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As The Word Turns.

Thoughts on the week of February 22-26.

The CarJacking continued and Craig returned to the fray. He’s encouraging her to move on again. All the while, Dusty is encouraging her to take Jack and run so he can have Janet. Although I think Dusty and Janet could be really good together, I don’t understand how he suddenly fell in love with her. Lust, I can accept, and I know that he likes to swoop in and make himself useful to needy women, but love? Dusty offered himself to her, promising that he could take care of her and Liberty better than Jack ever could. That’s doubtful, but he was right about almost everything else he said. Jack is a part time husband who has been having an emotional affair with another woman. It’s not the first marriage he’s done that through either. For her part, Janet manages to refine the definition of desperation on a daily basis as she runs full throttle with the idea that she should get knocked up. Once again, Liberty, who this story should really be about, was basically marginalized, stuck in a room with a punching bag, some DVDs and a chance to video chat with Parker.

I still like Carly though. She’s a selfish, vindictive tramp, but she’s never been sympathetic, just likable, which is entirely different. Unfortunately, when she’s painted into desperate love, it just seems desperately ugly. Oh Carly, if only it wasn’t a schmuck like Jack you were pining for… As she’s said herself so many times, her relationship with him is just like alcoholism. Why anyone would confuse weak, self-destructive and, essentially, self-loathing behavior with romantic love is beyond me, but that’s what it is. To her credit, she has no illusions about her own delusions either. The same can’t be said for Jack, a man who has nothing but illusions. He’s so full of illusions, there’s no room for much else inside of him. He’s the shadow of a person, which is the only thing that actually makes him an interesting character. Jack is a wonderful example of quiet psychosis at its most excruciating and banal… but it makes Dusty and Craig look so much more entertaining.