Outside Gwen's dorm, Will asks Iris if there's some point she's trying to make about Gwen and Adam. She says all she's trying to say is they were very tight in LA. "It's only natural, right? Adam knows his way around there, and gwennie--well, it's just a whole new world for her. I mean, no wonder she thinks he hung the moon," she adds. At that moment, Gwen opens the door. "What are you doing here," she asks Iris. Iris replies that she thinks Will should know what went on in LA. Gwen informs her she has no business being there. Will jumps in agreeing with Gwen, but he says he wants to know what she's talking about. "Is there something that I should know about you and Adam?" Iris butts in telling Gwen she's not going to tell tales out of school, but she says she thinks this would be something she'd want to tell Will before anyone else. Will seems to be getting tired of them beating around the bush, so he asks, "Okay, so, what's the big mystery?" Gwen explains there is no big mystery. She goes on to say when she was about to perform for the record executive Iris shows up drunk. "Well, Will, I mean, I don't mean to make you feel bad or anything, but when you kicked me out of my house, I just lost it. You know, I had nowhere to go, no one to talk to. So I grabbed the first plane and went to visit my baby," she defends. Gwen jumps in telling her she almost ruined everything. Trying to sound all sweet, she says she didn't mean it. Gwen expresses she's had enough of her for one night--for a lifetime! She orders her to take her bag and go! She says she can't go to the midnight mass until they've straightened things out between them. "Wow, that's priceless. You know what? Go pray, Mom. Come on," Gwen replies.

At the farmhouse, Emma insists Mike stay there. she says a hotel is not the place to be on Christmas. He doesn't want to impose, but she insists. After he agrees to stay, she goes back inside to tend to her baking.

Vienna arrives, she tells Mike she's glad she found him. He asks her what she's doing there. She explains that the prince is furious with her because she let someone steal the crown jewels from around her neck. "He banished me. I'm an orphan. I can't be alone on Christmas Eve. It's impossible. You have to help me. I need you," she pleads. He's says he's sorry, but he can't, because he's been invited to have dinner there. Suddenly, she smells cooking inside. She says she knows that smell like she does her own childhood. "How can that be?" she inquires, inviting herself into the house.

Once inside, she asks if what she smells is pepparkakor. Emma confirms, asking who she might be. Mike introduces her. Emma wishes her a Merry Christmas, then they strike up a conversation about the pepparkakor. Emma adds that she was going to make rommegrot too, but she can't recall where she put the recipe. Vienna recalls memories of watching her mom make that dish many times. She says she knows the recipe by heart. She offers to show Emma how to make it. "This is a miracle! This is really a miracle--don't move. I'm going to get an apron. Oh, isn't this exciting?" Emma says to Vienna.

Downtown, Henry delivers the news to Katie about the prince coming back to Oakdale. He tells her he came back to find his jewels. Excited about the news, she says if Simon goes to jail because of her, Mike is going to realize that he is the only one she really wants, not Simon. He asks her how she thinks it can be that simple. "It's not that simple," he points out. She says she hasn't got time to argue right now, because she must leave to find Jack. She says she wants to make sure that his "royal highness" has commanded him to go after Simon. She wishes Henry a happy holidays, then dashes off to find Jack.

Meg bumps into Craig downtown. She notices he doesn't look too cherry, so she asks him about it. He says it's not much of a Christmas for him this year without his children. She replies, "You reap what you sew." She goes on to say he deserves a Christmas alone after everything he's done.

Margo arrives at the dorms to find Adam and Casey talking. She gets the feeling that she's interrupting something. "Go on, Casey. Tell her," Adam instructs. She asks Casey what he has to tell her. He says it's nothing.

"Don't make me come over there. I'm a cop. I'll mess you up," she warns.
"It's just--it was a Christmas surprise. He wasn't supposed to say anything," Casey answers.
"Well, Adam, shame on you for trying to spoil my surprise."
"Sorry," Adam says.

Later, before she leaves, she says she's going to go spend some time with Craig, because he's buying their Christmas gifts. She asks them what they want. They say they don't want anything if it's from him. She encourages them, saying he's rich and wants to buy them gifts. She goes on to say, "Besides, he's having kind of a blue Christmas." They give in and tell her what they want. Satisfied, she says she's going to go, but before leaving she asks if "Elmo" is still coming for Christmas. Casey confirms, after he corrects her saying it's Elwood not "Elmo."

After she leaves, Casey thanks Adam for not "ratting" him out. Adam reminds him their deal was that he would tell her himself, but Casey says he couldn't, because she was bummed out about Craig, Lucy and Johnny. "It's Christmas. I can't do that to her right now," he adds. Adam says either he tells them after the holidays or he will.

Later, we see Casey leaving the dorm. After turning out the lights, he notices the laptop glowing in the dark. Glancing over at it he sees playpoker.com on the screen. "Merry Christmas," he says, closing the laptop.

