Craig runs into Lily at the Lakeview. She doesn't want to talk to him. He apologizes for everything that happened. She's not interested, tips him off about the wedding and tells him not to show up.

At the farm house, Jack thanks Dusty for donating champagne to the wedding party. Dusty jokes that it's in his best interest that this marriage work out. After Dusty leaves, Janet tells Jack that she's in a good place and she's glad he's marrying Carly. They both think they deserve to be happy. He regrets that he hurt her and then begs the baby not to come until he's back from his honeymoon.

At home, Parker is nervous and Will tries to reassure him about the wedding. Parker admits that he has to talk to his dad about something important and hopes he'll be pre-occupied enough not to freak out about it. Faith shows up and Parker tries to get rid of her, telling her that she shouldn't have told Janet about Liberty getting into FIT.

Molly runs into Holden in Old Town. They discuss how odd it is to see each other and talk about the wedding. Lily wanders over and everyone is polite.

Parker goes to see his father at the farm house. Sage calls and asks her dad to pick her up. Jack rushes off. Will asks Parker what's up. Parker wants to tell his dad that he's not going to college. Will thinks that's a bad idea.

Gwen brings Carly breakfast in her bed. Carly's nauseous and tries to drink her tea. Gwen explains that she has a surprise for her and gets her to close her eyes. She brings Rosanna in. Carly is shocked when she sees her. The sisters catch up and Rosanne tells Carly how lucky she is to have a guy like Jack. "I'm tired of kissing frogs," she says. Carly says Jack's no prince but he's perfect for her. She asks Rosanna and Gwen to be her bridesmaids. Janet shows up to drop off a gift and wishes Carly all the best. She asks for the number where she will be staying in case she goes into labor. Carly asks her not to call unless she has to. Janet gets snippy and walks off. Carly looks at her compass and then asks her friends to give her some time alone. She runs off. Gwen and her sister start looking for her and worry that she's run off. Jack and Sage show up. The women explain that they don't know where Carly went.

Gabriel bumps into Rosanna and he explains that he used to work for her sister. After they chat, he walks off.

Craig runs into Gabriel in Java and thanks him for tipping him off about Lucinda. Things soften between them but it's awkward. Craig wishes they could try to get to know each other. Gabriel tells him he has to go to the wedding and he doesn't let his father turn that into an invitation to the ceremony.

Carly goes down to the water with her compass. She remembers when Jack gave it to her and accidentally drops it in the water. Jack finds her sobbing and reachs in for the compass. He reaches in the water and can't find it. He tells her it's not the end of the world and they don't need it anymore. "I hope you enjoy this wedding because it's the last one we're going to have," he says. They kiss.

Holden and Lily go home and find Faith pouting. She thinks no one wants her at the wedding so she doesn't want to go. Her parents tell her to put her personal issues aside. Her dad asks her to go for him.

Janet goes to see Dusty and tells him that she just did something stupid. She gives him the whole story about going to see Carly. She wishes that she hadn't snapped at her and been petty. As she complains, Dusty laughs and reminds her that Carly will always be part of her life.

They go to the honeymoon cabin and begin decorating. He gets nervous when she climbs a ladder. He gets up to do it and suddenly spasms before collapsing. She helps him up and worries about him but he's fine and announces they should leave for the wedding. Suddenly, she goes into labor.

Jack takes Carly to the farm house where her maids are waiting with her wedding dress. After he leaves, the ladies show Carly that they each have a flower for her to carry down the aisle. She makes them promise to always stay in her life. Lily arrives with a gift and tells Carly that she's sorry for not listening to her about Craig.

Jack meets with his party in the garden. He tells Will that his father would be proud of him and then teases Holden and tells Parker he's the best son in the world. They talk about what a hard year it has been but Jack is sure that this will mark the beginning of good things. Lily arrives and Parker goes off to find Faith. Carly and her party arrive. She looks around nervously. He reminds her that they've done this before.

Rosanna spots Craig heading to the wedding and chases him down. He insists that he's not there to make trouble; he just wants closure and swears to behave himself. Gabriel and Liberty arrive. He spots his father and assumes his being there can't be good. Rosanna walks over to the bride and groom and asks if she should throw Craig out. Jack says Craig can't cause any trouble.

Next on As The World Turns:

Carly and Jack are married.

Craig gets drunk.

Margo tells Parker's parents he wants to be a cop.

Jack and Carly discover Janet going into labor.

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