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Thoughts on the week of June 21:

The big news of the week is that the show shot its final episode. All of the actors are now moving on and the sets will be torn down as CBS mulls over which game show will replace it. What kind of conclusion we can look forward to is anyone’s guess, but there is a definite sense that things are ending. Maybe that’s just because things are coming off as even more rushed than usual.

The allure of LuRe.

Reid tortured himself about whether or not he should give up his dream hospital or Luke thanks to Bob’s harebrained ultimatum. The two men shared lots of pained glances and glares. Even when all they do is say nothing they still communicate more than Luke and Noah did in all of their heartfelt conversations combined. Noah was around to pout and make faces. Reid declared that he would finally leave Oakdale, as he’s long been threatening to do. Although all of that was rather well played, I thought things went a tad over the top when they had Reid go home and start stitching up Jacob’s teddy bear with his doctor’s bag.

There was a lot of Lucinda again this week, which I like, but I wish that she would find something to do other than meddle in her daughter’s love life. At this point, she almost looks like as much of a busy body as Katie. I take that back – it’s too cruel. Chris and Katie continued their back and forth. I can’t believe they brought Daniel Cosgrove in just for this.

“I’m Molly Conlan. Girls like me don’t get happy endings.”
I remember being so happy when Molly originally came back, but at this point, she actually makes Lily enjoyable by contrast. Maybe it’s because Molly breaks into tears every two minutes, or perhaps it’s just because of her strange desperation. The good thing that happened this week was that Lily at least entertained the idea of moving on without Holden. That’s something. With Craig in her orbit to fill up the vacuum, it could actually prove to be intriguing.