Carly meets with Simon. He hands her, her Christmas present early--tickets to Hawaii. He sees she's not excited and says, "This is the part where you wrap your arms around me and say thank you, thank you." She says she can't accept the gift. When he asks why, she says she can't see him anymore. When she explains why they have to end things between them, Simon tries to assure her things will be fine. He says she has to tell him how they can make this work out, because he's not going to give her up. He goes on to say, if she wants time away from him until everything blows over, he'll understand. She says she has to stay away from him for good or she'll go to jail. He continues to plead. He says he'll do whatever it takes. Carly says she can't risk losing her family. "You have to let me go. You have to let me go, Simon," she weeps. Without words, he kisses her goodbye. "Goodbye, Simon," she says, then walks away.

Unconscious in his car, Paul sees a bright light! Someone is coming toward him! He looks up and notices someone in a mask. The person behind the mask has a deep voice--a voice that sounds like a man. The man behind the mask asks Paul if he's alright. Instead of answering, Paul asks if he's alive. The man tells Paul its Christmas time, time to celebrate. He asks Paul to come with him into the light, telling him not to be afraid. Reaching out his hand to Paul, Paul asks who he is. He thinks it's his father! "Is that who you want me to be?" the man behind the mask questions. Paul remains speechless. The man tells him he won't mind if he removes the mask to discover his identity. Slowly, Paul reaches up to remove the mask. It's Craig! Craig tells him not to be afraid. He offers his hand once more. This time Paul takes it!

Outside of Java, Will tells Gwen she can't let her mom get to her like that. Gwen asks what she told him about LA. He says she said something about her being tight with Adam, but he says he doesn't believe her, because he knows it was just business. She says her mom's right. "What do you mean?" "It was more than business," she replies. She continues, telling him everything Iris said to her in LA. She goes on to say she slapped her, and she explains that Adam came to her defense. "Remind me to thank him later," Will say. He adds that he doesn't care what Iris says about her or his Adam, because he's not going to lose faith in her ever again.

Back at the farmhouse, Emma and Vienna laugh as they prepare Christmas dinner. She senses something is wrong with Vienna and asks her about it. Vienna reveals that she may have to give up her room at the hotel and won't have a place to say. Emma invites her to stay at the farm and join them on Christmas. Mike jumps up, "You can't be serious." She says she is, she loves the idea of a big bunch of people on Christmas. After Emma leaves to fix the other bed for Vienna, Vienna and Mike hug. While hugging, Katie walks through the door! Releasing his hold on Vienna, he asks Katie why she's there. She says she's looking for Jack, because the prince is in town about the jewels. Vienna's jumps in, and during her conversation, she mentions the fact that she's staying there. Katie is surprised. She can't believe the both of them (Vienna and Mike) are staying at the farmhouse.

Emma comes back in, greets Katie, then suggest Vienna go with her. She says she needs some help.

Once alone, Mike asks Katie how snickers is doing. "Fine," she replies. She goes on to talk about last year's Christmas. She remembers when they made snow angels and he called her his angel. "Seems like a long time ago," he says. She tells him she wants a time machine for Christmas so she can set the button back to the time when they were happy. She asks if they could do that, go back to a time when they were happy. She begs him to come home with her so they can set by the fireplace and reminisce on old times. She says she thinks they deserve at least one night to remember the good times.

"One night isn't going to do anything, it's just going to make things harder," he replies.
"We won't know unless we try, right? Please?" she asks softly.

Moments after she begs, they almost kiss, but Vienna interrupts their moment of passion! She comes out modeling what looks like a French maid outfit. She says she found it in Emma's trunk. "This is such a joyous Christmas. Spending it here with Mike and all his friends," she says. She goes on to say she's so grateful, and then she hugs Mike. Katie watches with envy!

Downtown, while Meg and Craig continue talking, Margo approaches them. Meg excuses herself, saying she has to go. Margo suggests Craig give things a rest. He says it's hard without his children. She tells him it's the season of faith, try to believe in Lucy's love and see what happens.

Later, Margo thanks Craig for being generous with her boys, then she asks him if he's sure he doesn't want to come back for dinner later. He says he'll just stay home. Giving him a hug, she tells him miracles can happen. He can change the way he thinks and acts. She goes on to say his kids will be home someday to have Christmas with him again. "I don't think you ever get what you want unless you fight for it," he replies.

Back outside Java, Will and Gwen get up to leave. They run into Adam. He asks where they're off to. Will says, "To have dinner with Kim and Bob." Will goes on to say Gwen told him what happened in LA.

"Really," he replies.
"Yea, and I got to thank you. I know how hard it can be to handle Iris sometimes."
"Yea, that's an understatement."
"Yea, so thanks. She told me how you saved her. Really came through and kept her head on straight so she could do a great job. So, I think we both owe you for that."
"Just, uh, protecting the product man."
"No, it was a lot more than that. You were awesome," Will replies with a hug.

Carly drops by the farmhouse to inform Jack that she done what he asked her to do. "It's for the best," he replies. When she starts to walk away, he asks where she's going. "No place," she says softly. He suggests she spend Christmas there with the kids. He says tonight they can forget about everything and try to be a family. "I'd like that, Jack, I'd like to forget for a while."

Upon entering the house, they're surprised to find Katie, Mike and Vienna inside!

Meg arrives at the accident site to find Paul unconscious in his car. Running over to the passenger side of the car she slides in beside him. "Paul, Paul, can you hear me? It's Meg." She feels for a pulse. "He's gone," she whispers.

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