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As the Word Turns.

Thoughts on the week of February 15-19.

Mick’s story hit its final peak and consumed the first half of the week, which provided a rather nice break from everything else. Of course, Mick is going to be around for awhile still and things between the disturbed young man and Oakdale’s most dysfunctional young couple will persist for awhile. Oakdale’s square of romantic ruin took up most of the rest of the week as CarJack ran into DustJacket.

Monday was nice
, starting out with a little humor courtesy of Reid and Henry, as well as some cuteness thanks to Emily and Paul. This provided a nice symbolic balance to Mick. Since he was acting as the evil portion of James’ lingering legacy, seeing the very non-James aspects of his two sons, as well as Barbara, was a nice dramatic device. It also made the violence kicking in at the wedding more complicated. I didn’t find the hostage taking situation especially tense or inspired, but there were good bits littered throughout. Bob, Kim and Reid were fun as Bob faked a stroke so that they could escape. Mick calling the wedding guests out on their substantial flaws and various crimes was also nice, although it pointed to what may be one of the show’s real flaws, which is that almost no one in Oakdale is actually very sympathetic. But even with its substantial flaws, this story still reminds me of what can make Daytime fun. Intentional or not, I can hardly fault them for giving me a few laughs and some memorable moments. In particular, I was fond of Alison in her wedding dress with her white gloves covered in blood. It was a good crisp image to cap things off and visual precision isn’t something I normally associate with ATWT.

The fallout from the story should be interesting.
Alison and Casey seem to be over, which might have been more interesting if they hadn’t broken up so many times already and if either of them really had clearly delineated emotions instead of emotional twists which bend wherever the plot needs them to go. Henry and Barbara have been pulled closer together which provides a unique chemistry that the show doesn’t really have and could give some great material to both of them and salvage what’s left of her character. Paul and Emily also seem to have returned to their more romantic sides. Watching Paul admit that he is finally becoming someone he could like was nice to see.