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Thoughts on the week of May 24-28:

Every plot line got a little air time this week, which was a good change of pace from last week, but it did leave things feeling a bit scattered.

Hank and Barb.
Henry and Barbara continued to be easily one of the best things about the show. She was forced by circumstance to watch his beleaguered attempt to propose to Vienna, a fact which Vienna was sure to shove in her face. It was so sad to see Barbara having her heart dragged out like that. Henry certainly wasn’t enjoying it either. As he struggled with getting sucked back into the past like half of the other people in town, Vienna was busy trying to secure her future by harvesting baby making material from Casey. Although he may not be the brightest crayon, even Casey can tell when he is getting played. The facial expressions he made during his eavesdropping scene on the couple were priceless.

Who is crazy now?
The battle for Eliza made another perfunctory appearance. As usual, this story seems so stranded in limbo that it always comes off as something more like a flashback to take up time than an actual story. The interesting thing about it this time was that Emma almost seems back to normal, for no apparent reason, while Meg is rapidly becoming unhinged again… or slightly more so than lately. Since they nearly always talk about pie at some point, I have to admit, I get distracted.

Mr. Montgomery.
As is often the case with Craig related plots, it’s not so much that the story is good, but that it’s full of nice bits here and there. His scenes with Lucinda again were a delight. Her scenes with everyone were good. More interesting was the fact that you really can see an eerie resemblance blooming between he and Gabriel. Not that they look so much alike, but there’s something underneath appearances that already seems to bind them. Gabriel’s proven to be a good con so far, but there’s enough gentility hidden underneath that it could be dangerous. The highlight though was Craig managing to do the impossible and shut Jack up. As the cop launched another righteous rant, Craig stopped him in his tracks by claiming that he did everything just because he loved Carly. I bet Jack’s never heard anything like that before.