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As The Word Turns.

Thoughts on the week of February 8-12.

Although most of the week still focused on two major stories, things in general felt much more integrated and coherent than they have in the past two weeks. The stories moved along brusquely, even if the upswing in action cost the show a bit in terms of atmosphere.

On the sidelines of things, Katie and Reid continued to settle in together. Henry clearly got jealous and got in Reid’s face about it. The doctor had him locked up under the guise that Henry was suffering from TB. When Reid went home, he attempted to comfort Katie as she cried about Brad. I think the doctor is warming to her a little too quickly, though he does provide a welcome break from the pity party that everyone else likes to throw for her. Frankly, I’m more interested to see how he’ll get along with Bob. Either way, it would feel like watching a sitcom if not for the fact that he has some major skeletons in his closet, though we’ll have to wait for a few weeks to see what they are. Meanwhile, Henry and Barbara shared a nice scene that illustrated that there is still something between them, which is destined to cause trouble when Vienna returns in the very near future.

Noah’s battle for independence. Luke and Noah got some more reasonably decent material this week. Since Luke has been left to worry about his father, Noah has backed off on him and they have a less stressed out relationship. Seeking to ease the stress even more, Noah has decided to get independent and move out of Lily’s and in with Maddie. They may have been a mistake as a couple, but as friends they’re rather enjoyable and she manages to bring out more likable aspects of his character than Luke tends to. Since he’s been written pretty thinly, I think Noah really needs that. He’s been written as the bland bottom half of a couple for so long that if he doesn’t get a little independence, he’ll just disappear.