Barbara pays a visit to Will and Gwen. Gwen thanks Barbara for helping them become parents and then apologizes for being standoffish lately. She says she is just used to being conned but now she realizes Barbara has their best interests at heart - unlike Iris! Babs gets a call from Cole and leaves quickly.

At The Lakeview, Alison and Aaron wonder if they are too late to get the full truth about the adoption. They come up with a plan: that Alison should pretend to be an expectant mom! They call Gwen's lawyer and set up a meeting; Alison puts a pillow under her shirt so he won't get suspicious. She tells him about her "pregnancy" and then asks about finding parents her own age. He tries to steer her toward an older couple. As she asks more and more questions about adopting the lawyer becomes suspicious. He believes Alison wants more than the usual compensation and tells her he can make anything work - even getting her more money. Alison can't believe what she is hearing. The lawyer opens his briefcase and sees the hat Sofie knitted. She gets nervous and tells him she has all the information she needs. Allie leaves.

In Old Town, Cole is pulling bags around, getting ready to leave. Sofie is right behind him, grabs her belly and says they can't leave! She has a contraction! Cole hurries Sofie to the hospital. Barbara meets him and asks what the problem is. He tells her about Sofie's cramps and says he still wants to be paid! Barbara promises they will be compensated and pretends to leave. Instead, she listens from around the corner as Cole talks to the doctor. The doc says Sofie is having Braxton Hicks contractions but could deliver early. Inside Sofie's hospital room, Aaron visits her and asks if everything is okay. She tells him what she knows and he leaves. Cole comes in and goes off on a tangent about Sofie messing up their plans by having the baby early. He lets it slip that they are having a baby girl, which makes Sofie tear up and annoys him even more. Angry with her, he leaves. Aaron returns and Sofie tells him she is having a baby girl!

Barbara returns to the cottage to give Will and Gwen the good news - they may have a baby girl sooner than they thought! Both are excited at the news. Will decides they should call Alison since she was such a help to them through the surrogacy tries but Barbara tells him not to call her! She says they deserve to have a few moments of quiet and happiness. She leaves.

Aaron and Alison meet up in Old Town and go over what they know. Both realize that they still don't have anything to link Gwen to Sofie's lawyer. Alison decides to call Will to see what they know. She does and learns that they know about the baby girl and that the baby is coming early. Aaron says that is all the proof they need. He leaves to confront Cole at the hospital. In the hall, he sees Cole who is trying to convince the doctor to induce labor so he and Sofie can get out of town. Aaron punches him!

Meanwhile, Alison returns to the cottage to ask Will and Gwen a few more questions about their adoption. "There is something you both need to know," she says!

A deliveryman brings a box to Carly. The note reads "All is forgiven" and she wonders if the gift - Jack's favorite beer - is from Jack! Kit walks up and realizes the gift isn't for Carly. It's for her! She says the beer is from Sam and wonders how he found her so quickly. Carly asks who Sam in and Kit says he is an ex whom she is taking a break from! "I'm not falling back into old habits," Kit insists. Carly goes into the kitchen. Kit answers the door and Sam is there! He hugs her. Carly returns and Kit introduces them, obviously off her game with Sam in the picture. He leaves to put the beer in the kitchen. Kit tells Carly that it seems Sam has changed because he is giving them space to talk. Carly tells her to get rid of Sam before he messes up her life again. Kit, though, really wants to believe that Sam is different this time around.

At the police station Jack is finishing up some paperwork. Margo stops by and sees him gazing at an old family picture. "So, you're not ready to let go," she says. Jack agrees that he isn't ready to let go and surprises Margo by saying it is Katie that he isn't ready to let go of! Jack decides to send flowers but Margo tells him it is a bad idea. She tells him the situation can't be fixed with flowers and says he needs to find a different solution.

At WOAK Brad brings Katie flowers. She takes them and gives them to a production assistant, saying the flowers are from Brad! He wonders why she did that. He follows her into her office and offers to be a shoulder for her to cry on. Angrily, Katie tells him that she doesn't want to talk about marriage or staying married because she feels the entire institution should be done away with! She tells Brad she is done with Snyder men just as a deliveryman comes in with flowers. She reads the card and tosses the flowers in the trash. She leaves. Brad heads for the diner, where Vienna tells him that Katie isn't really off men, she is just hurting. They chat for a bit and Vienna gives Brad an idea of how he can make things better for Katie - by giving her what she really wants. He leaves the diner.

Katie first goes to the police department to confront Jack about the flowers. He swears he didn't send them but she doesn't believe him. She arrives at The Lakeview and runs into Nancy. They talk about life and love, which depresses Katie all the more because she believes she will never have the family she really wants. When she returns to work Brad is there with a surprise - he just purchased Katie's dream house for her! She asks why he did it and he says he just wants her to be happy. Katie doesn't believe him. Brad makes things worse, telling her that they can populate the house with rabbits if she wants and she can still have kids - with him!

Jack runs into Parker in Old Town. He is carrying around a big, chocolate "Katie" sign. Jack realizes Parker is behind the flowers, too and asks what he is trying to do. Jack wonders if Parker is trying to get him back with Katie just to tick off Carly! Parker says he wants Jack to be happy. They talk some more and then Parker leaves. Carly happens by with a self-help book for women, which makes Jack laugh. She says it is for Kit but he doesn't believe her. Carly leaves. Jack returns to the precinct. He makes a call and learns that Brad bought Katie's house!

Carly returns back to the house but hears Sam and Kit getting romantic and stays on the porch. With nothing else to do she grabs the book and begins to read.

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