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As The Word Turns.

Thoughts on the week of January 4-8.

It was a big week on the romantic front in Oakdale. Breakdowns, break ups and blindness abounded. After several very coherent weeks, this week was kind of screwy.

Dusty woke up in bed with Janet. He seemed pretty happy about it but she wasn’t happy at all. Janet quickly turned to her priest to confess everything and decided it was time that she get an annulment. I know a lot of people think Janet is a hypocrite for breaking her wedding vows after being so frequently sanctimonious, but I don’t see it that way. She’s not a hypocrite, she’s a failure and those are two rather different things. She’s failed to live up to her own convictions, but the only person that really hurts in all of this is her. Jack wandered out of their marriage some time ago. Dusty certainly doesn’t seem to hold her all-too-human failure against her. Cocking his head, he kept telling her that she’s got nothing to be ashamed of. He’s quite right. Knocking boots with Dusty is nothing to be embarrassed about, but Jack on the other hand…

Jack‘s flip-flopped so many times and lied to himself, and everyone around him, about everything just to try and save face. But then again, maybe Jack doesn’t know how to be in a relationship. After all, he’s tried and failed with Carly so many times… but that’s largely because she’s someone who really shouldn’t be condemned to monogamy. Anyway, Jack made another attempt to convince Janet to stick with him, but he literally couldn’t last two minutes without being called back to Carly’s side. It took Dusty to convince her to give him another shot, but it could be too late (here’s hoping) since Jack was dragged off with Carly to a beauty contest with Sage. Even the children knew how convoluted this attempted reunion is, which is, one assumes why it’s being placed in their hands. To add to the forced feeling of the thing, Carly tried to help Jack learn to shoot straight again, literally. Then she held his gun and they did some heavy breathing together. I guess subtlety is too much to ask for.

There’s something about Craig. He used to be such a nasty guy. He still is, but it’s rather different than it was in years gone by. There’s something sad about it, something much more desperate. Maybe it’s just the way Jon Lindstrom is always giving those hang dog glances at everyone. When he was trapped in a cabin with Jack and Carly. Forced to wear an atrocious sweater from the 80s, it was sad and heartwarming. The same is true of when he made another play for Carly, telling her just how bad an idea it was for her to hook up with jack again. Craig might not deserve her, but Jack certainly doesn’t. Craig made this abundantly clear to Jack when he asked him not to ‘victimize’ Carly again. While Craig was certainly overstating things, he’s basically right.