Gwen asks Iris how she found her. She informs her that Jade told her where she was. Gwen doesn't look happy, but Iris tells her not to blame Jade, because Jade felt bad for her when she found out Will threw her out of the house. Gwen's shocked to learn Will threw her out and asks why. She explains, but Gwen understands why he threw her out. She starts to cry saying she violated her parole to come see her. Feeling sorry for her, Gwen says when they get back to Oakdale she'll talk to Will. While hugging Iris, she detects the smell of alcohol on her, and becomes upset when she learns that her mom is drunk. When she confronts her about it, Iris begs for another chance, but Gwen refuses. She says she's not going to take care of her again. She promised Will she wouldn't get in to this. "You're going to choose him over your own mother?" Steve interrupts, asking Gwen if she's ready. She confirms. Before going on stage, she orders her mom to leave. She says she embarrasses her and she wants her gone when she gets back! We hear Steve announcing Gwen and the crowd cheers.

In a rage, Iris tells Gwen she's not a star. She says she's just a singer--she's nobody--she's nothing! She's just a stupid kid that got drunk one night and let Casey knock her up! Gwen tells her to shut up, but she refuses telling Gwen this music thing is a joke! She goes on to say that once she goes out there they'll laugh her off the stage, and if she doesn't think she knows what she's talking about then her brain is more scrambled than that psycho hubby of hers! Gwen has heard enough! She delivers a hard slap across Iris's face! Adam walks in moments after Gwen slaps her. He calls for Greg, asking him to take Iris out and show her the city.

With Iris gone, Adam asks Gwen if she's okay. He says he knows Iris crashing wasn't something she expected, but he says it's over now and she has to block her mom completely out of her mind. "How?" Gwen asks. He suggests she find a way, because there's an entire club and music exec out there dying to hear her sing. Gwen's in a daze. He asks if she hears him, because Gordon's waiting and they have to do this right now. Coming back to reality, Gwen looks up at Adam and says, "I don't think I can." She says she thought she was ready, but now she's not sure. He asks if it's because of what Iris said. When she says no, he tells her not to do this to herself. She replies that maybe what her mom said was true. He asks her if she believes in herself, then he informs her that he believes in her. He goes on to say she can't let her mom get to her. He says she's jealous of her, and she has to believe in herself no matter what Iris says. He says she has a chance to do something rare tonight, to go out there, because he knows she can do this. "I can do this," she agrees.

At the dorms, Elwood and Casey are playing poker. Maddie comes in. Soon after, Elwood leaves. After Elwood leaves, Casey and Maddie share a kiss. She says she thinks it's great that he invited Elwood to stay with them. She says he's a great friend and boyfriend. She goes on to say she found the game for Henry and believes she'll check it out online. She grabs up the laptop, opens it and finds the poker site! When she asks him about it, he blames it on Elwood, but he admits that he's tried it a few times. She believes him, and thinks she should talk to Elwood about his problem. Casey asks her not to talk to him, but she tries to convince him it would be a good idea, because gambling can be addictive.

Later, Elwood comes back. Maddie tells Casey she has to say something to him before it gets any worse. Elwood asks what she's talking about. She replies that she knows. Casey steps in to explain that Maddie found the poker site, and she knows he was the last one to use the laptop. He plays along and listens to Maddie's lecture about gambling. When she finishes, he says maybe her brother can't stop but he can. She gives him a number in case he changes his mind and wants help. Elwood thanks her. Casey asks Maddie to warm the car up and he'll be right out.

After she goes to warm up the car, Casey apologizes to Elwood. He's angry at Casey for lying to Maddie, he says now she thinks he has a problem. He goes on to say Maddie will figure it out soon.

At Craig's place, Meg informs Craig that dropping the charges against Dusty is his best bet to finding his children. He says she must do something for him in return. She responds, "I'm trying to help you find your kids and you're hitting on me." Craig smiles. He reminds her that Paul tried to kill him. He believes the person she's really trying to help is Dusty. She says no, she's trying to help Johnny. He says Dusty doesn't want Johnny home, he wants Lucy home so he can fill her head with more promises. As a result, he says he's not going to drop the charges. Not happy with his decision, she leaves.

Paul catches himself, then climbs back up the balcony. He knows Craig has to be behind this! In a rage, Paul goes back inside, grabs his keys and heads out the door!

In anger, Paul barges in on Craig! He says after what he done to him he can forget about looking for Johnny, because he'll make sure he never finds him! Then he confronts him about being out on his balcony, he says the railing gave way. Craig acts surprised.

Later, Paul warns Craig that if he goes near Meg again he'll kill him. He tells him he doesn't know Meg too well, because she came by to see him.

Paul asks what Meg wanted. He says she came by to ask if there was anything she could do for him. He goes on to say when he told her how much Johnny meant to him, she was touched. His phone rings. He asks Paul to excuse him, telling him he knows the way out. He takes the call to discover it's Margo. She says she spoke to Emily about the kidnapping, but she says she didn't know anything. Making her call a quick one, she says she has to go, she just wanted to keep him in the "loop." He says he appreciates it. After she hangs up, he notices Paul is spying on his phone conversation. Therefore, he leads Paul to believe he's talking with Meg.

