Maddie’s been busy working on her blog lately, but even if she is keeping busy, it’s not because she’s trying to keep her mind off of what is happening, or not, in her love life. Since she and Casey’s brief flirtation with getting back together fell flat, she’s been avoiding the awkward attempts at flirting which her co-worker, Lyon Hunter, has been hurling her way. Even with the weirdness in her private life, she’s been keeping a clear head when it comes to doling out advice.

“Let me just say that passion without convenience has its own pitfalls; it burns too bright and fast. Casey and I fell in love, but our lives led us down different paths. Even when I tried my hardest to rekindle our love for each other this past year, the flame was gone. If your lives are too different and you don’t agree on basic practicalities, then you’ll struggle to sustain your relationship – no matter how much effort or love you put into it.”