Reid gets another layer (

As The Word Turns.

Thoughts on the week of March 15-19.

Although it was a truncated week with only three episodes, each episode managed to be well focused and a strong string of episodes resulted. They weren’t the most thrilling in the world, but they were balanced and enjoyable.

Chris is settling back into town fast, which is a little worrying since that could mean that he will be settling back into old habits; in particular, an old habit like Ali. She seemed disturbingly conscious of this possibility and ran away from him as fast as she could. Ali didn’t waste time pointing out that she just repeated with Mick and Casey exactly what happened with Chris and Aaron, which leads one to wonder which part of her problematic past she’ll end up repeating this time. He seems to be gravitating more to Katie, however, which is a positive sign. His past and professional rivalry with Reid also bode interesting. The fact that we’ve been given no explanation as to why he so abruptly returned could end up amounting to something as well.

Meanwhile, Alison ended up moving in with the other character who, against all the odds, seems to be perpetually doomed to blandness – Noah. Since Noah is trapped in Oakdale without eyesight or even an ark to escape on, he had to find a new roommate. Moving back in with Luke was a big no-no so they had another of their many break-up scenes, if you can break-up when you aren’t really together. That seems to be the supercouple’s only real superpower. The Noah situation pointed to something far more annoying, which is the fact that Maddie’s departure was given virtually no explanation. It’s not surprising since the poor woman has been given almost nothing to do the whole time she was back.