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Thoughts on the week of May 10:

It wasn’t the most even week, but things did push along rather quickly. Lily got pulled into lying for Craig, not that it took much. Am I a terrible person for enjoying watching him push her around? Maybe. Margo and Jack started putting things together, even though neither of them should be anywhere near this investigation.

Lunacy Squared.
The weird version of vengeful Emma returned to wreak havoc as she tried to help Meg get Eliza back. After Emily made the boneheaded move of running off to investigate a bank robber, leaving Eliza alone in her SUV, the child was nabbed. It looks an awful lot like Emma was behind this bid to make Emily look like an unfit mother. Even Paul was buying into it. Actually, compared to almost everyone else, none of these characters are all that crazy. They just talk about being or going crazy more than everyone else. Which leads me to assume they are probably among the sanest people in town since they can at least recognize this. Who do you think is the most delusional person in Oakdale?

Parker the liar.

Parker tried to stick to the lies his mother told him to tell. He still proved to be a terrible liar, which was rather amusing. I actually wish they would play it more for the humor. The way he plays off of Carly in this situation is really nice and his scenes with Jack were a wonderful bundle of nerves. It was also nice to see that Faith was essentially acting as his mother’s doppelganger and repeating everything she said. It was a good touch that pointed out, yet again, that Parker is the only real adult in his family since his parents seem incapable of moving past their stunted adolescence. Besides Parker’s looming legal problems, Faith also made a move on him. While a little more complexity to his love life is a welcome addition, the fact that she is so much like Carly makes the whole thing a tad disturbing.