Dr. Reid Oliver (Soaps.com)

As The Word Turns.

Thoughts on the week of January 18-22.

It was all about disease this week. If characters weren’t at the hospital waiting for news on tests or operations, they were talking about sickness or using it as a metaphor. Which leads one to wonder if what’s happening to Liberty is some kind of metaphor and she is just the sacrificial cow for the sins of her parents and dysfunctional extended family. It sometimes feels that way.

As has been hinted at for weeks, Carly and Jack finally decided to get back together. This made Craig gag when he figured it out. Although I’ve always found CarJack noxious, Jack’s scene by the water with her was perfectly orchestrated, full of the right balance of joy and misery and a heady dose of nostalgia. It was sad, quiet, intimate and finely acted. But it also had a really odd moment that says a lot about the story. When she finally kissed him in the scene, they were shot from the side with their faces mostly obscured. It was doomed in that moment. After that, once he discovered that Liberty is ill, his decision to be with Carly went back underground. Carly’s heart broke and Jack gave Janet a few bold faced lies about how he ‘really’ feels, claiming that he would never go back to her out of feelings of guilt. But being guilty is the other side of Jack’s hero complex and it’s a big part of what he gets off on. Of course, Janet has also made this all about her and what she needs. Does the rest of the world exist to these people as anything other than a filter through which they can look at themselves? All of this left Dusty on the sidelines once more. He and Liberty shared a cute scene at the hospital where he urged her to keep fighting. She reacted to her shock by trying to get Parker into bed and then running off when he was confused. sadly, she’s actually been getting pretty short shrift in this story.

Simon’s Sayonara.
On a somewhat less murky note, Katie finally decided that she wanted to leave town and start afresh with Simon. That plan was short lived since her friends and family got together to convince her to stay. This didn’t stop Simon from leaving, however, especially since Katie basically insisted. Their goodbye was fairly flat, but the whole thing brought up the lingering non-Platonic feelings that Henry has for Katie and which aren’t going to go away.