"Um, No, I uh think we should talk about that Meg." He pauses. "Now, um, well, sure, traffic shouldn't be too bad around the farm this time of day. He pauses again then says, "Well, alright, I'm really looking forward to it too. "Okay, see you there. Bye, bye."

After he hangs up the phone, Craig gets up to watch Paul leave. "Too easy," he says to himself.

At Java, Meg approaches Emily. She asks for her help, but Emily is surprised that she wants her help. She reminds her they're not friends and they don't even like each other. She says she believes she's just trying to find a way to get back at her. She says forget it, she's not going to help her. Meg stops her saying a child has been kidnapped--Dusty's child.

"This has nothing to do with Johnny. You just want to make sure the whole world knows Craig used me to do his dirty work so everyone can blame me for what happened to you."
"Okay, would you stop!" Yes, I want to use the fact that you and Craig worked together, but not the way you think. I don't want to expose anything you've done."
"And you expect me to believe that? I humiliated you in front of your entire family. You don't want to get back at me for that?"
"The truth is Emily, trusting Paul was my mistake not yours."
"Well, I know the feeling. I trusted Craig."
"And that could end up being a good thing."

She replies that while she was in on this plan to set-up Dusty there's got to be something she knows, something they could use to get the charges dropped. Emily says she has no idea. She suggests if she can't get passed the idea of helping her then think of it as helping Johnny. "You and I, we both did things to keep Johnny away from his mother, and I don't know about you but I'm still haunted by that everyday. If there's something we can do now to put Johnny back in the arms of the only father he's ever known don't you think we should do something? To, to, at least try?" When Emily doesn't respond, Meg says she must have her answer and starts to walk away. Emily stops her, asking what she can do to help.

Meg sits down to discuss things with Emily. Emily says there's no way to make things look good for Dusty because he pulled the trigger. She recommends they shed the light in a different direction. Emily says it won't work because he confessed. When Meg asks Emily to lie, she says, "Well, isn't this ironic. Isn't this why you dumped Paul, because he was willing to lie about the things he'd done? Well, I underestimated you." She replies, "I'm only going to say this once I'm not happy about this, but I'm doing it for Johnny. It has nothing to do with Paul. I couldn't give a d** about him or what he's done." Well, when you say it like that I almost believe you." Meg says there must be something she can tell the judge to convince him to let Dusty go free. She says that's the tricky part, because the truth won't help them out, but half-truth could be a completely different story.

Back in LA, the audience cheers after Gwen performs. She thanks them then leaves the stage to go back to her dressing room. Meanwhile, the music executives are telling Adam that Gwen brought the house down! They ask him to give them the first look at her album, and they'll see what they can do for her.

Excited about the news, Adam goes into the dressing room and informs Gwen that she did it. She screams with excitement and hugs him! During all the excitement, they kiss!

Back at the dorms, Elwood is playing poker. He hears a knock at the door. When he answers, he discovers a man who says he's looking for Casey Hughes and Elwood Hoffman.

"Uh, why?" Elwood asks.
"I represent You wouldn't happen to be Mr. Hughes or Mr. Hoffman would you?"
"No, no, uh, can't be that lucky. Swell guys those two, but uh, a little stupid you know, because they flunked out. Yea, I mean it was a little sad to see them go and everything. You know?" If you don't mind me asking, why are you looking for them?"
"Our site's been tracking an unusual game pattern between two players whose e-mail addresses link back to Mr. Hughes and Mr. Hoffman and this room. And if it's what we think it is--well those boys are in trouble."

Outside Java, Casey is exhausted from shopping, but Maddie's ready for round two. She says it's a whole lot easier to shop when you have money to spend, but she believes they should slow down, because she's sure he doesn't want to spend his entire advance on them. He says not to worry because Gwen's demo is going to be a mega hit then they'll all be rich. He goes on to say he loves buying stuff for the people he loves, and that's why he's not going to wait until Christmas to give her what he bought for her. He pulls a small box containing earrings from the bag. She loves them, but says he's given her so much already. He says it's going to be the best Christmas ever and he can't wait to spend it with her. She leans over and kisses him softly. He asks what that was for. "Just because," she smiles. Casey's phone beeps. She tells him to take that while she goes inside to get them two peppermint mochas extra with cream.

As soon as Maddie leaves, Casey views his text message. It reads, "We've got trouble. Elwood."

Paul arrives at the Snyder farm. He beats on the door hollering for Meg. "Meg, come on, open up! I know you're in there! I know you're both there!" He notices the door is partially open and goes inside. It's dark. Again, he shouts for Meg. He hears a noise and turns around only to find himself staring down the barrel of a shotgun!

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"Meg, I love you forever," Paul says. "Well then, you have a problem," she replies.

Iris walks in to find Gwen and Adam kissing! "Well, well, well," she says."

Prince Adolfo returns to Oakdale. "Prince Adolfo, what brings you here?' Jack inquires.