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As The Word Turns.

Thoughts on the week of December 21-25.

The truth about Mick. Mick confirmed what Barbara feared and what many in the audience have been dreading – that he is James, risen from the dead once more, but far younger thanks to his miracle drug. I know it’s silly and hardly new. After all, it’s not like they’re bringing back John Dixon, radically turned young with a new face, to get some final revenge on everyone under the guise of James. All the same, I don’t mind this story so much. Is bringing James back from the dead again really any less imaginative than reuniting Carly and Jack for the umpteenth time or putting Simon and Katie together again? At least the Mick thing is weird enough that there seems to be something more to it, namely his entirely mysterious relationship with Alison. I keep assuming (and hoping) that there is something more to this story, that Mick could still be someone else. After all, as many have pointed out, why would he get younger and look like someone else entirely? Does this mean that if Barbara gets younger, someone else will play her? Is James/Mick going to take out her brain and implant it in Alison or something?

On a different level, it’s become an interesting role for Pelphrey and his choices are getting more curious. Although he’s best known for big, showy emotional stuff, he’s downplayed everything, which is a lot harder to do well. Instead of blowing up the way they kept making him do on GL, which is about as easy for him as it is for a dog to sit when commanded, things are more complicated. Jonathan was all surface; there really was nothing else. Mick is a much shadier character and none of the lines which mark out his character are very clear. Pelphrey’s started incorporating bits of Anthony Herrera’s mannerisms as well, which is also interesting. If only they would give Mick more scenes with Paul