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As The Word Turns.

Thoughts on the week of January 25-29.

All of the plots from last week continued to unfurl this week. Since a few of them actually escalated and went somewhere interesting, I’ll restrict myself to talking about them rather than dissecting the ongoing CarJack and Janet story and its endless back and forth.

Hysterical Blindness. The blindness story took an interesting change this week. After last week’s relatively relaxed episodes, this week went straight for the melodrama again. Although Noah had some pretty clunky dialogue thrown his way, the story was helped along a lot by the growing role of Dr. Reid Oliver and his culture clash with ‘Oakhell’. The character has been written in a completely over the top way, but it actually works. It’s sort of like having Dr. House being trapped in a town full of Hummel figurines. His attempt to escape town hit a snag when he hit Kim with Luke’s car. He was forced to stay in town on some trumped up charges and Dr. Bob convinced the judge to let him spend his time waiting for trial working at the hospital. After more badgering from Luke and Noah, he finally agreed to help out, as long as young Mr. Grimaldi was kept away from him. He did, however, make one friend. Katie ran into him and charmed him enough that he agreed to move into her place with her ‘germ factory’ of a child so he wouldn’t have to stay in the hotel. This will lead to Henry getting jealous since he’s feeling pretty lonely at this point. Maybe the three of them could live together. Sort of a gender reversed “Three’s Company.” It’ll be nice to see someone who isn’t fawning over Katie though. …and also on the plus side, Bob and Kim were really cute this week.

Drowning Your Sorrows In Desserts. Molly finally came clean with Holden about the dirt she’d found on Damian and he was not happy about it. He left her in tears while he ran off to play hero to Lily. Molly turned to cousin Carly to drown her sorrows in a handful of cookies. It was actually a nice scene between them, however brief it was. It’s too bad really. I like Molly and Holden together, she makes him more likable. The rest of the time he comes off like a frustrated grocery clerk. Molly cried a lot this week, which is proof that she’s become acclimatized again to what it’s like to be a woman in Oakdale. She seemed shocked about how stupid she was acting, but Lily assured her it’s normal.