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As The Word Turns.

Thoughts on the week of December 7-11.

Since this week was largely overshadowed by the sad news that the show has been cancelled and will cease airing on September 17, 2010, much of this blog will concentrate on that.

First, here’s a rather brief look at the week that was.

Lily and Damian jumped at renewing their vows. They probably still had them fresh in their memories. Then he ate some poisoned wedding cake and collapsed, leaving behind enough clues to make it look as though Meg had gone completely mad and tried to kill him. It was an expertly plotted scheme on his part and, for the moment at least, everyone seems to buy it. Everyone played it out well. It was finely paced and hit most of the right emotional notes. Lily and Meg even had a catfight this week, which I know many people have been waiting to see.

got excited about running a restaurant but Dusty disappointed her by hiring her sister to be the new manager. Janet spent most of the week fighting with Jack, who spent the week cowering and sneering to various people before punching Simon. He did, however, share a very nice scene with Liberty at Brad’s grave. That wasn’t enough to reconcile them, but it was still moving and a positive move for both of them.

It was really nice to see Casey and Bob together. It was cute, even if all they did was talk about Casey getting back with Alison, which isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. Casey and Alison got lost in the woods while releasing the spider that belonged to a deceased patient. Their scenes in the hospital talking about it were also nice and it makes me wish there were a lot more small, detailed, purely character based scenes like that in the script on a regular basis. Mick stalked after them. He also flipped out at Barbara and stole some of Paul’s blood. Barbara discovered a clue to suggest that he is somehow connected to James (or is James). Paul, although he’s clearly worried, still came off as being kind of aloof.

walked in on Craig kissing Carly. He managed to talk his way out of it by explaining that he was only testing to see if he still loved her. He convinced Carly of this and she ended up convincing her sister… for the moment at least.

The most fascinating moments of the week, however, were watching Brad possess Henry. Seeing Trent Dawson mimicking so many of Austin Peck’s mannerisms was a lovely acting exercise and, mostly, rather entertaining. Less successful was when Brad bumped into another spirit drifting around town. She couldn’t explain much to him, which was too bad. They could have really played on that, bringing up other ghosts from Oakdale’s past and giving a ghost’s view of the town. That could have been really interesting, but they dropped it fast. Vienna also popped up again at the end of the week to complicate things. Simon kept cuddling up to Katie. Jack managed to get Margo to back off on the Aussie. This only made poor Brad more distraught. Dead but sticking around. Stuck in a kind of limbo which can’t last for much longer. That’s probably how most of the cast and crew feel about things at the moment.