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As The Word Turns.

Thoughts on the week of March 1-5.

Once again, and it felt like more than ever, the week concentrated on the CarJack-DustJacket pentagon of passion. No one really came off looking good this week in it. Janet looked like more of a befuddled hypocrite. Carly looked like more of a selfish, manipulative cow. Jack continued to seem like a weak, lost soul. Dusty looked a little desperate. I even started losing faith in poor Craig and why on earth he seems so determined to stay entwined in Carly’s life. I understand that he loves her, but this is starting to go pretty much against his own interests, business and otherwise, and that’s just not like Craig. If Craig wasn’t so smug, his underhanded attempts to keep blondie in his life might almost seem self-destructively romantic.

Poor Dusty.
I’m never entirely sure what to make of him. Does he just speak his heart, or is there more to him simmering beneath the surface? Since he’s actually once of the most well-balanced people in Oakdale, I have to wonder. His past with Jennifer came up a few times this week, but I still feel like we aren’t getting enough out of Dusty and why he feels the way he does about things. Like Jack, he always feels compelled to act heroic, even if he’s also a less than heroic character. But with Dusty, there’s something mysterious, whereas with Jack, it’s clear that he’s just a mess. Jack and Janet more or less broke up, even if they decided to still have a baby. That didn’t last. He backed out because Liberty ordered him to and then he ran back to Carly wagging the tail between his legs (in more ways than one). His most thoughtful moment of the week was his momentary frustration at attempting to pull off his wedding ring. I kept thinking: Will Jack misinterpret the ring not coming off of his finger as some kind of grand sign? This issue was never actually resolved, just introduced and then dropped, which is appropriate given the anti-climactic nature of a story which holds so few surprises. The introduction of the idea of IVF only backs this up. After all, it’s the ultimate way to push something ahead without any kind of climax. There was an abrupt change on Friday when Dusty asked Janet to marry him. She fainted. It was cute. At the hospital, it was confirmed that she was pregnant, effectively rendering most of the episode kind of pointless.