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As The Word Turns.

Thoughts on the week of January 11-15.

Miss Snowflake. Jack and Carly took the kids to Detroit for the Miss Snowflake pageant. Sage tried to push her parents together. They got stuck in a closet (Oh the symbolism!) and then Sage sang them “Never Surrender” (Oh the symbolism!). As Carly and Jack got close to a lip collision, Janet popped up and ruined the mood. Meanwhile, in an equally convoluted plot with more continuity problems, Liberty and Parker felt older than the other kids so they strayed off alone and got lost in the dark but managed to make their way back to the hotel by what looked like late afternoon. They proved that they really are stranger than the other children since they managed to go nearly an entire day without using their cell phones. Dusty arrived at the hotel to rescue them, stepping off of his fleet of helicopters, and proceeded to pose like Superman.

Poor Liberty.
When Liberty and Parker got back to the hospital in Oakdale, they discovered, in record time, that she has leukemia. This kid goes from one topical plot to another. At least when Carly was trapped in a public service announcement masquerading as a storyline, it was well-integrated and actually added something to her character, it wasn’t as arbitrary as the afflictions which Liberty is made to undergo. It’s really starting to feel like someone is getting some sadistic jollies out of putting Libby Lu through one hellish bout of suffering after another. Maybe it will be different this time… so far, it’s been written so that it’s all about Janet. Even when Liberty heard the news, it was written and shot entirely to feature Janet and Libby was basically a prop. Janet blamed herself and prayed for help. Meanwhile, Jack had to help Carly pull the lid off of jars (Oh the symbolism!) and they debated whether or not he should leave. When he tried, they kissed. Does this mean they are fated to always return to each other like a case of VD, or is this just some random affliction created when the writers don’t know what else to do, much like they do in Liberty’s case?