Credit: Parker tries to be serious (

Thoughts on the week of June 14:

It was another off-kilter week in Oakdale. I’m starting to have that sinking suspicion that this summer may turn out to be as much of a rushed mess as last summer was. I hope I’m wrong. There were some good bits her and there, but a lot of the week seemed to be deliberately trying to end things while other things seemed to hover around for no good reason.

CarJack crash again.
Carly went pretty far over the top when she blamed Jack for his brother’s death and told him he wasn’t Parker’s real son. Ouch, that’s rough! It was in the heat of the moment, but it’s the kind of thing he would latch onto forever. I’ve never been a CarJack fan, or even a Jack fan, but even I found it painful. As usual, he immediately turned his attentions to Janet, utterly thrilled when he discovered that she’s having a boy. This led to him beating his chest a bit at Dusty. Anyway, I can only hope Carly will find something else to keep her occupied but Jack getting territorial with Dusty just makes me cringe. Do you think CarJack has a future?

Selling out the hospital.
But everyone’s relationship is a miserable mess right now. Luke rejected Reid’s offer to take things slow and hush hush. I guess sticking around while Noah was rejecting him for so long wore him down and he can’t stick it anymore. As usual, Luke will get wishy washy about this. I’ve been surprised that Reid has been quite as relaxed as he has been about how Bob has been treating him though. It was nice to see Kim show up to chime in about how he’s been keeping her in the dark. I’m hoping they’ll peel the layer off that a little more.