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Thoughts on the week of March 8-12.

Although it was another Carjack-Dustjacket-centric week, the rest of the time was actually pretty good. I’m not going to moan about it again so I’ll just say a few nice things. Firstly, they didn’t drag the paternity thing out too long. Jack already knows that he’s the father. Janet assumed Dusty wouldn’t want to be with her anymore but he’s still determined to be her husband. With each day that passes, they actually look like a better couple. He had a few nice moments this week, like when he sat on a bench with one of his weird cockeyed looks on his face. It was brief but distinctive. In spite of all his toughness, there’s something very boyish about Mr. Donovan. It’s not something immature exactly, but something very sweet and almost idealistic. Carly also had an interesting scene this week… with Barbara as they talked about their past mistakes with Craig.

The other big deal this week was Damian’s second coming and going. He captured Lily and Faith at some anonymous house in the woods. I have to admit I was slightly distracted by this since it was all shot on the old set of Guiding Light in New Jersey. Holden beat up a cop and escaped custody before driving off with Molly to hunt them down. Unfortunately, like the eerily similar showdown involving Damian, Lily, Holden and Meg about a month ago, it pretty much fell flat. This time, it didn’t reach camp proportions – it just fizzled, which was too bad since Damian deserved to exit with a bang instead of a burp. Even Damian rolled his eyes during Lily and Molly’s fake catfight. The show is generally bad at such big moments, which is made more painfully obvious by how they can excel at small, intimate ones. Even in a weak week, there will be a couple of those spread around, usually between a couple. There was a little of that this week, though it wasn’t all sentimental. Damian tried to turn on the sentiment for Lily but that didn’t pan out for him and he was carted away. His scene with Luke was much stronger. Luke also shared his first scenes with NuFaith and quickly figured out that she was popping pain killers. He didn’t take them away from her, of course, and, far more inexplicable, they had a loud argument about her drug use in the middle of the police station without anyone noticing.