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As The Word Turns.

Thoughts on the week of December 28-January 1.

After last week’s strong holiday themed episodes, you can forgive them for things being slightly underwhelming this week. Not that it was a bad week, it was just strikingly different. For one thing, most of the week was cast under a pallor of darkness. Tuesday’s episode even felt suspiciously like a horror movie. There were all sort of gothic touches like meeting in the church tower, the extreme lighting, the power outages, the ice storm and the sense of isolation which swept throughout town.

Carjacked in the cold.
Craig dragged Carly off again. Jack went off in pursuit again. They wound up trapped in a cabin with some candles with Craig suffering from pneumonia and babbling. He warned Carly again that Jack is after her, even though Jack seems to be in denial about it. Craig insists that Jack is bad for Carly because he’ll never understand her. Jack misinterpreted this and thought that he meant that he was just too judgmental so he promised Carly he wouldn’t be judgmental anymore. Craig just might be right though. Even if Jack does understand Carly, he doesn’t understand himself, and that’s what’s at the basis of most of his relationships. He flips between a set of attitudes. He’s either self-obsessed but incapable of seeing himself for who he is, or he runs from himself and tries to help other people as a way of creating a ‘heroic’ self which he knows isn’t real. That’s because everything Jack does springs from intense fear and anxiety, particularly about the power of women. It’s for this reason that he obsesses so much over Carly, an independent woman who frequently finds herself in danger. Running after her, attempting to save her and show how he can control things, however briefly, allows him to feel masculine, which is apparently exactly how he doesn’t feel around Janet. Janet can run things and she doesn’t need to be rescued (neither does Carly, but she always creates the possibility that she might need to be). So who is the real Jack: Is he the macho blockhead he pretends to be around other men, or is he the whiny little boy he acts like around women? I’d put my money on the latter.