At the hospital, Chris' family is baffled about what's going on with him. He explains that he didn't want anyone to worry about him. Bob's annoyed but they promise to do what they can to help. John comes in and asks everyone to leave. Kim notices that Katie isn't even there. Chris requests to speak to Tom and Margo alone. He asks them to make sure that they just let things play out and not give him any special treatment or advantages. Margo and Tom want to call in favors for him but he refuses to allow that. His family refuses to be as noble about this as he is.

Kim and Bob sit in his office. She wonders how this could have happened. He's sure John will do all he can and advises her to go home and rest.

In the hall, Tom and Margo tell John that they are determined to get Chris a transplant regardless of what he says. He tells them that this isn't like lobbying for legislating. "I'm lobbying for my brother's life," Tom declares.

Luke chases Reid down at Java and demands to know how he can be acting so heartless. Reid says Chris doesn't need more stress and that's what Katie would give him. Luke accuses him of projecting and being afraid of emotional overload. He tells him that he always runs away when things get messy. Luke is frustrated and starts talking about love and how he told Noah that he was in love with him. He runs out and Reid trails after him, asking him to repeat that last bit. Reid avoids telling him how he feels and turns the topic back to Katie. Luke worries that Chris will die alone and she'll have to live with that.

Katie is at WOAK watching old recordings of her show with Chris. Kim shows up and asks why she isn't at the hospital. Katie admits that she's known for a few days but was scared to say or do anything. Kim says her son really needs her by his side. However, she's not sure that she's really ready to move on from Brad. If she really wants to help her son, she should consider staying away from him. Kim is terrified by her lack of control over this situation. She knows that Chris will never ask Katie to stay away and will let her suck all the strength out of him. Katie doesn't think she's being fair. Kim knows that and rails about how she wants to shake everyone to get things done. She asks Katie to stop refusing to make a choice and decide if she can take the pain ahead.

At Memorial, Reid goes to see John and they begin bickering about the case until Bob walks in. When John walks off, Bob corners Reid and tells him that he's tried to be a mentor to him, but he doesn't think he's appreciated it. He demands to know why he wasn't told about his son's condition earlier. Reid says he had no choice but to honor Chris' wishes. He says that if he's upset about how things were handled, he needs to take that up with his son.

Luke goes to see Chris at the hospital and tells him that Reid sent Katie home. Chris doesn't think she should be forced to watch him wither away. He's been selfish most of his life and is tired of acting that way. Bob comes in and asks to be alone with his son. Once he is, he questions him about his illness. Chris tells him that he had it before, beat it and returned to make him proud. Bob is proud, but he's ashamed of himself for thinking he was just lazy. Chris is determined to prove that he's as strong as his father.

In the hall, Kim accuses Reid of being happy that her son is dying so he can get the chief of staff job. Reid insists that's not the case. Bob comes over and asks her to stop. She cries and Bob stands up for Reid, explaining that the doctor was looking after their son. She apologizes but Reid says it isn't necessary. Bob asks her to stay strong for their son's sake. Kim and Bob worry about each other. Tom calls and says that they have a lead on a donor.

Katie goes home and cries. Reid shows up and tells her that she probably shouldn't have listened to his advice. She tells him how scared she is. He says it's stupid to avoid love because of how scary it is. He encourages her to get back to the hospital.

Luke runs into John at Java. Dixon asks if Reid can be trusted and Luke assures him that he is completely committed to his job.

Katie is in the cemetery bringing Brad flowers and telling him she will always love him. She tells him that she's fallen in love again. "I need you to help me," she begs.

Back at the hospital, Kim and Bob stand by their son's bed. Reid looks in at them. Luke approaches him and the doctor admits that he gave Katie the wrong advice before and told her not to run away. Luke's impressed. "Sometimes I surprise myself," Reid says. Chris suddenly goes into cardiac arrest so all the doctors run in.

Next on As The World Turns:

Katie keeps begging Brad to give her strength and Henry gives her a pep talk.

Reid leaves to get Chris a heart.

Kim worries that it's too late for her son.

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