At Al's, Kim continues to worry to Bob about Chris. He says everything points to a steady recovery. She wonders what the lessons are in all of this for her.

Noah finds Luke by the water. Things are awkward. Noah knew he would come down there. Luke admits he knew almost nothing about Reid. "I didn't even know how I felt about him until I told you," Luke says. Noah asks him to list all the things he wishes he'd done with Reid. Luke wishes they went swimming or to a movie. They never went anywhere together. They never did much of anything. Noah's sure that whatever they did, it actually worked. Luke really wishes he'd made love to Reid. Noah tells him that Reid was a hero. Luke's sick of hearing people say that. "Reid was an arrogant, restless jackass," he says, explaining that Reid never used his brain when it counted, like when the lights were flashing for the train.

At Worldwide, Lucinda threatens to have John thrown out. He tells her he's just there to apologize. She calms down and explains how Lily has disowned her. The fact that her daughter has finally stood up to her, especially when she has power in the company, scares her. He thinks she's acting mercenary. She thinks he's acting righteous and reminds him that she knows the real him. He'd like to be her friend. "You are delusional," she says, pointing out that he never even bothered talking to her while she had cancer. She wishes she could run away from her problems like he does. John still thinks she's making a mistake with her daughter. He wonders if she could ever consider any option other than fighting. He urges her to change the outcome of her battle with her daughter. She thinks it's a lost cause. He says that no one has known her better than he does and he's glad she's not sick anymore. When he leaves, she looks at a photo of Lily and leans back pensively.

In Brooklyn, Lily and Holden fond Reid's Uncle Angus and inform him that his nephew is dead. "That's a damn shame," he says. Holden explains that Luke was given power of attorney but they need his legal permission to deal with the remains. They explain that Luke and Reid were in love and how they changed each other's lives. He signs the papers and shows them the knight that Reid was about to move before he walked away from chess. He tells them anecdotes about Reid's chess career and how he's carried the piece with him since the last time they saw each other. He asks Lily to give it to her son.

At the hospital, Chris keeps prodding Katie to tell him whose heart he has. She says he doesn't need to know right now. He begs until she tells him. This confuses and upsets him so she explains. Chris starts blaming himself. Bob comes in and his son demands to know how long he would have had to wait for the truth. They tell him the transplant was Reid's idea. Katie and Bob walk out and he tells her that she did the right thing in coming clean to Chris. She returns to Chris and tells him that he better suck up his feelings about this or he might as well be dead. He jokingly asks if Reid's heart will make him eat junk food. She cuddles with him and listens to the heart beat.

John goes to see Margo with flowers. He surprises her by saying that he would like to stick around town for awhile. She smiles.

Lucinda goes by Lily's with flowers. No one's there so she drops them on the step and walks off.

Lily and Holden join Luke and Noah by the water to scatter Reid's ashes. Some of them were kept at the hospital to be part of the new wing. He talks about how dedicated Reid was to the new wing of the hospital and how he will be there forever now.

Back at the hospital, Bob tells Chris that the new wing will be named after Reid.

Next on As The World Turns:

Jack proposes to Carly again.

John orders a paternity test.

Janet goes into labor as Jack is about to take Carly over the threshold.

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