Outside of Fashions, Barbara calls her, leaving a message saying she shouldn't be alone today. Inside, Lisa sobs.

Bob and Kim are with Margo in Tom's office. They go over the will. Nancy left all of her money to charity and her possessions to various people. Kim feels like they should do more. "There just should be more," she says, weeping and walking out. Tom agrees that they haven't done enough. He feels angry. Margo understands: they all wish they'd had a chance to say goodbye. Bob walks Kim back in and Margo suggests they name something after Nancy. Bob doesn't think she'd want that.

At home, Casey and Alison look at the photo tribute to Nancy they put together. They talk about how unexpected this was and then he tries to give her the ring. She thinks it's too sudden for his family, especially since they will both be moving away. He can't believe the funeral was so short and declares that they need to do more. As they go out, Lucinda arrives. Susan comes in next, followed by Barbara. They talk about their lives and wonder what Nancy would do. She always managed to live without drama... They recall 'the bus ride from hell' and laugh.

Casey and Alison go to see Lisa at Fashions and tell her they should do something to cheer everyone up. Lisa talks about what a loving spirit Nancy had and Casey gets inspired.

At Katie's, Chris tells her that he can't spring his condition on his family today. They talk about Nancy and Katie explains how she used to listen to her blabbering and give her advice. Chris assures her that he will be around for her for a long time. Katie can't handle the thought of losing someone else so fast. They sit on the couch and he comforts her.

Margo, Kim, Bob and Tom all arrive at the Hughes house. Bob smiles and remembers the holidays with his mom. Katie and Chris arrive and Kim urges them to make the announcement they were planning on making before Nancy died. Before that can happen, Casey and Alison return with Lisa and declare that they should do something Nancy would have liked. John arrives to pay his respects to Bob and Kim. They get their wires crossed and Bob thinks he's talking about Nancy's passing rather than Chris' disease. Chris hurries over and tips John off. John's embarrassed and apologizes to everyone. Chris takes John aside, who tells him to get to a hospital right away. Lucinda wanders over and they catch up. Casey sends everyone off to do volunteer work.

Bob, Kim, Chris and Katie go to Nancy's apartment to pack things up. Chris is obviously in a lot of pain. His parents assume it's just grief and leave the couple there. Katie's eager to take him to the hospital but he insists they pack some boxes first. They kiss and then sort through paperwork and look at old photos. He says that one day they will be just like his grandparents.

At Memorial, Kim tells Bob they should put a library in Nancy's name in the hospital.

Tom and Margo are visiting the school to set up a scholarship in Nancy's name. They remember how much she loved teaching and hold hands.

Lisa, Susan and Barbara go to the Lakeview and Lisa explains that when she 'punches out', she wants to have a big party first. She remembers Nancy and then asks her friends to make a charity donation in Nancy's name. The toast to her memory.

John sits with Lucinda in the bar and they chat about her family. "The more things change, the more they stay the same," he says. She misses her daughter and asks for his advice but he doesn't have any. He tells a Nancy story and then suggests that she swallow her pride and apologize to Lily.

Casey and Ali are in Old Town talking about how fun it is to help people. He worries that she may have second thoughts about marrying him but she assures him that she will be the best wife for him. He takes out the ring again and tells her that his gram really believed in them. He slips it on her finger.

Everyone gathers together in Old Town with candles and Bob recites the Thanksgiving prayer. Chris arrives and notices Katie hasn't followed him.

Katie returns to Nancy's apartment. "You always understood," she says, remembering Nancy and how she told her that Chris was always with her. Katie cries and wonders what to do.

Next on As The World Turns:

Luke tells Noah that he loves Reid.

Reid drags Chris off the golf course.

Katie arrives at the hospital to see Kim and Bob weeping.

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