At the Lakeview, Bob and Kim run into John Dixon in the lobby. They catch up and he tells them that Reid called him in for a cardiac consult. Reid stands in the distance and worries as Bob asks him about his patient. Dr. Oliver walks over and Bob wants to know why he asked Dr. Dixon there. Reid tries to rush Dixon off but he wants to check into his room first. Kim takes John by the arm and leads him off so they can catch up. Reid stutters to Bob who demands why he wasn't told about this. They bicker about it and John wanders over to get Reid. They stroll off. Bob gets a call from his mother, who is eager to hear all the details about Barbara's wedding. When he gets off the phone, Kim asks him what John and Reid are up to. He's puzzled. She's sure something odd is going on. Lisa bustles over to them and asks them to tell her she didn't just spot 'Johnny boy' checking into her hotel.

At Katie's, after hearing about his illness, she makes excuses and tells Chris he must just be under a lot of stress and his heart can be fixed. He tells her that there are no guarantees for him. They discuss his treatment options and he admits that he's known about his condition for awhile. He wanted to tell her but he couldn't after everything she's been through. She wants him to beat this and she wants to help him. Katie thinks his family has a right to know about this but he can't tell them. Reid calls Chris and orders him over to the hospital to be examined. He leaves and Katie cries, wishing this wasn't happening.

At the hospital, John catches up with a nurse until Reid rushes over and hands him an anonymous write-up on the patient. He refuses to show him the actual files and tells him the patient has been very resistant. Chris wanders in and Reid immediately walks off. When John asks him about the case, Chris guesses he's the cardiologist Reid called and informs him that he's 'the poor fellow' he's there to treat.

Reid goes home and finds Katie crying. When he tells her he knows about Chris' condition, she angrily pounds on his chest. He tells 'bonehead' that she and her 'drool machine kid' have grown on him and he couldn't tell her. The doctor explains the case and that he called John in. Katie gets optimistic and asks him to go back to the hospital with her.

As Alison looks around Casey's room for a recipe, she discovers the ring that Nancy gave him to give her. He walks in and explains that Nancy asked him to keep it for the woman of his dreams and he thinks he's found her. They talk about who his ideal woman would be. "Can she love me more than you?" he asks. She kisses him and tells him she loves him more than anyone else could... but she can't do this. She doesn't want them to end. He asks her to marry him. She thanks him, but she can't promise that she won't betray him again. They talk about their trust issues and he asks her why she went ahead with the wedding after she slept with Mick. She felt close to him since they were both a mess. They kiss again and he tells her that he might still have a shot at getting into law school but he has to transfer and move to Carbondale. He will only do it if she's willing to go with him. She's totally cool with that and tells him she may want to go to medical school someday. He's sure that they can have a great future with heavy duty careers. As he's about to slip the ring on her finger, they can smell the stove.

Back at the hospital, John gives Chris an oxygen mask and begins lecturing him for trying to keep all of this a secret and endangering his own life. Katie and Reid arrive. A nurse hands Dixon the MRI results and he says they aren't what he was hoping for. He says they have a few options but he's not doing anything until Chris tells his family about this. Chris calls his parents and asks them to meet him at Tom and Margo's with the rest of the family. When the couple leaves, Reid asks John what he really thinks. John doesn't look optimistic. He's going to put Chris on the heart transplant list.

Alison and Casey go downstairs and find that their dinner has been burned. He drops on a knee and begins proposing when the phone starts ringing. Chris calls and announces he's having everyone for a family thing. Ali thinks she should leave but he says they are family and they can tell everyone their news. Lisa and Kim arrive and say they are expecting Chris and Katie to announce their engagement. The couple walk outside and worry that the other couple has beat them to this announcement. They agree to tell Nancy though. Chris and Katie arrive. They notice that Bob hasn't arrived yet and wonder what's taking him so long. Bob walks in, flushed. He went to get his mom but... she's gone.

Next on As The World Turns:

Alison and Casey want to help people the way Nancy would have.

Kim suggests they put a library in the hospital.

Lucinda and John catch up.

Katie pushes Chris away.

Nancy's friends toast to her.

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