Thoughts on the week of May 31:

Things continued to be out of whack in Oakdale this week. Although they may have all been treading over familiar territory, most of the characters still seemed lost in a haze.

Casey isn’t as dumb as he looks.
But they have finally succeeded in making Vienna completely one dimensional. There were at least two dimensions to her before. It’s too bad really, since everyone else in the square (for some reason ATWT rarely seems satisfied with triangles, which basically means most of their love stories are actually orgies) is actually being written fairly well, it’s a bit of a drag on the proceedings. Casey readily figured out everything that was going on but was plagued by indecision, which is generally the greatest evidence that he’s being thoughtful about his situation. It would have been nice to see him and Vienna actually have something resembling an affair rather than a medical experiment.

Meg is being drugged.
Apparently. Not that Meg is in dire need of medication to make her act off-kilter. She freaked out a few times this week around Eliza’s christening and claims to have no clue what’s going on. Emma has been acting saner than she has for awhile so she could be up to something. Barbara already suspects that Emily could be drugging Eliza’s mama. Meg drank tea at Fairwinds, which Em might have drugged. But she also drank water at the hospital which she couldn’t have drugged. Of course, it could all be a red herring and Meg could just be being Meg. But I’m pretty sure Eliza isn’t drugging her. Vote in our poll and let us know who you think is drugging Meg. As usual, Paul is siding with Meg since they share dementia as much as history. If only we could see what Eliza would actually grow up to be like… I’m not sure anyone in town would be left standing.

Farewell Nancy.
Nancy had her last appearances this week. She was there to dole out advice to Casey and Alison and then Katie. It really is a shame they didn’t give her more to do… or better advice to hand out. In case you missed it, here it is.