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As The Word Turns

Thoughts on the week of December 14-18.

The show’s been consistently better over the past few weeks than it has been in months. This week was no exception. Things were focused, the dialogue flowed well and hints of new developments were everywhere.

Bachelor Party. Craig‘s bachelor party was great fun. He has no friends so he had to drink with Paul, Dusty and Jack. Sadly, it was a little short, but at least it even gave Dusty the chance to grab a few laughs, which is something he’s rather good at when he has the chance. Dusty was actually spreading a lot of his own unique charm this week. He’s developing a rather intriguing relationship with Janet and Teri. Although another tale of a man stuck between two sisters isn’t exactly the most desirable thing at the moment, it is providing an amusing contrast to the Craig-Rosanna-Carly situation. Dusty giving Janet his scarf to dry her tears was a nice touch. Jack looking at her like a puppy dog in the rain when she arrived at the wedding with Dusty was also nice. Since we still don’t know much about Teri, it should be interesting to see how she deals with her jealousy (and she’ll have plenty of opportunity).

The wedding. As Rosanna and Craig‘s wedding day neared, they both got nervous, though their reasons aren’t exactly the same. She worried about whether he was still the man he used to be beneath his new veneer. He worried that he still had too much Carly in his system and had to get her out fast. I guess if he’s been watching Jack for all of these years, that’s not such a foolish idea. Asking her to sleep with him so he could move on was a foolish idea, however. She challenged him to it to see if he was really such an SOB and he backed out. Whatever magic Carly carries in her pants, it wasn’t quite enough. It’s been interesting to see how indecisive Craig has been lately. I really don’t know what to make of this vulnerable side of him. Does he love both sisters equally or just differently? I’d vote for the latter. He was a different kind of person with a different history with each of them. The question of whether he’s changed or not was a bad one. He hasn’t changed, he just has different personalities and it’s never certain which one will show up. In both relationships, he was trying to erase the past. By marrying Rosanna he could erase trying to kill her. By sleeping with Carly he could erase betraying her by betraying the person he betrayed her with. At least for the latter, the punishment fits the crime. What was ultimately at stake in his relationship with Carly, and most of her relationships for that matter, was sex. As she explicitly spelled out, she does, and likes having done to her, things most women won’t allow. That’s ultimately why Jack will never be happy with the ever so pious Janet – she’s just not pervy enough.