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Thoughts on the week of May 17-21:

It’s starting to feel like the show is winding down. After years of being fairly aimless and scattered, the show is starting to seem coherent. This is true both in terms of its plots and its themes. It has become clear that what the show is about, if it’s really about something, is people who are incapable of gaining any emotional maturity. Instead, they’re all trapped in this weird cycle of nostalgia. I know I sound like a broken record because I’ve been saying this for so long, but the show is written that way.

Vienna gets pregnant.
… but who is the father? Since she and Henry have scarcely been intimate, as even he pointed out, it would have to be Casey. Since there are only three months left, it’s unlikely that the pregnancy plot will go to its conclusion, unless it doesn’t go to term. So far, it’s one of the most generic plots in the book, but Casey and Vienna are kind of cute and Barbara and Henry definitely are. It’s that latter pair that are worrying. They were having such a good time playing a relationship that was so unlike anything either character had ever had that pushing it in its current direction is just kind of sad. Since Henry seems to be struggling with the lack of personal progress that afflicts everyone else in town, and since Barbara was his ticket out of the cycle of relationship stupidity, there’s a lot at stake in how this plays out and whether or not anyone can escape the Oakdale curse.

Craig’s a father.

Craig’s a terrible guy, but I feel bad for him. Most of that is because of Jon Lindstrom (who has a movie coming out this summer called “You Can’t Have it All”). I’m not sure I buy this instant fatherly concern though. Of course it’s tainted by him wanting to save his neck, but maybe not tainted quite enough. Lucinda was ready and waiting to pour the poison in and made sure that as soon as Gabriel opened his eyes, she could get him to sink Craig’s hopes. Lucinda and Craig shared some more lovely, bitter arguments and insults, which means that there is at least some more fun to be had in this story.

Jack and Margo on the case.
There’s no way that either of these people should be investigating this case. The conflict of interest and degree of corruption is so thick that it’s ludicrous; apparently, however, they are the only actual detectives in Oakdale. I get the impression that the other cops in town just hand out parking tickets and make coffee at the station. Who do you think is Oakdale’s crummiest cop? Margo finally kicked him off by the end of the week when it became clear that he was covering for Parker, but she should still be stepping way back.

Jack and Carly had the same argument they always have.
They’ve been having it for so long it has evolved into an argument about the fact that they’re always having the same argument. I guess that’s because they stopped having simply a relationship and began having a relationship about having a relationship, or more specifically, having a relationship based on a relationship they once had. Luke and Noah are in more or less the same situation, they just have sex a lot less and are quite a bit less deluded.