her off and asks if she called the police. When Gwen doesn't answer, Barbara pulls her checkbook out and writes Gwen a check. She doesn't want to accept it, but she says she knows how good she is for her son, and she wants them to be together. Gwen takes the check. Adam thanks her for helping them.

Iris informs Will that he's crazy because she didn't take anything. "You wanna find out how crazy I am. Keep lying to me," he says, gritting his teeth. She jerks away from him and asks if Gwen knows he's pushing her mom around like this. He says she has no idea he's there. "Did she leave you?" she smiles. He explains what happened with the bonds, but she assures him she didn't do it. She claims she was at an AA meeting last night. When he asks her to prove it, she grabs her phone and begins dialing.

Later, a woman by the name of Betsy shows up. Iris pleads for her to tell Will she was there with her. She looks to Will and confirms that she was at the meetings. She goes on to say if he doesn't believe her she'll put him in touch with other people who can vouch for Iris. He asks for the phone numbers, so she goes to fetch them for him.

Paul arrives at the cabin to find the door open. He hollers then grabs the poker by the fire. He orders whoever is inside to show themself. Parker steps out.

Back at the dorm, Iris storms in! When she notices Barbara, she informs her that Will accused her of setting him up. The two women argue, but Adam steps in and escorts Iris out. Gwen apologizes for her mom's behavior, but she says what her mom does is not her responsibility. Then she asks Gwen to promise her that she's going to save her marriage.

Outside the dorm, Adam tells Iris if she doesn't settle down she'll cause Gwen to become suspicious, and then she'll think they stole the bonds. She reminds him that she only done what he told her to do. Then she points out that she almost got caught doing it. "I did my part, and you did yours. Now, what do you want from me?" "I want my cut, and I want it now," she retorts. "You want me to cut off a corner and give it to you. I gotta cash it first, Iris." She tells him to hurry up. He says she'll get what she's after, but only if she plays it his way! He goes on to say she's going to have to lay low for a while, and then he tells her to learn to control herself and stay away from the booze. "It makes you stupid," he adds.

Back inside the dorm, Gwen believes that Barbara's using the money as a bribe, but Barbara clarifies that she's just trying to help. She says she doesn't need to pay her to stay with her son because she loves him. Barbara says he loves her and he's afraid of losing her. She goes on to ask Gwen to try to think why he might behave like that. She reminds Gwen that he lost his sister and then his father. She says she knows, and she wants to be there for him, but she can't be everything to him. Barbara informs her that no one expects her to, and when everything straightens up it will be fine. Gwen asks her why she's pushing them so hard, and why she can't just let them figure it out on their own. She says she's afraid there may not be enough time for that. She goes on to say fear can drive people to do desperate things. She says she's talking about what happened to Rose again, but Barbara says he didn't mean to hurt her anymore than he's meant to hurt her. "You really think he did it. You think he stole the money," Gwen says. "I think he needs time, and I think he needs a woman who can love him as much as you do. You've made all the difference to him. You've given him happiness, please don't take that away from him," she replies.

"Barbara, maybe you should go now," Adam says as comes back in, disrupting their chat. She hugs Gwen before going and thanks her for loving her son.

After she leaves, Gwen notifies Adam that even Barbara thinks Will stole the money. "Does it really matter?" he inquires. He asks her to fast forward a little bit. Then he asks what the first thing is she wants to do. "I want Will," she replies. He says she already had Will, but she corrects saying she wants him right now. "I made a mistake," she acknowledges. She goes on to say when she found the bond she got upset and didn't know how to take it. He says that's understandable. She says it's not, because she didn't really listen to him when she should of, but now everybody thinks that he did this. "And you don't? I mean be honest, Gwen," he retorts. She replies that Will loves her, he's her best friend and she wants to be with him.

Later, Barbara catches up with Will. She tells him she knows all about the bonds, and confesses to giving Gwen a replacement check, but he becomes angry. "Why Mom, why would you do something like that," he asks. "So she can finish the demo. Isn't that the idea," she replies. "Yeah, if that's the real reason you did it. Unless you replaced the money because you think I stole it," he retorts. "It doesn't really matter." "It matters Mom. Gwen took money from you without really asking me about it!" "Actually, Adam took the check from me," she corrects. "But she was there, right, and she was just okay with it?" She says she can be very persuasive, and points out that Gwen loves him very much. He asks where she's at. She says she's at the dorm and advises him to go beg forgiveness if he has too. She also adds that Adam's there, but asks him to trust her. He believes the three of them had a meeting to discuss how he's lost his mind again, but she tells him he's being unreasonable. "Well, do you want me to be reasonable right now? I'm sorry but I can't! I'm a lunatic! I'm all screwed up alright." "No, no, I never said that. That's not true!" Well, maybe you like the words that they use better poor, sad, pitiful Will. You know what if that's what you think Mom you can go to hell!" "Oh, you can stop this overreacting alright! I didn't say that! Gwen never said that! Maybe I misspoke, I don't know," she scolds, pointing her finger at him. Their interrupted by the phone

"Yeah," Will asks as he answers.
"Will, it's me. Are you okay?" Gwen replies.
"I'm great!" he shouts.
"Look, I need to see you. I want - can we work this out?"
"You wanna work this out! Now you wanna work this out!" Will shouts as he bangs the phone on the table, and then shoves it off into the floor!

She jumps at the sound.

"Gwen," Adam says softly. She stares at the phone in disbelief and shock. "Hey, hey. It's okay. I'm here. I'm not going anywhere, Adam says as he embraces her in his arms.

Tomorrow on As the World Turns

Brad asks Katie if she'd like to join him and Vienna for a drink. "I may be alone, but it's better than this," she replies, leaving Brad with a confused look.

Paul tells Parker he has a feeling that something really bad is happening and it's driving him crazy.

"You're not doing this to help me. You're doing this so you can have me," Meg says to Craig.