Chris wakes up in his hospital bed. Katie is sitting beside him. She explains that they couldn't put the pump in him because he wasn't strong enough. "Do not give up hope," she begs.

In the hall, John tells Kim and Bob that they need a new heart for Chris within twenty-four hours or it will be too late. Kim hopes for a miracle.

At the station, Margo explains to Tom that they lost the donor heart. He's shocked. The police chief from Bay City calls and tells them there has been an accident.

Alison, Casey and Luke wander around the hospital. She wishes Luke would tell Bob and Kim what Reid is doing. He walks over to the couple and tells them that Reid has gone to Bay City to try and get the heart. "I wouldn't be surprised if he came back here tonight with that new heart," Luke says. They all go in and tell Chris and Katie. Bob sends his wife off to get something to eat and then talks to Casey and Luke about how important it is not to give up hope. He wants Reid to work as co-chair with Chris. When Luke and Casey drift away, Margo and Tom arrive. Reluctantly, they walk over. Bob realizes something is wrong and they inform him that Reid was hit by a train. Bob sees Luke returning and tries to send him to the cafeteria but Reid is rushed by on a stretcher before he can leave. Bob keeps Luke back and tells him that it's just a matter of time before Reid dies. Luke thinks he's giving up and yells at him to help Reid. He runs off. John walks by and Bob informs him of the accident. John and Bob have no idea why any of this is happening.

Kim and Alison get coffee in a room and talk about the wedding. Kim worries about Katie, but she's glad that she seems strong enough to deal with things.

Luke rushes down the hall to Reid's room. Reid opens his eyes. Luke begs him not to talk. The doctor asks for his wallet. Luke looks through it and finds the organ donor note on his license. "Chris," Reid gasps. Luke tells him he'll get better but Reid wants a lawyer, not a doctor. They call Tom in and Reid says he wants Luke to have his power of attorney. Luke begs him not give up. "We haven't had enough days. We're just getting started," he pleads with him. As he kisses him, Reid flatlines. John and Bob tell Luke that Reid is brain dead and there's nothing they can do. Luke asks them to leave him alone. Tom tells Bob about Reid's final request. John can't even consider that without a judge's approval. Luke is distraught and Bob tells him he knows this is all unfair. Luke is left alone with Reid. He blames himself for dragging him to Oakdale. He wishes he could save his life but the only thing he can do now is leave him and move on. "We finally agree on something Dr. Oliver. I wish it wasn't this," he says.

Luke goes to see Tom and Margo in the waiting room. They hand him the power of attorney papers and tell him they need to move quickly. Luke signs the paper so they can take Reid off of life support and give Chris the heart.

Down the hall, Chris mumbles in his bed to Katie. They talk about their future and how much they have to learn about each other. She looks forward to when they can live without fear. John comes in and announces that the heart is ready.

Bob and Kim sit in the hall and wonder how this could have happened. She feels like a fool for questioning Reid when he has died for their son. "I'll never have a chance to tell him I'm sorry," she cries. Alison and Casey wander over and she asks if she can still be part of the transplant team. Bob assures her she can be. They're family after all.

Katie rushes over to Luke in the hall and begins babbling about how wonderful Reid is and how this is all like a fairy tale. Crying, he tells her what happened and how she and Jacob were the family Reid never had. "He's not gone as long as part of him lives on in Chris," he says.

John and Alison are in Reid's room when Luke comes in to say goodbye. He tells him he will always be handsome and he's a good man. Katie and Bob stand in the doorway.

Katie rushes back to Chris to see him again. She tells him she loves him and Reid will save his life.

Everyone waits in the waiting room. Tom is pensive. He thinks that Reid has set a new standard of decency and they all need to follow his example.

Luke returns to Reid's empty room and looks around. Katie comes in and they cry together.

John starts the operation on Chris.

Next on As The World Turns:

Lucinda tells Lily and Holden they need to pool together for Luke.

Alison tells Noah that Luke needs him right now.

"Chris has to make it," Luke tells Ali.

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