On ATWT, Emmy Award Nominee Alexandra Chando plays the role of Maddie Coleman, a teen. Maddie, Alexandra Chando’s character, struggles with the trauma from her past. While Maddie was in Chicago, her brother-in-law, Louis Browning raped her. Maddie returned to Oakdale and had to come to terms with being a victim of sexual abuse. When Maddie met and began dating Casey Hughes, she soon discovered that she couldn’t take her relationship with Casey to the next level, because of the past that still haunted her. As a result, the couple ended their relationship. Eventually, Maddie told Casey about her past and the two got back together. Casey’s love and support made Maddie realize he was the right guy for her.

Many kids and teens who suffer from sexual, physical or emotional abuse may move on with their lives, but they never forget. And because Alexandra Chando plays the role of a character who was a victim of sexual abuse, she understands, through the eyes of Maddie, just how painful abuse can be. Therefore, in an effort to reach out to kids and teens that experience this trauma in real life, she has agreed to do a PSA video for Love Our Children USA.

Love Our Children USA is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and helping kids and teens who are a victim of child abuse. Love Our Children USA relies on generous donations and volunteers to help them “break the cycle” of violence against children. Visit Love Our Children USA to find out more about their organization and the programs they offer.