John runs into Chris in Old Town and tries to usher him off to the hospital but Chris is too worried about Katie and his parents. John accuses him of being in denial and Chris nearly falls over.

Reid strolls into Java. He notices Noah and asks him about his eyesight... and when he's leaving for LA. Noah bickers with him and Reid recommends him a doctor out west. Noah fumes and accuses him of stealing his boyfriend as Luke walks in. Noah walks away and Luke goes after him, even though Reid thinks he coddling him.

Outside, Luke tells Noah that they deserve a nice goodbye. Noah doesn't want to stay friends. Luke is sure he will regret it if he shuts him out and leaves angry. Noah explains that going out west was always his dream, but a big part of that dream was having Luke with him. He's not sure he can do it on his own. "I'm still in love with you," he admits. Luke will always love him too but he's in love with Reid. Noah says he's not right for him. They talk about their regrets and Luke says they can always be friends. "I can't," Noah says.

Margo goes to Nancy's and finds Katie crying as she packs things. "It's so sad," Katie whimpers. They discuss her connection with Nancy and how losing her brought back the pain of losing Brad. Margo rambles about how everyone expected Chris to announce that he was engaged to her. Tom arrives and Katie walks out in tears.

At the hospital, Kim and Bob talk about Nancy's service. He remembers that he has a golf game with one of the trustees. She suggests he send Chris instead. Chris wanders in, nearly collapsing after John has dragged him there. He starts making excuses about why he's there and they suggest he go golfing. When they explain that it would be good for his bid at the chief if staff job, he agrees to do it.

John searches for Chris and a nurse tells him he's gone. Reid walks by and John fills him in. They start looking around. Bob and Kim walk by and Reid pays his condolences to them. Bob tells him that his son is off playing golf.

John drops by Tom and Margo's looking for Chris or Katie. They begin bickering but he can't explain anything to them. He asks them to go with him and the trudge off.

Chris and the trustee wander the golf course and discuss the hospital. Reid rushes over and takes his fellow doctor aside to try and talk him into going to the hospital. Chris asks him to go but Reid refuses to leave him. They join the trustee and Reid mocks golf, which doesn't go over well. Reid tries to end the game by accusing the trustee of cheating. This causes a fight and the game ends. Reid drags Chris off to the hospital.

Bob and Kim are at Java. He sadly talks about his mom and what it was like to find her. He wishes she hadn't been alone. Kim tells him his mother was surrounded by love all of the time and he was a wonderful son. A nurse wanders over and mentions that Dr. Oliver is golfing with Chris.

Luke drops by Katie's to see Reid. He's not there but she is and they chat about Nancy. He brings up the problem with Chris and she cries on his shoulder. She babbles about how scared she is of losing another man. She admits that she loves him but she doesn't think she's the best thing for him. He assures her that Reid won't let anything happen to Chris. He offers to drive her to Memorial to see Chris.

Tom, Margo and John arrive at the hospital and see Bob and Kim, who tell him that their son is playing golf. He blows up and Tom wonders what's going on. Reid brings Chris in. John sends Chris off to get oxygen. Bob demands some answers but John tells him they'll have to wait. John sends Reid to keep the family occupied. Katie arrives and sees Kim hugging Bob. "It's really happening," she mumbles. She doesn't think she can handle this so Reid advises her to go home. This leads to Luke bickering with Reid. The family file in to see Chris. Katie circles around and watches through the window.

Next on As The World Turns:

Luke admits to Reid that he loves him.

Bob demands to know why Reid kept him in the dark.

Kim asks Katie to stay away from her son.

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