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Thoughts on the week of March 22-26.

Carjack-Dustjacket Redux.
Just in case the convolutions of this storyline were lost on anyone, they spelled it out as explicitly as possible without making it pornographic. Janet was trapped in Carly’s bed with Jack’s baby while Dusty snuggled with her. Which should just confirm that this square of love isn’t so much a grand romance as it is an over-the-top bedroom farce. While it’s funny to think about, it’s not quite as entertaining to watch. Although Dusty and Janet manage to be cute, Jack manages to get more annoying all the time. He was getting hyper possessive of Janet all week, which irked Carly, though not as much as it should have. She knows that he really loves her, but the problem is that love doesn’t actually amount to much for Jack. It’s just something he conflates with a series of bad habits to make his own immature behavior seem more meaningful. By the end of the week, he was promising Carly cheese while Dusty was buying Janet a house. Unfortunately, just as things were looking up for Janet, Dusty ended up with his head smashed in. Jack found his body and said what most of us were thinking: Not again…

Nice touches.

In what is continuing to be a nice surprise, the more overtly farcical love triangle of Henry, Vienna and Barbara is actually turning out to be a rather tender and sexy love story. Vienna tried to use all of her tricks but he’s clearly smitten with Barb. Although their story started by exploiting some of their worst traits, it is now starting to show them in a better light than they’ve seen in ages. Even Barbara’s dread of her age was played for charm when she had an out-and-out fantasy of going into Al’s on a walker and plucking out her false teeth while Henry and Vienna tangoed.